Focus Peaking

Focus Peaking – Definition and Quick Photography Tips to Be a Pro

You can find that some photographs are colored with digital highlights. All the elements in focus are highlighted while shooting. Thus, you can get sharp and crisp photos in focus peaking directly. It is a good way to determine focuses when you have difficulties in confirming camera options or daylights. Moreover, you can take creative photos via focus peaking skills. You can continue reading to get more details.

Focus Peaking

Part 1: What Is Focus Peaking in Photography

In the past times, focus peaking is used for video productions mainly. You can regard it as “focus pull”. It is a way to shift the focus from one subject to another in the same scene using manual lenses. Therefore, you can use focus peaking camera technology to catch people’s eyes too.

Focus peaking can detect the edges of highest contrast objects in the still image. In most cases, the focus will be highlighted in a bright color, such as red, blue and more. The focus peaking color depends on the photographer’s choices mainly.

Part 2: Which Camera Has Focus Peaking

Most newly released cameras are focus peaking cameras. You can do focus peaking work with a mirrorless camera equipped with an electronic viewfinder. The Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC) with focus peaking feature has been released in the past 5 years.

You can create focus peaking works with some old models of Sony, Fujifilm and Panasonic. The new focus peaking cameras include Nikon, Sony, Pentax DSLRs in live-view. Focus peaking works well with Nikon D850, Nikon Z6, Sony A7iii, Sony A 6000/6300/6400/6500 and more. Actually, there is no focus peaking Canon models. For Canon owners, you can use focus peaking on Canon with Magic Lantern only.

Focus Peaking Camera

Part 3: Tips to Use Focus Peaking

When you set something in focus, the focus peaking technology will create a strong exposure difference in the focus area. You can see the sharp edges in the image. Different peaking settings and operations will make creative focus peaking photography. Here are some tips and tricks about focus peaking shooting.

Focus Peaking Color

If you use a focus peaking camera, you can trigger on this function in the camera menu directly. You can change color settings to get a better contrast between the background and element. Red, green, white and blue are popular focus peaking highlight colors.

Focus Peaking Color

Focus Peaking Level

You can set the camera to the low, medium or high focus peaking range to determine focuses. If you select the high focus peaking settings, the regions of the image will be extremely high. You can nail to focus with better experience.

Focus Peaking Level

Magnify to Identify Focus Peaking

If you have no idea whether your image is sharp, you can magnify the image in the live view to get details. Before enlarging the image to fine-tune the focus position, you can use focus peaking or image splitting to solve the problem.

Part 4: Best Photo Viewer to Open RAW Photos

After taking large amounts of photos with the focus peaking technology, you need to organize and edit those photos. If you want to continually browse hundreds of thousands of photos on Mac, using WidsMob Viewer is your fastest solution. The folder-based RAW viewer is compatible with most RAW format cameras, including Panasonic, Pentax, Nikon, Imacon Ixpress, Kodak, Leaf and more. Therefore, you can open focus peaking photos on Mac effortlessly.

You can add one photo or the entire folder into the program to preview all images. The advanced algorithm and various photo viewing modes can meet your demand completely. By the way, you can get the basic photo editing and batch processing features here.

1. View all photos captured by popular RAW format cameras.

2. View single, multiple or folder-based photos in super fast speed.

3. Browse all photos in one window without extra operations.

4. Get excellent preview experience from library mode, favorite mode, EXIF mode, slideshow mode and full screen mode.

5. Support not only RAW formats, but also JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and other formats.

Download for Mac Version

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Viewer. You can import RAW photos from SD card or external drive. Just connect it with your Mac computer. You can choose “Open” from the “File” drop-down list to load all RAW photos or related folders. You will be in the thumbnail mode by default. Just scroll down to preview all thumbnails in fast speed.

Open Photo Viewer

Step 2: Choose any photo you want to view. You can choose “Slideshow” or “Enter Full Screen” from the “View” drop-down list to enter into slideshow mode or full screen mode.

Step 3: To mark your favorite photos, you can click the five-pointed star icon on the lower right corner. Later, you can click the icon besides to navigate to the favorite folder to access all selected photos.

Add to My Favorites Viewer

Of course, you can share RAW photos to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Photos and more within the program. Just unfold the “Share” list on the top to get all available options.

Share Photo on Viewer

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Part 5: When You Should Not Use Focus Peaking

Compared with the traditional live view magnification, you can focus easier than before with focus peaking via manual lenses. However, focus peaking not always work well in all situations. If you are shooting with an incredibly shallow depth of field, it is not recommended to use focus peaking. Because the sharpest area is hard to determine. You can use the slower but more accurate live view magnification to focus the scene instead.

These are the basic information of focus peaking technology and related tools. You can learn what focus peaking is and how to use focus peaking in photography. Thus, you can do better in manual focus. What’s more, you can get a super fast photo viewer to browse and basically edit all RAW images with ease. If you have any interesting focus peaking photography, you can feel free to share with us.

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