GIF Photos

How to Download or Save GIFs from Websites/Twitter/iPhone/Android

GIFs are funny and animate compare with other image formats. Though TIFF and RAW can express photographs in pixels, a GIF can show people a little story vividly. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is the bitmap image format, which supports 8 bits per pixel of each photo. The filename extension of GIF is .gif. GIF images can be seen everywhere, you can see GIFs especially on Tumblr page. If you do not save GIFs correctly, you will only get fixed pictures instead of animated GIF files. You can also use save GIFs app to convert into GIF files, and then upload GIF to Instagram.

GIF Photos

Part 1. Top 5 Websites to Download GIF Photos

As GIF Photo was one of the first two image formats used on the web before the arrival of JPEG in 1992. They’ve come a long way, or at least we’ve become more creative with how to use them. However, when you want to use GIF photos, will you find it is troublesome to find them or you really do not know where to download the GIF files?

Here Are Top 5 Awesome Sites To Find GIF Photos And Download (In No Particular Order). These five websites are easy to download GIF photos. I will illustrate how to use them and their characteristics in the following.

1. Clipartsmania

When you open Clipartsmania to download GIF photos, you can see several key words in the first line. You can click what GIF files you need or search in the search place. In your right line is the category. GIF Photos of Animals, cartoons, peoples, travels are all convenient to find here. When you find the pictures you need, just click the download button to get the picture in GIF. Then you can save them. If you just like the picture, you can also click the left button to support the file.


2. PicGifs

After its launch in 2008, PicGifs become one of the largest GIF photos community website in the world. The last time the creators worked hard on a completely new website with many new features. They developed a complete new search engine. Which is 3 times faster than the old one and finds more Grahics and GIF pictures. There are three new image generators. A text generator, name generator and face in whole generator. With the text generator you can make glitter words and texts. And with the name generator you can add your name to almost every GIF image on this website.


3. PhotoBucket

In this websites, you can find high quality GIF photos. Find what you're looking for in these top photo and video categories. Under each category, there are special introductions about the GIF photos for you to find your needs quickly. For example, in the funny cats category, it says, “Curiosity didn't kill the cat, just made them more entertaining. Funny cat photos and videos here!” So, this is a funny websites for you to search and download GIF photos. Just choose the PHOTO GIFS category to select the GIF files of your requirement.


4. Animatedimages

Are you looking for free animated Gif photos, animated images and animations? Then you have come to the right place! Its huge animated pictures archive currently comprises 150009 images in 2106 categories. It was of great importance to us that all images are clearly arranged for you in the different categories. All animated gif photos and images offered here are free for you to download, link or send to your friends by Ecard – 100% free, no charges attached! So if, for instance, you want to link or download a clip art or gif photo, simply follow the links to the different categories.


5. Crazygif

If you prefer some crazy and funny GIF photos, the website of Crazygif can meet your taste. There are wide varieties of funny GIF files for all ages. Here you can laugh a while, and even share GIF photos on social networks with your friends. All funny GIF images are divided into several categories to allow the audience to orient more quickly and easily. Some passers filmed everyday life and make photos to GIF photo, and then you can enjoy the funny and crazy photo to enjoy the unique content that Crazygif offer.


There are more GIF photos download sites, which you can download to your computer to have fun or share them to social media.

Part 2. Methods to Get GIFs from Twitter

The main difference between a GIF and video is that GIF does not have sounds. Therefore, the file size of GIF is quite smaller than a video of the same expression. As Twitter is the most popular platform for people to share latest news and experiences, it is very common for you to see interesting GIF animation. However, you cannot save a GIF from Twitter directly. Moreover, the GIFs on Twitter are not real GIF files, they are just videos in a loop to play automatically.

1. Go to Twitter-GIF-Downloader website to save GIF online by typing the GIF URL.

2. Choose the download as MP3, MP4 or MP4 HD with the online Twitter GIF downloader. The frequent choice is to save GIF as MP4.


3. Turn to EZGIF to convert video to GIF online fro free. You can open file from computer or paste URL as well.

4. Click “Upload!” icon to convert video to GIF online.


You may need to wait or a while to save GIFs from Twitter successfully. The GIF file size limitation is 100 MB. You can also modify saved GIF from Twitter with the online edit tools in EZGIF. There is GIF Maker, GIF Optimizer and other filters for you to create, crop, resize, and split GIFs.

Part 3. Steps to Save GIF Photos on iPhone

As GIF photos are very common, for example, many people prefer to save GIFs from Tumblr. iPhone users do not have specific icon to download GIFs, just a Twitter users. There is a typical way to save GIF images by Emails and Messages. You need to download GIF files on iPhone by long pressing “Save Image” as usual. After that, go to Photos to find the saved GIF, tap share to send as Message or Email to save GIF from Email. Or you can also install save GIF app on iPhone. GIFwrapped is a nice choice.

1. Open a GIF file, and then click the only icon on the top right corner.

2. Choose “Save to library” selection to get GIFs directly.

3. If you have Dropbox account, you can upload saved GIFs to GIFwrapper to the cloud storage.


You can also choose “Share Image” or “Copy Image” to copy GIF photos. Though GIFwrapped GIF save app do not have too much features, it is also enough to save a GIF on iPhone. Moreover, there is also many save GIF apps, you can download for a try.

Part 4. Processes to Store GIFs via Android

The same problems of saving GIFs also exist on Android mobile phones. GIPHY is the popular apk for people to save GIFs on Android. You can search, explore, text, share, save, react and animated stickers with GIFs on Android devices. Being the world’s largest animated GIFs library, GIPHY offers fastest and simplest way to handle all GIFs. Thus, you can edit a gif not only by saving, but also optimize and create by yourself.

1. Long press the GIF on your Android, you will see a dialog “Do you want to save this GIF to your phone?”

2. Click “Yes” to download a GIF on Android.

3. You can also text GIF with GIF edit apk, after that, operate in the same way to save GIFs after effects.


Once you search GIF tags on GIPHY, you will see related GIFs below. You can also upload animated GIFs to Facebook, Twitter, Messages and etc. saving GIF Android is as easy as clicking one button, as well as storing GIFs on iOS.

Part 5. Ways to Convert GIFs as Videos

GIF to Video apk is the editor to provide GIFs collections, as well as converts GIFs to videos. You can search and browse animated GIFs easily with GIF to Video apk. Moreover, the GIF to video converter enables users to share GIFs too. You should know that GIF to Video apk has in-app products to purchase $1.99 per item. In addition, you need to upgrade your Android to 4.3 and up to save GIFs Android.

1. Open any GIF file with GIF to Video apk.

2. Tap the “Convert” icon on the bottom.

3. Adjust video speed, video codec, scale type and repeals.

4. Tick “Use GIF resolution” if you do not have too much requirements towards saving GIFs as videos.

GIF to Video apk

Or you can use other GIF to video converters. For example, cloudconvert is a professional online editor to transfer GIF formats. You can upload GIFs by URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. After importing GIF files, you can use cloudconvert to save GIFs as MP4.


No matter wherever you get GIF sources, there are numerous methods to save GIFs from different devices. If you notice animated GIFs on Google or Safari browser, you can save GIFs online or use plug-ins to save GIFs directly. Actually, many GIF GIF sites offer awesome GIF photos for users to download. You can turn to Animatedimages, Crazygif and Photobucket to get more gif sources.