How to Process GoPro Photos to iPhone and iPad with Ease

Last Updated on June 11, 2023 by Peter Wood

If you like to travel, you can consider GoPro cameras to get GoPro images. Being the motion catch DSLR, GoPro can take photos in extreme sports, like parachuting, surfing, and other exercises with high speed. DSLRs are not suitable for those dangerous situations. Thus, GoPro came out by Nick Woodman. GoPro photos are the memory of excitement. However, you may face GoPro photos that are blurry, fisheye, or other problems as amateurs. Thus, you can use photo editors to fix GoPro photos blurry, etc.

How to Process GoPro Photos

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Part 1. GoPro Photo Tips about Common Difficulties You May Meet

You will get unsharp GoPro images if you take moving objects or use a slower shutter speed. Or maybe the camera shake can also cause a blur GoPro photo. If you surround by bright sunshine, you can set a fast shutter speed to decrease the lights in the sensor to balance. Remember to give enough lights during shooting GoPro pictures. Because GoPro cameras love light, you can get clear and clean photos with the help of bulb lights you find. As for shooting GoPro images underwater, you need to be steady to avoid shaky images. Then how about lights? You'd better take GoPro pictures with the sun behind you to get dreamlike GoPro photos underwater.

Night sky photos are beautiful, with the Milky Way floating and shining stars. The process of taking GoPro photos at night is easy. You need to set high resolution with Hero4 and remember long exposures. Moreover, you can also create a rainbow GoPro photo effect with the light bar. Barrel distortion is a common GoPro issue, or you can use a more popular name, which is a fisheye effect. Just like the name of GoPro photos fisheye has shown, you will get distorted images just like a ball.

GoPro Image

Part 2. Adobe Lightroom – Fix GoPro Photo Fisheye Effect

The fisheye effect will distort images into the cambered GoPro photo. It s not a pleasure to get unrealistic recorded images. Thus, methods to remove a fisheye effect from GoPro images are an urgent problem to face. Adobe Lightroom is a choice to remove fisheye photos from GoPro. Or you can also use other GoPro editors to customize images. After importing GoPro fisheye photos, you need to operate the following steps.

Step 1. Click the Develop icon. And then choose Lens Correction on the right pane.

Step 2. Choose the Basic option and check between Enable Profile Correction and Remove Chromatic Aberration.

Step 3. Select Profile to get the barrel distortion to fix.

When using Adobe Lightroom to remove fisheye from vertical or horizon, you can get a good GoPro photo editing effect. To compare the GoPro photo fisheye effect before and after, you can use Gimp or PTLens to try.

GoPro Photo Effect

Part 3. Transfer GoPro Photos and Videos to iPhone and iPad

After shooting with GoPro cameras, you can import high-definition GoPro products to iOS devices to see more conveniently. Moreover, you will not hurt image quality during moving GoPro files to iPhone or iPad. To view GoPro photos from video easily, you need to download VLC, which can transfer GoPro movies among all digital devices fluently.

Step 1. Download and install the VLC app on a Mac computer and iPhone or iPad. Use the USB connection to link the computer and the iOS device.

Step 2. Open the iOS disk on My Computer and choose the VLC GoPro video transfer app on iPhone or iPad.

Step 3. Select Add Documents below, and choose the GoPro videos you want to transfer. Click Open to add GoPro movies to iPhone and iPad.

The whole processes are similar to methods to transfer photos from phone to computer. In addition, you can do the same steps to receive GoPro images from iPhone or iPad.

Part 4. Capture – Manage GoPro Video and Pictures with Ease

The Capture app is the product from GoPro to manage your GoPro videos and images to the cloud storage. You can share and edit GoPro products with many filters by the powerful photo edit app have provided. There are Hero series cameras and capture tools to record and switch modes. Moreover, you can create small GoPro clips and images with the Capture app. The GoPro photo quality is similar to GoPro cameras.

It has a built-in camera tool.

Step 1. Click the Camera icon to start shooting or taking GoPro images with the GoPro photo editor.

Step 2. Choose whether to shoot movies in 5 Sec, 15 Sec or 30 Sec, if you want to get clips.

Step 3. Save them to Media. You can decide to save into Local or upload GoPro to the cloud.

You can use Capture to arrange GoPro photo and video storage on iPhone and iPad. Moreover, you can share high-quality GoPro videos and photos with friends or social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Part 5. How to view and edit GoPro Photo

WidsMob Viewer Pro is an all-in-one GoPro file format viewer and manager. Not only for video formats, but you can also view photos and RAW image files from camcorders, such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Photoshop, and more.

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1. View photos, RAW files, and videos within the program without converting.

2. Click one file to load all photos and videos in the same folder with ease.

3. Playback, adjust volume, share GoPro file formats to social media sites.

4. View photos and videos in the folder, full screen, thumbnail, and even slideshow.

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GoPro photos and videos are just similar to other DSLR products. Thus, you can use photo editors to process GoPro images blurry or not showing up problems. As for GoPro photo review, the most helpful way is practicing. The more you have taken, the better photography skills you can get. After that, you will handle GoPro photography and get more plenary travel.