5 Best Methods to Create Heart Photo Collage

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As a romantic shape, a heart photo collage is the most frequently used shape collage. When you combine the best memories in a heart photo collage frame, it should be the best gift for your lover or family.

When you search for heart photo collages, you can find different websites with heart presets. Have you ever considered making one with your design or downloaded heart shape? Just learn more detail about how to create a heart photo collage from the article.


Part 1: WidsMob Montage - Make Heart Photo Collage in Any Shape

Whether you download a heart shape in PNG or JPG, or even the heart drawn by your kid, you can create a heart photo collage accordingly. It enables you to create a collage with just one image or hundreds of images within a few clicks. Moreover, you can custom the columns, tile size, and other parameters to make a photo collage with heart or other desired shape with ease.

  1. Create collage and mosaic with heart shape in both PNG and JPG format.
  2. Design heart photo collage with large size as wallpaper or background.
  3. Custom the photo collage with columns, tile size, color match, frame, etc.
  4. Easy user interface with making a mosaic or photo collage within clicks.
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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Montage on Windows or Mac. Launch the program and click the Select Background option to load the heart shape into the program.


Step 2: Select tiles for the heart photo collage, you can choose one image as a tile for the whole photo collage, or add the photos for your wedding party or recent journey into the program.


Step 3: Adjust the tile mode, column count, tile size, match color, and other parameters. To get a heart photo collage for wallpaper, you can choose the largest size instead.


Step 4: Just preview the output heart photo collage before exporting the photo to your computer. It would take a time to save it to your computer or share a large photo.

heart-photo-collage-widsmob Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: Canva - Create Heart Photo Collage for Instagram

To create a heart photo collage or birthday photo collage with Canva, you have to sign in to the online collage creator first. The Photo Collage maker enables you to create a beautiful photo collage within only 5 minutes. It helps you create professional stunning canvas photo collages with ease.

Step 1: Select the Elements from the left menu, you can find different resources to design collage files.

Step 2: Search for heart, you can find heart photo collage as well as the heart templates. Choose the desired heart shape accordingly.

Step 3: Upload more photos; add layouts, elements, texts, and background to make everything perfect.

Step 4: Download the created file or share it as an Instagram photo collage for your friends or family.

If you want some coupons for heart photo collage canvas, you can search it from Groupon or other websites.


Part 3: Fotojet - Get Simple Heart Photo Collage Online

Instead of the heart photo collage frame, you can find some heart-themed collages from Fotojet. FotoJet’s heart collage maker provides plenty of heart collage templates. You can use your creativity to make a photo collage on Facebook with hundreds of clipart images and art fonts.

Step 1: Click the Get Started button to create a photo collage with FotoJet. It takes a few seconds to load the Collage section.

Step 2: Choose the Classic Collage option to create a photo grid. And then select the Clipart from the left menu to find heart photo collage templates.

Step 3: You can choose the heart collage frame from outlined solid shape column with a subscription. You can access some free templates and clipart resources for free.

Step 4: You can combine photos and different clipart into a stunning collage with a heart theme to Facebook or other social networks.

Just enter Fotojet to learn more detail about the resources related to heart to design your collage online.


Part 4: Pho.to - Blend Photos into Heart Photo Collage

Pho.to is always a nice and easy solution to create a heart photo collage online. When you send a sunny surprise to your lover, it can be the best gift. Just select the best photos of your love story in one touching collage in the shape of a heart with the following process now.

Step 1: Find the heart photo collages with the following path: select Fun effects, choose All effects, and then click Shape Photo Collages. There are two different types of heart photo collage templates.

Step 2: Click the Heart Shape collage, and then upload photos from the computer, by URL, or from Facebook directly to the online collage maker.

Step 3: Then click the Process button to find the collage file. Add text, watermark, or crop the heart photo collage.

Step 4: There are more editors to add Frames, Stickers, Custom Text, and Adjustments. Just make the best effects of the heart photo collage with multiple resources.

Pho.to is one of the best collage makers to create different shape collages according to your requirement.


Part 5: Photovisi - Design Heart Shaped Photo Collage

Photovisi is a free and easy-to-use photo collage maker. There are different photo collage designs. You can access heart shaped photo collage from the Love column. Both heart photo collage frames and templates are available on Photovisi.

Step 1: Choose one heart photo collage canvas from the four provided templates. You can enter the model in a few seconds.

Step 2: Click Add Photos to load photos to combine them as a heart shape from My Computer, Facebook or Instagram. Just load enough photos to combine a heart.

Step 3: After that, add different shapes with hearts, add texts with custom size or change the desired background to make an excellent heart collage.

Step 4: Click the Continue button to download low resolution. When you Get Premium, you can remove the watermark and higher resolution with a subscription of US$4.99 per month.

If you need to compare different heart photo collages online, Photovisi is the program to access them with ease.


Part 6 FAQs about Heart Photo Collage

1How do you make a picture into a heart on the word?

You can select the picture that you want to crop to a specific shape in your file. Then, click the Format Picture tab. And click the arrow next to Crop under Adjust, point to Make to Shape, point to a type of shape, and click the shape that you want to crop the picture to.

2How can I print my heart-shaped collage?

When your collage is laid out and perfectly heart-shaped, it’s time to print it. You can either print your photo one by one or download your entire collage as a high-quality PDF to send to a print professional so that you can roll out your collage like a poster.

3How can I make a heart shape in Photoshop?

First, you can create the M curve with the pen tool and a new image. Second, join the path. Click the point below everything else and approximately in the middle. Locate the point where you started the shape. Click to close the path and gives you the basic heart shape. In the Paths dialog box, locate the small circle made of dotted lines. Right-click the layer with the path in it. And select Rasterize Layer.


When you need to custom your heart photo collage, WidsMob Montage is the best application for you. The only thing you have to do is upload your micro photos to the program. It can automatically create a stunning collage for you in a few seconds. The high-resolution heart photo collage can be used for wall decoration. Of course, you can also find some online solutions to make the desired photo collage accordingly.

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