Top 10+ Metadata EXIF Viewer Apps for Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

Last Updated on March 28, 2023 by Peter Wood

If you want to dig out all the hidden information behind a photo, a metadata viewer is required. You can view photo information on your phone or computer directly. There are some built-in metadata viewing features on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. But if you want to get more customizable features about image metadata information, you can use some third-party image metadata viewers to extract metadata from images for further editing. Here are the 10 best EXIF viewers for different platforms.

Best Metadata EXIF Viewer

Part 1: Best Image Metadata Viewer for Windows and Mac

Is there a method to view the metadata of images or even edit the tags? WidsMob Viewer Pro is the desired choice to browse RAW files, JPEG, HEIC, WebP, AVIF, videos, PDFs, and other files. Of course, you can also check and edit the metadata of the RAW files, HEIC, and JPEG. Moreover, the image metadata viewer enables you to check the camera maker, camera model, F-number, exposure time, exposure program, exposure bias, ISO, focal length, flash, metering mode, white balance, brightness, contrast, situation, lens, resolution, date taken, and more.

1. Browse all images, including HEIF, WebP, AVIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, DNG, and more files.

2. Provide multiple editing features, such as rotate, flip, crop, delete, show in explorer, and others.

3. Check the RAW format from digital cameras and devices or even edit the photo EXIF metadata.

4. View all file formats in thumbnail mode, favorite mode, full-screen mode, and slideshow mode.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Viewer Pro, you can set it up as the default metadata image viewer. Double-click any file, including photos, PDFs, and videos, the program will launch and show them in thumbnails within the same folder. Moreover, you can also switch to another folder within your computer.

View Canon RAW Viewer Pro

Step 2: It enables you to manage the photos, such as comparing two similar ones, you can choose them and click the Compare button in the upper right corner. Just compare exposure, situation, contrast, temperature, sharpness, and more before choosing the desired one. Moreover, you can copy and manage the photos.

Compare Photos Thumbnail Viewer Pro

Step 3: Double-click the RAW file to open the image with a full screen. Go to the View menu and choose the Information option to view image metadata, which will provide the file name, file size, file creation, file modification, make, model, exposure time, F-Number, ISO, flash, focal length, and more information.

View Image Metadata Viewer Pro

Step 4: When you need to check the image metadata for others, you need to switch to the desired one. It also enables you to view the information for videos and PDFs. Moreover, you can also play videos and PDFs. When you need to view the encrypted PDF files, you only need to enter the password to open them directly.

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Part 2: Top 5 Online Metadata Viewers for All Platforms

If you want to view metadata of one or two photos or check the online photo EXIF data, you can use an online metadata EXIF viewer to solve the problem. The followings are the top 5 free online metadata viewers you can try.

Top 1: Jeffrey’s Image Metadata Viewer

You can enter the URL of an image on the web or upload a captured photo to this online metadata viewer directly. You can read photo metadata information online per time, including basic image information, XMP, EXIF, APP14, IPTC, composite, and more.

Jeffrey’s Image Metadata Viewer

Top 2: Metapicz

Metapicz allows users to view image metadata online by dragging and dropping. The online free metadata viewer also supports reading metadata information from online images. Later, you can read the camera information, author, copyright, location, EXIF, XMP, maker notes, and ICC profile.


Top 3: Metadata2go

You can check photo details online from the local drive and cloud storage space. After uploading a photo, the image metadata online viewer will start analyzing metadata information quickly. Metadata2go is an online photo metadata viewer and an audio/video/document metadata viewer.


Top 4: Extract Metadata

By using this free online metadata viewer, you can extract metadata information from images, audios, videos, documents, HTML, PDF, and more files. The image metadata viewer is simple and easy to use. But you cannot get much EXIF information here.

Extract Metadata

Top 5: Online EXIF Viewer

Once you upload a picture to the Online EXIF Viewer site, you can extract many image details. Those metadata information files divide into a file. EXIF, Photoshop, IPTC, ICC profile, XMP, APP14, and composite. You can take the same picture with those image details.

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Part 3: Top 5 Metadata Viewer Apps for Android and iPhone

If you take photos with iPhone or Android built-in camera apps, you can check image information with a metadata viewer app. Some photo metadata viewer apps are not free to use. You may need to cover in-app purchases to unlock all metadata viewing functions.

Top 1: Photo Metadata Viewer

Photo Metadata Viewer is a metadata viewer app for Android 4.1 and later users. You can extract many EXIF tags from a photo on Android, such as location, date, time, flash mode, light source, exposure time, focal length, metering mode, and more.

  • Extract EXIF tags from Android photos.
  • No bloat features and unnecessary permissions.
  • Remove photo metadata.
Photo Metadata Viewer

Top 2: EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

The iOS EXIF Viewer app can remove and display EXIF metadata of any photo on iPhone. The supported EXIF tags include ISO, shutter speed, focal length, timestamp, and more.

  • View EXIF metadata photos on iOS devices.
  • Remove your photo EXIF metadata information include the photo GPS location.
  • Optionally hide photos without EXIF metadata.
EXIF Viewer by Fluntro

Top 3: Photo Metadata Viewer EXIF GPS

It is a photo and video metadata viewer app for iPhone and iPad users. Whether the images are from your phone or digital camera, you can extract the information with the image metadata viewer on your iPhone.

  • Extract EXIF metadata information from any photo on iPhone.
  • Detect and display all image metadata.
  • Use in-app purchases to remove ads from the photo metadata viewer app.
Photo Metadata Viewer EXIF GPS

Top 4: EXIF Wizard

Different from common metadata viewer apps, EXIF Wizard has a geotag map display. Thus, you can focus on the location of one photo at a time. Moreover, it can automatically scroll thumbnail preview images to the end of the album.

  • Extract EXIF information from the stored photos in the Camera Roll app.
  • Open the iPhone Map app to get the direction of the photo’s location.
  • Transfer the common tags into plain English.
EXIF Wizard

Top 5: Photo EXIF Editor

You can view, edit and remove EXIF metadata of all photos on your Android phone or tablet. Thus, you can make changes to the image metadata while browsing. It is also okay to remove some personal information from the EXIF data.

  • The metadata viewer Android app can extract GPS, camera model, camera settings, shutter speed, aperture, and more.
  • Change photo location and other metadata information on Android.
  • Add or correct photo location with Google Maps.
Photo EXIF Editor


These are online and offline metadata viewers for all phones and computers. You can use an online photo metadata viewer to extract EXIF information occasionally for free. Or you can install the metadata EXIF viewer app to view EXIF metadata of various photos quickly. For desktop users, you can manage and view all kinds of photo EXIF metadata via WidsMob Viewer Pro. The super-fast speed and intuitive interface can bring you an excellent photo-viewing experience. The program is free to download. So you can feel free to explore all features whenever you want.

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