What is MF File and How to Open MF Files on Windows and Mac

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When you download some files from the Internet with the MF file extension, do you know how do you open and view the file? What should be the best MF viewers to open the files? To search for a program online, you can take the article for reference. There are a large number of file formats with different extensions. Generally speaking, you can double-click on it. And the operating system will open the MF file with the proper program. Of course, you can also take the 3 methods to view and browse your MF files.

How to Open MF Files

Part 1: What is MF File

FM is the file extension of Adobe FrameMaker. It is a technical writer for desktop publishing projects to make technical writing and documentation projects. When you save an Adobe FrameMaker project, it will assign with an FM file extension.

In addition to FrameMaker, several applications can produce MF file extensions. Java, for example, uses an MF file to store Java Manifest Files, which include the information about a Java file archive. Metafont typesetting programs also use MF files to save text files.

Part 2: 3 Best Methods to Open MF Files

What should be the best methods to view an MF file on your Windows and Mac? Instead of searching the desired program, you can use the following method to choose the appropriate software installed. If you receive the error message saying Windows couldn’t open this file if the MF files association does not set correctly.

Adobe FrameMaker. It is a powerful authoring and publishing solution for technical communicators. With it, you can write, review and publish engaging technical documentation and structured content. The subscription is $29.99 per month, while The full license is $999.00. And the upload is $399.00.

Adobe FrameMaker

Java Manifest. Java is a program language. In order to view the FM files, you should learn more about the basic codec. Just download the software and add the program to open the desired files.

Java Manifest

Metafont. It is a program to make bitmap fonts for viewers, printer drivers, and more.

Step 1: To get the right program for your MF file, right-click on the program, select the Properties option and then look under Type of File. On Mac, right-click on the file, select the More Info option and check file type under the Kind option.

Step 2: Install the right program to open the MF file and then change file associations. Right-click on an MF file and select the Open With option. On the popup dialog, select the program. Make sure to check the box next to Always use the selected program to open this kind of file or relative option.

Part 3: More Tips to Browse MF Files

Before opening MF files on your computer, you should copy the MF file to avoid any damage. You’d better check them with an antivirus scanner. If none of the software on your computer can open MF files, do not change the file extension directly. That may lead to the corruption of your files. If you have already changed the MF file extension, revert it to MF by renaming the file. Other reasons why MF files cannot open:

1. Improper association software. There are a few programs that can generate and open different types of MF files. If you use the wrong program, it cannot open your MF files.

2. Outdated software. Unable to open MF files with the associated software or see an error? Try updating the software to the latest version.

3. Incomplete installation. Make sure that you have installed and registry the associated software correctly. Otherwise, it cannot open your MF files.

4. MF files are corrupt. Several factors can make your MF files corrupted. Malware infection, for example, can lead to MF file corruption.

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You should understand what an MF file is, how to open MF files and why you cannot open them. As a rare file extension, MF is by Adobe FrameMaker. You can open your files in the software and convert them to commonly used file formats. If you still need a powerful image viewer for your computer, you can choose WidsMob View Pro. It is the desired media viewer to open both images and videos with ease.