What is MlRawViewer and How to Open RAW Footage with Easy Steps

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Peter Wood

Some cameras shoot video in highly compressed video formats. You can get many camera file formats of MXF, MOV, AVCHD, MP4, and more. These video files are compatible with most video players and editors. You can deal with compressed video files. Raw video is an uncompressed format, but the uncompressed video doesn’t equal RAW video. During this time, you can play RAW footage with the specific RAW video viewer, such as MlRawViewer. What can you get from MlRawViewer? Is MlRawViewer worth using? What else RAW viewer software you can get? You can get detailed answers to those questions here.


Part 1: MlRawViewer Review

If you want to get a brief introduction of MlRawViewer, you just come to the right place. This section will show you the latest MlRawViewer review in 2022. You can learn more about MlRawViewer software.

What Is MlRawViewer

MlRawViewer is a cross-platform RAW viewer made in python and based on FFmpeg. Magic Lantern releases MlRawViewer to play, color grade, and encode RAW footage on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can play the new MLV format in both single and multi-file versions. Thus, MlRawViewer is also called MLV viewer software.

MlRawViewer free download link: https://bitbucket.org/baldand/mlrawviewer/downloads/

Main Features of MlRawViewer

1. Get the real-time RAW, MLV, and CinemaDNG playback with single and multi-file versions.

2. Open video files in both the original RAW format and MLV (RAW v2.0) formats.

3. Support the MlRawViewer playback from embedded MLV_SND audio, external WAV files, directories containing CinemaDNG.

4. Use hotkeys to adjust the playback and editing progress within the MlRawViewer MLV app.


MlRawViewer Pros

1. View Magic Lantern RAW video files in RAW and MLV formats with the simple python-based line MlRawViewer application.

2. MlRawViewer is the Magic Lantern add-on software developed for Canon DSLR cameras mainly.

3. Encode RAW files into ProRes and other video formats as a front end to FFmpeg.

MlRawViewer Cons

1. Too many hotkey controls make MlRawViewer hard to use for new users.

2. MlRawViewer is not friendly to people who are not familiar with command lines.

3. The latest MlRawViewer 1.4.3 update is on December 12th, 2014.

4. MlRawViewer MLV app crashes on load.

Part 2: MlRawViewer Alternative

MlRawViewer allows users to preview RAW videos on multiplatform. You can use its key combinations to start, stop and control the RAW video playback within MlRawViewer. It is inconvenient for most users. If you want to get a smooth RAW viewing experience, you can take a look at WidsMob Viewer Pro.

1. Intuitive interface

The RAW viewing software can open RAW images and videos smoothly based on folders. You can press the left or right key on the keyboard to view all media files, including RAW files and other compressed/uncompressed files. The user-friendly interface shows all features on a well-organized display.

2. Preview RAW photos and videos

You can play RAW files recorded from your camcorder, iPhone, Android with multiple preview modes. Whether you want to preview RAW images and videos in thumbnail, slideshow, full screen, and more, you can achieve the viewing effect in clicks. Moreover, you can check the EXIF metadata of your RAW files with one option.

3. Wide support of RAW format cameras

There is no need to worry whether the MlRawViewer alternative software can support your RAW files or not. WidsMob Viewer Pro shows a detailed list of all supported RAW format cameras and image/video formats. You can view over 50 RAW formats on your computer. Thanks to the hardware acceleration algorithm, you can view RAW files with 5x faster speed.

4. Manage and edit RAW files

The MlRawViewer alternative is more than a simple RAW viewer. You can apply photo editing and managing tools while previewing RAW files. Here you can batch convert, resize and rename RAW video and image files. Moreover, you can crop, rotate, sort, apply presets, share, save, print, and delete any RAW file.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Free download, install, and launch WidsMob Viewer Pro. Choose Open from the File drop-down list. You can also drag and drop RAW files into the main interface directly. Or you can click + next to Library to add a folder.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2: Click the Play icon in the middle of the RAW video. You can play RAW video directly. Moreover, you can adjust the audio volume during the RAW video playback. If there are multiple RAW videos and images, you can use four direction keys to control the RAW playback.

view videos

Step 3: If you want to view the details of your RAW file, you can enter it into the full-screen mode. Just choose Enter Full Screen from the View drop-down list. If you want to exit the RAW full-screen viewing mode, you can click Exit Full Screen in the same place.

Full Screen View

Step 4: MlRawViewer allows users to adjust white balance, brightness, and other parameter settings via buttons. As for the RAW viewer alternative, you can edit photo effects by clicking the Edit icon at the bottom. Here you can adjust the RAW image settings and apply presets with the real-time preview window.

Step 5: If you want to edit RAW media files, you can unfold the Edit list on the top. Later, you can copy, paste, delete, crop, add to your favorites, rotate, flip and batch convert/resize/rename RAW files with ease, which you cannot get from MlRawViewer for Mac software.

Photo Crop on Viewer


Above are the MlRawViewer review and alternative introduction. You can view RAW videos and images on your computer with these two tools. MlRawViewer can open files in RAW, MLV, and CinemaDNG on multiplatform. Since MlRawViewer is in python, you need to have basic knowledge about python lines.

If you want to get an easy solution, you can use WidsMob Viewer Pro. You can open RAW files from Canon DSLR and other 50+ RAW format cameras with the folder-based viewing experience. There is no requirement about your computer’s performance. You can import hundreds of thousands of RAW footage from all popular camcorders with super fast speed. The entire RAW playback can finish in clicks with ease.