Top 10 Websites to Get Neat Pictures

Last Updated on December 8, 2021 by Peter Wood

Considering a user-friendly website, you should provide neat pictures without much noise. Another important reason for the neat pictures is SEO. You should resize large photos and keep them as neat images. The article explains the best websites to get neat pictures with ease.

How to Get Neat Pictures

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Part 1. Free Neat Pictures

When you need some neat pictures, free ones are the first choice. But it is a little difficult to neat and desired photos. You can find some excellent websites providing neat images of great quality.


PEXELS is one of the most popular websites for getting neat pictures. When you need to get the original photos taken by DSLR cameras, you can download the neat photos in the original size.

If you need to use neat photos on a website or blog, you do not have to download the original file and convert it to a web-used format. You only have to save a neat photo directly from the Browse page.

Pexels Free HDR

2. Pixabay

Pixabay provides free neat photo stocks as well as paid ones. After registering your account in Pixabay, you can access some free neat photos. Of course, you can purchase the satisfied neat images according to your requirements.

As for the free neat pictures, you can save the files for a website or download the original file for further editing. You need to convert the neat photos to a specific size or format to use them.

Pixabay Free HDR

Except for the above websites for neat pictures, you can find other photos from free photo stock websites, such as Unsplash, Picjumbo, or Little Visuals. These neat pictures support the CC0 license, which can use for business purposes.

Compared to the free neat photos, you can easily find different types of paid ones from multiple websites. But the price for neat pictures is the first thing to consider.

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the neat photo stocks, including photos, vectors, illustrations, and icons. And you can also access HD video footage and music. It is a good option for finding different types of neat photos.

For the paid neat photo stock, Shutterstock provides some additional services, such as search by image, Shutterstock photo editor, and visual search tech. It can help you find the desired neat photo easily. But you have to pay for the pictures instead.


2. Bigstock

If you are a designer and require many neat photos, Bigstock is a good option. You can subscribe for US$59 per month and download 5 neat images per day, which means you can get 150 neat photos every month.

Bigstock is one subscription service of Shutterstock for getting neat photos. And once you subscribe to the account of Bigstock, you can access over 37 million royalty-free images. Picking up neat pictures within a certain period is always a method.


Besides the photo stocks mentioned above, you can get neat photos on Fiverr or Etsy. Whatever you want, you can use multiple solutions to get neat images at a price.

Part 3. Manage Neat Photos on Windows and Mac

If you want to manange your neat photos, you can turn to WidsMob Viewer Pro for help. It can be your best way to organize digital photos on Windows and Mac in 2022. Here’re some features you can get from this photo organizer.

1. Folder-based image viewing experience: Once you add an image to WidsMob Viewer Pro, you can preview all photos in one window within this folder directly.

2. Various photo viewing modes: The thumbnail mode can show you all images in thumbnails. You can view photos in different folders in the library mode. If you want to preview the image in full screen, you can enter into the slideshow mode. The favorite mode allows users to get desired photos. And the EXIF mode can show you detailed photo information.

3. Wide support of image formats and RAW format cameras.

4. Additional editing tool: You can crop a photo, adjust photo effects, batch rename/resize/convert and get more features.

5. Superfast speed: View thousands of photos at a fast photo viewing speed.

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Step 1: Launch WidsMob Viewer Pro. You can click + next to Library in the top left corner. Add the folder that contains your messy pictures from multiple sources.

Import Photos

Step 2: You will be in the Thumbnail mode by default. Move the slider near the bottom to adjust the size of thumbnails. You can scroll up and down to quickly browse those photos before organizing digital images on a Mac computer.

View Photo with WidsMob Viewer

Step 3: To enlarge a picture, double-click on it and enter it into the main interface. You can see all the unorganized photos at the bottom. You can choose Enter Full Screen from the View drop-down list to enter the Full-screen mode. Thus, you can get a large display screen for digital photo organization and press Esc on the keyboard to exit it whenever you want.

Full Screen Mode Viewer

Step 4: There is a small five-pointed star icon on the lower right corner. Click it to add this photo into the Favorite folder. You can access all your favorite images by clicking the square icon on the right side of the Favorite icon.

Add to My Favorites Viewer

Step 5: In the Favorite folder, choose Select All from the Edit drop-down list. You can unfold the Batch list to batch rename, convert or resize photos if necessary. Then you can click the Export icon near the bottom to organize images in a folder.

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If you need to use the noise photo taken by your smartphone instead of the neat photos from websites, you can use some noise reduction software to turn the noise photos into a neat ones. You can use Photo Denoise or Topaz Denoise to remove noise or fix grainy images.

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