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7 Best Methods to Add Photo Border and Photo Frame as Desired

A simple photo border or frame might make your photo stands out when you need to hang on the wall or put on your desk. When you have a special photo frame, such as get some special text, wider selections and more other, you can make the photos special and fun.

What should be the best photo border creators with special design? The online photo editors are always enables you to get the latest frames for your photos. Of course, you can use the professional Photoshop to a desired frame accordingly. How about adding photo frame in batch for a large amount of photos? Just learn more details about the best tools now.

Photo Border

Part 1: How to Frame a Picture in Word Basically

Microsoft is not only purely the essential software to write down texts, but also photo-editing software, with some foundational frame styles and tints to apply. Moreover, the processes to add border to photo on Mac with Word is not difficult to operate. The Picture Styles gallery collects many border presets offline.

Step 1: Launch the Word and go to the “Insert” > “Photo” > “Picture from File” to load the photos into the program. When you go to the “Format Picture” menu to add the photo border or frame.

Step 2: Choose from the border slideshows by left and right arrows. Click the “Picture Border” button beside to frame the photo with many formats. You can get the desired photo border with ease.

Step 3: If you want to edit pictures with more changeable tints, you can choose “More Outline Colors” icon to get different border add effects with different styles. Save framed photo on desktop.

Frame Picture Word

Part 2: How to Add Stunning Photo Borders on Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is always a popular photo frame creator that you can get accurate frames and border effects to apply. Moreover, you can also get more filters and photo effects, which enable you to design a better photo border in Photoshop with ease. Just learn more details as below.

Step 1: Import the picture you want to add photo frame to Adobe Photoshop, and then select the section you want to frame, choose the “Rectangular Marquee” tool to add frame.

Marquee Tool

Step 2: Find the “Quick Mask Mode” in the Tools panel, and double click it. Choose Select Areas in the Color Indicates area to move on. Hit OK to start the Quick Mask mode immediately.

Step 3: Use the “Gaussian Blur” tool in Blur list under Filter dropdown menu, do not forget to set the parameters in the Radius, and click the “OK” to finish the desired effect.

Photoshop Gaussian Blur

Step 4: Choose the “Sprayed Strokes” option under Brush Strokes in Filter list. Adjust the Stroke Length and Spray Radius slider slightly, to get target image effect for the photo frame.

Step 5: Pick up “Stoke Direction” in the dropdown menu, and press Q on your keyboard, to stop Quick Mask mode. Press Ctrl/ Cmd and J together, to copy the selected area and create a new layer.

Sprayed Strokes

Step 7: Create a new layer to fill the background color. And then move the colored background under the your original picture. You can use filters in Adobe Photoshop later, to beautifier images on bordered image.

Step 8: With these frame-editing tools, you can create better-framed image, to decorate your room as real photographs do. You can save the photo border or photo frame to your computer.

Part 3: 4 Online Photo Border Creators to Add Photo Frames

If you do not care specifics for the photos, you can try to frame a picture online with a shorten time and get latest border presets. The online image frame editor is a nice way to save time and skip hard design part. There are so many photo border creator you can choose, no matter which border style you like.

1. LunaPic

LunaPic is the free online photo editor, with lots of simple filters. It is very easy to add border to photo in batch with common themes, such as drop shadow, round border, color tint border, picture frame, custom frame, cellphone picture, film strip and more. Moreover, you can also preview the effects with ease.

Step 1: Go to the LunaPic from any browser and choose the “Borders” option. You can find the different border styles, such as the “Border Tool” to add a simple color border with ease.

Step 2: Then you can choose the desired effect for “Tiled Background”. You can also add the “Color of Border”, enter the parameter for the color or even the “Thickness of Border”.

Step 3: After that, you can click the “Apply” button to save the file, or share photos with borders to social network, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media websites.

LunaPic Redeye

2. BeFunky

BeFunky is one of the classic photo border editor, to decorate pictures online with latest frames and perfect finishing touching. It has 3 different parts, photo editor, collage maker and designer. If you only need to add border to photo with free software, it should be the desired program you should know.

Step 1: Launch the online photo border creator and choose the “Get Started” option, and then find the “Frames” menu, which looks like two squares putting together to add photo borders.

Step 2: Select the “Border” option in the first place, you can adjust border sliders and settings freely. Moreover, you can also find filmstrip and drop shadows to design the photos with ease.

Step 3: Set outer color and inner color to frame your photo, next tick check and wrong options to move on. Use other online photo edit tools, or you can save framed photo directly.

Befunky is the smart free online editor, to add custom border to photo. You are able to manage your images with white ad black borders, as in real photograph frames.

Befunky Add Frame

3. Fotor

Fotor has some exclusive online photo frames. All of the photo frames are refined with different themes. Moreover, within good picture frames, it has photo editor, photo effects, text, HDR and other graphic design tools. To optimize online frames, Fotor can touch pictures in vivid states.

Step 1: Go to the online photo editor and click the “Get started” button, to turn to “Edit” page in the add border to photo app online. Import your picture by choosing the “Open” button on the top.

Step 2: Find Frames list in the toolbar, and then you can choose from dozens free photo borders. Select the idea image frame, and then tap the “Apply” icon to apply the photo border.

Step 3: You can move on to design and beautifier the photo with border. It supports users to undo wrong steps to go back the original state without limitation.

Step 4: You can take snapshots, save and share framed pictures with the online frame maker to social media website or even save to your computer within the program.

Fotor Photo Border

4. Canva

Canva is another online photo editor to recreate the classic feel with artistic image borders. The picture will be unique and your memory will be shiny again. Despite of traditional square or round normal frames, you are able to get inspired with colorful and creative picture borders within clicks.

Step 1: Open the “Element” tab in the side panel of the online photo editor. You can scroll through the option until you find the “Frame” section to add photo border.

Step 2: Click on the “Frames” to access to the available options. After that you can click on a frame you want to add to your photo. It will apply instantly on the photos.

Step 3: After that, you can either from the library or from your Uploads, by dragging it into the frame and customize its border color and size to add a frame to your design.

Add Frame Canva

Part 4: How to Apply Photo Frames/Borders in a Batch Process

How about add photo frames or photo borders within a batch process? When you need to apply same photo effects for a large amount of photos, WidsMob ImageConvert is an all-in-one photo converter to change the photo format, add photo border, resize photos, rotate and flip, and even add watermark in text and photo.

1. Add photo border with customized pixels, different color modes and more.

2. Convert RAW, HEIC and normal photos to the desired photo format.

3. Batch resize photos and rotate the photos with multiple parameters.

4. Apply different text and image in customized opacity, scale, position, etc.

Download for Mac Version

Step 1: Installed WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer, launch the program and add all photos you want to convert. Choose the “Border” option to add photo borders for images.

Import Pictures ImageConvert

Step 2: Enter the detailed pixels you want for the photo border, you can also choose the “Solid Color” or “Gradient Color” as the Color Mode. Then further adjust the parameters.

Gradient Color Border ImageConvert

Step 3: You can have an instant preview for the photos. Now you can click the “Start convert” button to add the photo border or photo frame for all the photos to the destination folder.

Convert Images ImageConvert


To add an awesome photo border on images, there are many ideas you can consider, to make them look like real photographs in the picture borders. For online photo border editors, you can choose from various free photo border templates and many interesting photo effects, to decorate your own images in fast speed and quite good outlook. When you need to apply photo borders within a batch process, WidsMob ImageConvert is always the nice option you have to take into consideration.

Download for Mac Version