11 Photo Touch-Up Tools to Retouch Portrait and Landscape on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Online

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Touching up photos is the same as using cosmetics to makeover, or drawing landscape paintings. Just pay special attention to every aspect to make the whole image perfect. Photo touch-up software can make the whole thing easy. You can get different photo touch-up effects even for the same photo.

Photoshop should be the versatile photo editor to retouch photos, but it is complicated to master all the tools to make a great image. If you are looking for some photo touch-up alternatives, you can get the top 11 photo touch up programs from the article now.

Touch Up Tool Photo Editor

Part 1: 2 Best Touchup Photo Tools for Windows 10/8/7 and macOS

1. WidsMob Portrait Pro – Redefine portrait retouch for Windows and Mac

The portrait touch-up program has full makeup controls and skin coloring management. It can detect all portraits within one image, which you can adjust portrait photos with different solutions. Compare with photo editor applications and online tools, WidsMob Portrait Pro can help you import RAW files into the image touch-up program for further editing.

  • Basic portrait touch-up edits, including Wrinkle Remove, Portrait Makeup, Blemish/Pouch Remover, and more.
  • Full skin optimizes solution for Skin Soften, Skin Whiten, Skin Color Tone, and Shine Removal.
  • Hotfixes for Blemishes Removal and Pouch Removal.
  • Preset template to fix the similar imperfections for selfie touch up in the batch process.
  • Detect portraits in different situations, such as portraits for family, side face, and more.
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Step 1. Download and install the photo touch-up software. Click the Select Photos to load portrait images or click the Select Folder to add the whole folder.

Import Photos to WidsMob Portrait Pro

Step 2. Choose the Edit menu and select the Enhancements to tweak the cheek and face to touch up the portrait skin. Click and unfold the Slim Face and choose the preset standard or manually adjust the parameter.

Slim Face with WidsMob Portrait Pro

Step 3. You can make up a skinny face in photos with photo editing tools such as blush makeup, shine removal, etc.

Blush Portrait with WidsMob Portrait Pro

Step 4. After that, click the Export button to save the portrait images in the desired format. Moreover, you can also adjust the size and image quality, or use the batch process to export the skinny face in photos with ease.

Export Portrait from WidsMob Portrait Pro

To get the best selfie image, you can adjust the parameters within WidsMob Portrait Pro. Check the result with Before and After mode. What is most important, you can get the RAW files for the program to get the best output result without the image size restriction.

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2. WidsMob Retoucher – Versatile photo touchup editor for photo beautify on Mac

Is there an easy method to touch up photos with AI algorithms? WidsMob AI Retoucher is an all-in-one AI photo editor that enables you to achieve the desired effects automatically. Besides the basic filters to tweak lights, apply B/W analog films, add old photo effects, and more. It has advanced features to enhance images, such as noise reduction, lowlight recovery, and haze removal. There are advanced AI filters to touch up photos, such as AI retouching, face mosaic, AI style transfer, AI cartoonization, and more.

  1. Adjust sharpness, vignetting, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, and more.
  2. Polish portraits with skin softening, skin whitening, shine removal, and face mosaic with AIs.
  3. Convert photos to cartoons, paintings, and even pencil sketches with different AI parameters.
  4. Provide editing features to crop the desired part, rotate/flip images, and revert to the original.
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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob AI Retoucher, you can click the Import button to load the photos into the program. You can drag-n-drop images into the program to touch up photos in a batch process. It is a versatile photo editor that enables you to process RAW, HEIC, WebP, HEIC, and more generic photos.

Import Lowlight Retoucher

Step 2: When you need to enhance photos with AI effects, click the desired photo and choose the AI Retouch button. It provides different options, such as Lowlight Recovery, Noise Reduction, and Haze Removal. Just select the desired one or even go to the Adjust menu to further edit the photos within a few clicks.

Apply AI Noise Reduction Retoucher Lowlight Recovery AI Retoucher Remove Haze AI Retoucher

Step 3: Whether you need to touch up the portraits, convert portraits into cartoons, or even hide portraits within an image, you can find the Face Clean menu to have some basic portrait photo touchup features, the Face Mosaic menu to blur/mosaic faces or the AI Cartoonization menu to turn a portrait into a cartoon image.

Convert Portrait to Cartoon Retouche Portrait AI Retoucher Hide Faces Automatically Retoucher

Step 4: If you need to turn the photos into paintings/sketches, or simply apply a series of B/W photo effects, you can also use the AI Style Transfer menu, which you can select the desired filter from the list. Just explore the HDR filters, light adjustments, and others to make some special photos accordingly.

HDR Effect WidsMob Retoucher Photo to Pointillism Painting Retoucher Retoucher Photo to Mosaic Painting

Note: Besides the above features, you can also find some basic editing features to cut out the desired part, enhance the photos, tweak HSL parameters, and more.

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Part 2: 6 Best Touch up Photo Editor Online to Retouch Photos for Free

1. BeFunky – Portrait and Photo Touchup software Online

Befunky is the online photo touch-up editor for portrait images, which works for both computers and smartphones. There are several image sources for you to import pictures. You can upload portraits from hard disks, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, or taking shoots with cameras, then import them into the online editor directly.

  • Synthesized photo retouch tools to remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles, fix red-eye, or whiten teeth.
  • More retouch filters to beautify selfies, such as lipstick, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and many other touch-up features.
  • Use the perfect skin tool to retouch portraits with your mouse. You can adjust brush size, brush hardness, and strength to paint.
  • Slim, reshape, resize, rotate, cutout, sharpen photos for free. Or you can click “Auto Enhance” use enhance online editor automatically.
  • Add background, effect, artsy, graphics, frames, overlay, text, and textures to specialize images.

Furthermore, you can use the clone tool and blemish fix to touch up images pixel by pixel to be perfect. If you do not appear very well during shooting, you can use makeup tools in BeFunky to retouch your face, as well as hair and other parts of your body.

Befunky Blemish Editor to Touch up Photo

2. Fotor – Touch up photos online with different effects

Fotor is an online graphic editor for landscapes as well as portraits. Just apply some stunning photo effects; you can touch up photos within one click. When you add photos into the online photo editor, you can create a collage, make HDR, add text and frame, get clip art and even get various AI effects to touch up photos with ease.

  • Design photos with photo montage effects and create a photo collage in the frame.
  • Basic edit to enhance photos, crop images, resize photos and straighten the photo effects.
  • Apply multiple effects for photos, such as AI Photo Effects, Tile-Shift, Lomo Effects, Cool Effects, and Funky Effects.
  • Touch up photos for Wrinkle Remover, Blemish Remover, Photo Reshaping, Teeth Whitening, Red Eye Remover, and more.
  • Add different banners for social media websites, such as Facebook AD medium, Etsy Cover photo, Large Rectangle.

To get the best result for the touch-up images, you have to upgrade to the PRO version of Fotor instead. When you add photos into the online editor, you can get the desired effects with ease.

Fotor Online Face Editor to Touch up Photo

3. PicMonkey – Touch up photos like a pro

PicMonkey is one of the most popular online photo editing programs to create stunning social posts, cover photos, ads, and more. There are more than 6000 graphics and textures, 100s of gorgeous fonts, 1000s of design templates, and oodles of collages. Just take advantage of these elements to design the desired photo online with ease.

  • Go light on touch-ups like Blemish Fix and Wrinkle Remover if you still want to look like you.
  • Have a ball will digital makeup and achieve wild beauty looks with our hair and eye color changer.
  • We get your busy lifestyle. Start on the desktop and finish on mobile. Or vice versa!

The Pro plan has exclusive effects such as mirror, ombre, and more, primo touch-up tools, and extra-fabulous fonts. Moreover, you can print the artwork designed with PicMonkey Print Shop.

PicMonkey Portrait to Touch up Photo Win Download Mac Download

4. PinkMirror – Automatic portrait retouching

PinkMirror provides 16 photo retouching features that make you look your best in just seconds. It can make it easy for you to soften your jawline, and achieve a more feminine look with a jaw reshaping tool.

  • Automatically transforms your skin in photos, and makes it look soft, smooth, and glowing.
  • Naturally makes your signs of age disappear while maintaining your authentic beauty.
  • Designed to automatically cut away the perfect proportion of fat from your face.
  • Automatically detects and removes red eyes from photos whenever this is an issue.
PinkMirror to Touch up Photo

5. PiZap – Photo touch up online to erase imperfection

PiZap Photo Editor is one of the most popular online photo editors, which offers everything you need to erase imperfections and enhance your natural beauty.

  • It has three parts, photo editor, photo collage maker, and photo designer.
  • The photo editor offers all photo editing tools, like crop, resize, rotate, adjustments, and more.
  • The photo collage maker provides dozens of photo layouts and allows you to create layouts according to your requirements.
  • The photo designer is a good partner of bloggers and social media users.
  • The most benefit is to use these features across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.
PiZap Photo Editor

6. Makeup.Pho.to – Online portrait photo retouching tool

Pho.to is a cross-platform photo editing suite. In particular, the web app is called Pho.to while the mobile app is called Photo Lab. The service automatically removes red-eye and skin defects (pimples, wrinkles, etc.), makes the skin look matte, and whitens the teeth.

  • Fully automatic face retouch.
  • Skin makeup (skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, grease, sweat, imperfections, and wrinkles).
  • Eye makeup to enhance eye color and sharpness and red eyes removal.
  • Teeth whitening for a perfect smile.
  • Color enhancement for adjusting the lighting on the face and 40+ stylish photo effects.
Editor.Pho.to to Touch up Photo

If you do not want to disclose your personal privacy information like selfie images, an online photo touch-up editor may not be suitable for you. You'd better choose to touch up photos on your computer by using the part 1 program.

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Part 3: 3 Best Touch up Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

1. AirBrush – Best selfie pictures touchup editor for smartphone

AirBrush is one of the most popular photo touchup editors for a selfie on Android phones and iPhones. Just use your fingertips to achieve everything within one touch. There are two methods for you to edit photos. You can require AirBrush to retouch images automatically. Or use the photo editing tools and filters to process pictures in detail.

  • Click the Remove blemishes icon to eliminate pimples and other annoying spots.
  • Tap Whitening teeth to lighten up your smile to be more charming.
  • Choose Smooth your face to remove wrinkle with a click.
  • Select Bright eyes to lighten up your selfie with shining eyes.
  • Use Concealer and blur images to decide which part of objects needs to strengthen.

Moreover, the program allows users to resize, reshape and share best portraits to the social platform with ease. Besides, AirBrush updates the new Vignette tool to adjust vignetting to do photo touch-up effects with ease.

Touch up Photo Editing Apps - AirBrush

2. TouchUp Lite – Touching up pictures on smartphone

TouchUp Lite is a versatile photo editor to retouch both portraits and landscapes. You can use the photo touch-up app Android to renovate images with more editing choices. TouchUp Lite creates a new lightweight interface to optimize objects, such as red-eye removing and sharpness enhancing. Moreover, you can also get “1-click” effects to touch up images with several automatic filters.

  • Remove pimples and unwanted spots to smooth portraits.
  • Get hue, saturation, crop, contrast, brightness, and other clunky buttons.
  • Resize or rotate images to touch up pictures.
  • Unlimited undo/ redo to permit users to optimize without limitation.
  • Save or share retouch images after to your Android devices.

Besides, the photo touch-up service has some Advanced Effects for you to fine-tune. You can get advanced vignettes, advanced vintage photos, advanced sepia, and RGB channels to retouch photos more professionally.

Touch up Photo Editing Apps - TouchUp Lite

3. PhotoCat – Photo touch up app for Android

PhotoCat provides comprehensive editing tools, plus selective retouch features that will help create a professional-looking photo in a breeze. You can always personalize your pictures with tons of unique effects, various backgrounds, frames, and speech bubbles. There're 3 modes to create a collage: Template, DIY, or Picstrip, users can tell their own stories in their unique way. Best of all is its powerful Touch-up tools, you can quickly turn your photo into a picture-perfect photo in a few easy steps.

  • Comprehensive editing tools give your photos a unique look in seconds.
  • Powerful retouching features that make any photo easy to enhance.
  • 3 Modes to create a collage: Template, DIY, or Picstrip, tell your stories in your unique way.
Touch up Photo Editing Apps - Photocat


In conclusion, the ways to touch up photos are too many for people to choose from. Almost all photo editors can retouch images to various degrees. You can get eleven methods that work on computers and mobile phones to get the best touch-up effects in this article. All of them are easy to operate and get similar photo effects as photo touch up in Photoshop.

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