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6 Photo Touch Up Methods for Portrait & Landscape

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Touching up photos is the same as using cosmetics to make up, or drawing landscape painting. Just pay special attention to every aspect to make the whole image perfect. Photo touch up software is designed to make the whole thing easy. You can get different photo touch up effects even for the same photo.

Photoshop should be the versatile photo editor to retouch photos, but it is complicated to master all the tools to make a great image. If you are looking for some easy photo touch up alternatives, you can get the top 6 photo touch up programs from the article now.

Photo Touch up

Part 1: 2 best photo touch-up apps for smartphone

AirBrush – Best Selfie Editor for Smartphone

AirBrush is one of the best popular photo touchup editors for selfie on Android phone and iPhone. Just use your fingertips to achieve everything within one touch. There are two methods for you to edit photos. You can require AirBrush to touch up images automatically, or use the photo editing tools and filters to process pictures in details.

  • Click Remove blemishes icon to eliminate pimples and other annoying spots.
  • Tap Whitening teeth to lighten up your smile to be more charming.
  • Choose Smooth your face to remove wrinkle with a click.
  • Select Bright eyes to lighten up your selfie with shining eyes.
  • Use Concealer and blur images to decide which part of objects needs to be strengthened.

Moreover, the program allows users to resize, reshape and share best portraits to social platform with ease. In addition, AirBrush updates new Vignette tool to adjust vignetting to do photo touch up effects with ease.


TouchUp Lite – Touch up smartphone photos

TouchUp Lite is a versatile photo editor to retouch both portrait and landscapes. You can use the photo touch up app Android to renovate images with more editing choices. TouchUp Lite creates new lightweight interface to optimize objects, such as red eye removing and sharpness enhancing. Moreover, you can also get “1-click” effects to touch up images with several automatic filters.

  • Remove pimple and unwanted spots to smooth portraits.
  • Get hue, saturation, crop, contrast, brightness and other clunky buttons.
  • Resize or rotate images to touch up pictures.
  • Unlimited undo/ redo to permit users to optimize without limitation.
  • Save or share retouch images after to your Android devices.

In addition, the photo touch up service has a number of “Advanced Effects” for you to fine-tune. You can get advanced vignette, advanced vintage photo, advanced sepia and RGB channels to retouch photos in more professional way.

TouchUp Lite

Part 2: 2 best photo touch-up online services

BeFunky – Portrait Touch Up software Online

Befunky is the online photo touch up editor for portrait images, which works for both computers and smartphones. There are several image sources for you to import photos. You can upload portraits from hard disks, Facebook, Google, Dropbox or taking shoots with cameras, then import into the online editor directly.

  • Synthesized photo retouch tools to remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles, fix red eye or whiten teeth.
  • More retouch filters to beautifier selfie, such as lipstick, mascara, eyebrow pencil and much other touch up features.
  • Use perfect skin tool to retouch portraits with your mouse. You can adjust brush size, brush hardness and strength to paint.
  • Slim, reshape, resize, rotate, cutout, sharpen photos with free. Or you can click “Auto Enhance” use enhance online editor automatically.
  • Add background, effect, artsy, graphics, frames, overlay, text and textures to specialize images.

Furthermore, you can use the clone tool and blemish fix to touch up images pixel by pixel to be perfect. If you do not appear very well during shooting, you can use make up tools in BeFunky to retouch your face, as well as hair and other parts of your body.

Befunky Blemish Editor

Fotor – Design photos online with different effects

Fotor is online graphic editor for landscapes as well as portraits. Just apply some stunning photo effects; you can touch up photos within one click. When you add photos into the online photo editor, you can create collage, make HDR, add text and frame, get clip art and even get various AI effects to touch up photos with ease.

  • Design photos with photo montage effects and create photo collage in amazing frame.
  • Basic edit to enhance the photos, crop images, resize photos and straighten the effects.
  • Apply multiple effects for photos, such as AI Photo Effects, Tile-Shift, Lomo Effects, Cool Effects and Funky Effects.
  • Touch up photos for Wrinkle Remover, Blemish Remover, Photo Reshaping, Teeth Whitening, Red Eye Remover and more.
  • Add different banner for social media websites, such as Facebook AD medium, Etsy Cover photo, Large Rectangle.

In order to get the best result for the touch up images, you have to upgrade to the PRO version of Fotor instead. When you add photos into the online editor, you can get the desired effects with ease.

Fotor Online Face Editor

Part 3: 2 best photo touch-up software for computer

WidsMob Portrait – Redefine portrait retouch

The portrait touch up program has the full makeup controls and skin coloring manage. It is able to detect all portraits within one image, which you can adjust portraits with different solutions. Different from photo editor applications and online tools, you can import RAW files into the image touch up program for further editing.

  • Basic portrait touch up edits, including Wrinkle Remove, Portrait Makeup, Blemish/Pouch Remover and more.
  • Full skin optimizes solution for Skin Soften, Skin Whiten, Skin Color Tone, and Shine Removal.
  • Hot fixes for Blemishes Removal and Pouch Removal.
  • Preset template to fix the similar imperfections for selfie touch up in batch process.
  • Detect portraits in different situations, such as portraits for family, side face and more.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

In order to get the best selfie image, you can adjust the different parameters within WidsMob Portrait. Check the result with Before and After mode. What is the most important, you can get the RAW files for the program to get the best result without the image size restriction.

Before/After on Portrait

WidsMob Retoucher – Versatile photo editor for photo beautify

What should be the ultimate solution for photo touching up? Whether it is a JPEG file or RAW format, a portrait or a landscape, reduce noise or apply effects, WidsMob Retoucher is the right solution you have to take into consideration. It should be a versatile photo editor to retouch photos in excellent method.

  • Reduce Chrominance noise/Luminance noise and enhance the quality of images with Sharpness.
  • Excellent Film packs with different styles to rediscover the magic of analog film with hundreds of effects.
  • Quick solutions to remove wrinkle, soft skin and optimize the imperfection for selfie photos.
  • Vignetting, fisheye, color adjustment and more small tools to touch up photo into a prefect one.
  • Supports more than 50 RAW formats as well as JPEG format.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

The ultimate photo touching up solution is able to handle different requests for images. Just add the photos to the program, you can combine different effects and get a satisfied result within few clicks.

WidsMob Retoucher Screenshot


In conclusion, the ways to touch up photos are too many for people to choose. Almost all photo editors can retouch images in different degrees. From this article, you can get 6 methods works on computers and mobile phones to get good touch up effects. All of them are easy to operate and get the similar effects as photo touch up in Photoshop.

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