Photography Styles

Best Method to Specialized Styles of Photography

In order to make the whole wedding party or the journey abroad special, you should apply different genres of photograph styles. If you have a specialized style of photography on your blog, it will be attractive to your audience. How to custom your own photograph styles are not an easy job for professional photographers, not even mention about the amateurs.

Shooting photographs with professional equipment, harmonizing the light and color, capturing the object in the right moment and more. What is more, you should also be skilled with post processing of the photographs. WidsMob Retoucher is an easy and professional photo editor to custom your own photography styles.

Photography Styles

Part 1: How to apply a specialized style of photography

WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile photo editor to custom different photography styles in stunning effects. It custom dozens of parameters of photos, such as the basic color parameter, touchup portrait, remove image noise, add color effects and custom analog film effects.

WidsMob Retoucher

  • Remove luminance noise and chrominance noise for all images.
  • Apply gorgeous analog film presets and camera profiles.
  • Support JPEG, TIFF and most RAW formats.
  • Preserve high quality of digital photographs with easy operations.
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How to custom your own photography styles

There are some basic retouching features of WidsMob Retoucher, such as the remove chrominance noise and luminance noise. You can also touchup the portrait image with skin smoothing and skin whitening. Before you apply a special photography styles, you can do some basic touchup with the tools. Here is the original photograph for your reference.

Original Photography Styles

Color Photography Style

Simple adjust the different parameters of the photographs, you can get a different result and custom a special color photography style. Just import the image and adjust the “Saturation”, “Contrast”, “Brightness”, “Temperature” and “Tint”, you can combine different parameters to get a desired result.

Color Photography Style

Here is a result of the color photography style. You can adjust the different parameters to get hundreds of results.

Color Adjustment Retoucher

Black and white photography style

Black and white photography is always a classic photography style for photographers. Just enter the Filmpack part of the program, which you can choose the “Black and White Film”. There are dozens of analog film presets, which will represent the magic of traditional film pack effects and film grain.

Black and white photography style

Here is a result of the black and white photography style. Even for the style, you can get hundreds of different result with different camera profile, color modes, film grains and more.

Black and white photography Retoucher

Toning photography style

Toning photography style should be popular for some special occasions. If you want to apply some metallic effects, you can use the toning features to get a desired result.

Toning photography style

Here is a result of the toning photography style. You can use “Black and white”, “Ferric Sulface”, “Gold”, “Selenium”, “Sepia Terra”, “Sepia Gold” and “Sepia” toning effects.

Toning photography Retoucher

Vignetting photography style

When you need to focus on the major stuff of the image, you can use the vignetting or fisheye feature of the program. Instead of the traditional black background, you can custom the color according to your requirement from the program.

Vignetting photography style

Here is a result of vignetting photography style. It should be easy to custom one with different color, or when you need something interesting, you can also use the fisheye feature of the program instead.

Vignetting photography Retoucher

Moreover, you can combine the different parameters to get a desired result. It should be a versatile photo editor with hundreds of parameters to get a specialized photography style.

Part 2: Things you should know about photography styles

The history of photography styles

Photography is the method to record images and objects with the action of light, or the other electromagnetic radiation, on a light-sensitive material. History of photography styles varies in many fields including science, manufacturing, business or daily life. It can be divided into film photography, black and white film photography, color photography styles, digital photography and synthesis photography. Moreover, Photographers prefer to use film grain to rediscover the traditional photography styles. Granularity is the small particles of metallic silver, or dry clouds, which photographers apply as random optical texture. Film grain can be used mostly in over-enlarged photographic films.

Beautiful Bride Photography

Photography styles guide

If you are not so familiar with photography styles terms, you can also regard them as tools used in different situations. For example, photography styles wedding requires warm atmosphere to record wonderful time. You can divide photography styles wedding into five mainly parts, traditional style, documentary style, editorial style, modern style or mixed styles. Though you give the same pose, different photography can also represent totally changed emotions. In addition, you had better take shots on daylight to use the natural light to create romantic feelings. Things are also the same when you want to take baby photography styles or choose some genres with the similar objects.

Adult Architecture Photography

Photography styles and techniques

Styles of photography are also the represent of fashion in periods. It will change according to the social culture. However, not everyone has the same preference towards photos. Thus, you can get more knowledge about photography techniques to apply. High-speed photography is a fun photography technique, which can catch interesting moments with high color saturation. You can use high-speed photography to record the flash or movements. If you want to take shots for some really small objects, using Macro photography can enlarge images and get nearly all details. As for photographers who want to take pictures of landscapes, long exposure photography is the first choice to achieve the photography styles images.

Architecture Background Photography


When you need to custom your own photography styles, WidsMob Retoucher is one of the best solutions you should take into consideration. It custom the basic color parameters, portrait photography, remove noise, LOMO effects, film effects and more photography styles. If you have any other query about how to custom photography styles, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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