Photolemur 3 Review – Should I Choose the AI Photo Editor to Polish Photos

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Photolemur is photo enhancer software with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. It can detect, analyze and transform your image to a good-looking state automatically. Thus, beginners can retouch photos without a learning curve quickly. The latest version brings more photo editing features based on AI technology. Is Photolemur 3 worth using? You can get the complete Photolemur review from the following paragraphs.

Photolemur Review

Part 1: Photolemur 3 Review

Photolemur requires no photo editing experience. It can analyze millions of details and perform the complete adjustments automatically. You can also choose from various Photolemur styles to touch up photos in clicks. Well, let’s proceed with the Photolemur review to get more information together.

What Makes Photolemur 3 Popular

Different from Adobe Photoshop and other professional photo editing software, Photolemur has an extremely intuitive interface. The face finish technology can retouch portraits automatically. All you need to do is import your photos to get auto retouching. Photolemur also supports batch processing. You can get batch photo enhancements up to 200 photos at a time. Thus, Photolemur can help you save much time in photo editing.

Photolemur 3 Pros

  1. Automatically smooth skin, whiten teeth and remove imperfections.
  2. Add creative Photolemur styles to personalize images after the auto enhancement, including Apollo, evolve, fall, mono, noble and spirited.
  3. Batch process up to 200 images with the auto and selectable Photolemur styles.
  4. Enlarge eyes and correct lens from the quick access menu.
  5. Add Photolemur 3 to Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom as a plugin.

Photolemur 3 Cons

  1. Lack detailed customizable filters to specify certain photo effects. Not all users are satisfied with the auto photo enhancements.
  2. Photolemur works slightly slow with high-resolution and RAW camera files.
  3. Photolemur upgrade is not free.
  4. Photolemur cannot cover the editing needs of experts.
Photolemur Interface

Photolemur 3 Free Download

You can free download Photolemur 3 from its official site. You need to register a Photolemur account or use your Facebook account to get Photolemur 3 free trial.

Photolemur Free Trial

Photolemur 3 Price

How much is Photolemur? If you already have Photolemur, you can upgrade to Photolemur 3 for an extra $15. The single Photolemur license charges $35. Moreover, you can purchase a Photolemur family license for up to 5 devices for $55. Don’t forget to use the Photolemur coupon code to get a discount.

Photolemur Price

Photolemur Coupon Code

You can get the Photolemur promo code up to 92% off from,,,,, and more. Some YouTubers also offer Photolemur discount coupon codes from their Photolemur tutorial and review videos.

Photolemur for Android App

You can get the Photolemur app from the Google Play store. It requires Android 8.0 and later. Just like the Photolemur for Windows and Mac versions, the moment you add photos to the Photolemur app, you can get the auto photo enhancement automatically. Thus, you can import selfies into Photolemur on Android to get quick processing.

Part 2: Photolemur 3 Alternative

Photolemur can help users improve photos in one stop. However, some users think that Photolemur is too “smart” to edit photos. You can get a few controls on outcomes. Is there any beginner-friendly software like Photolemur? To get more flexible photo editing filters, you can take a look at WidsMob Retoucher. The Photolemur alternative software is packed with advanced photo beautifier algorithms too. The program can detect portraits in photos automatically. Later, you can remove selfie imperfections with sliders. It is also supported to retouch portraits in family reunion photos smartly.

Compared with Photolemur 3, WidsMob Retoucher offers much more film analog effects. You can combine different color rendition profiles, color modes, and film grains to analog films in clicks. The high quality of RAW files will be preserved. You can apply the authenticity and natural look to your photos with adjustable sliders.

What else you can get from this photo editing and enhancing software? Just read and check.

  1. Analog revolutionary camera profiles into different combinations flexibly.
  2. Remove noiseand show the hidden image detail.
  3. Do skin smoothing and skin whitening to minimize freckles and other selfie imperfections.
  4. Adjust basic and artistic photo effectsto make your photo special, such as fisheye, vignetting.
  5. All photo retouching process is controlled by simple sliders.
  6. Clean, intuitive, and well-designed interface.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Run WidsMob Retouch. Drag and drop photos on the main interface. Choose one photo. Then click the Next button to continue the process.

Import Photos

Step 2: There are 5 different sections you can choose from, which are Adjustment, Portrait, Denoise, LOMO, and Film Pack. You can preview the photo effects immediately in the main window.

Retouch Portrait on Retoucher

Step 3: Click the B/A icon below to get the before/after window. You can move the slider beside to zoom in or out of the image to preview details.

Analog Film Dawn Color

Step 4: After editing the image, you can click the Share button to post the retouched image to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and other platforms. You can also click the Save button to save the photo in JPEG or TIFF format.

Save Your Photo Win Download Mac Download


According to the above Photolemur review in 2022, Photolemur can batch retouch images on Windows, Mac, and Android to a good state. If you are okay with the output results, you can directly export images. Well, Photolemur is a simple photo-enhancing app for retouching portraits automatically. If you want to get the detailed corrections and more film analog effects, you had better try WidsMob Retoucher. It is worth free downloading.

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