The Unbiased Review of PhotoScape and 3 Best Alternatives for 2024

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PhotoScape is a collection of features for photo viewing, photo editing, and photo converting. You can get many photo-related features for free. As for Windows 10/11 and Mac 10.12 or above, you can upgrade to PhotoScape X to get more fancy features. You can also find a Pro version with EUR33.49. What are the differences between these versions? Is there a Photoscape alternative to edit the photos? Just learn more details from the article and choose the desired one according to your requirements.

PhotoScape Review

Part 1: The Concrete PhotoScape Review

PhotoScape has been selected as one of the best photo editing software for beginners. Is it true? What you can get from PhotoScape software? You can the answers to most questions about PhotoScape here.

What is PhotoScape Used for

PhotoScape collects common photo editing filters into a Photoshop-like interface. You can batch edit multiple photos on Windows and Mac for free. The built-in photo combiner, collage maker, GIF creator, screen capture, and photo editor are available to all users.

What is the price for PhotoScape? Well, it is free for personal use. You can get the continually updated to edit photos with PhotoScape. There is also a PhotoScape online photo editor. You can access PhotoScape editor online at

Is PhotoScape Safe

You can visit the PhotoScape official site to download PhotoScape safely. There is no malware or adware bundled in its installation package. Thus, you can get PhotoScape or PhotoScape X for common photo enhancements at

Differences between PhotoScape Versions

Which version should you choose? Of course, you can simply choose PhotoScape X when you are using Windows 10/macOS 10.12 or above. But should you choose the PhotoScape X Pro version? Here is the detailed comparison you should know beforehand.

PhotoScape VersionsPhotoScape XPhotoScape X Pro
Preview ModeProvide the fixed thumbnails or the full-screen images.Provide cataloging views to check the photos. It enables you to browse photos with multiple modes.
Editing FeatureLimited editing features for auto level, sharpening, film effects, filters, crop, and others.Use the mask feature to edit the target-specific areas of an image and provide full control over monochrome, color filters, perspectives, and film simulations.
Batch Editing FeatureBasic features to convert photos, resize them, rename the output files, and much more.Enable you to put all the editing features in a batch process and give you lots of options to combine images in various row, etc.
Cut-out FeatureNot available for Photoscape XProvide the advanced features to cut out the desired part.
PhotoScape Viewer Mode

Review of PhotoScape for Windows and Mac

From the PhotoScape’s interface, you can get different sections, including Viewer, Editor, Cut Out, Batch, Collage, Create GIF, Print, and Tools. You can know the main features of each section from the name approximately. Then how do those functions work? Here’s the complete PhotoScape review you are looking for.

PhotoScape Viewer:

It is just a simple photo viewer with nothing special. You can get the standard thumbnail viewing mode to browse photos in large amounts. You can preview any picture with a large window in the main interface. Moreover, you can view EXIF data, rotate the photo, and get a few related functions. However, PhotoScape has no sorting options.

PhotoScape Viewer

PhotoScape Editor:

The PhotoScape editing section is more like an online photo editor. You can rotate, strength, flip, resize, crop, circular crop, perspective crop, local adjustment and apply over 1000+ filters. It is a wide selection for adding photo effects with PhotoScape software. You can also edit photos with layers within PhotoScape. Consequently, the user interface is redundant. You need to spend some time to find out the advanced PhotoScape features.

PhotoScape Editor

PhotoScape Batch Processing:

The PhotoScape batch editor can be applied to almost all functions. For instance, you can batch resize, rename, sharpen, add text, and more effects in batch. It is also supported to save the batch settings as a configuration file. Thus, you can batch edit photos with PhotoScape to get the same result quickly.

PhotoScape Cons and Pros


  1. PhotoScape is free to use.
  2. Get lots of basic photo editing filters and effects.
  3. Support batch resizes, renames, and changes formats.
  4. Take a screenshot, create an animated GIF and get additional features within PhotoScape software.


  1. PhotoScape is capable to work with one document per time.
  2. PhotoScape software is clean. But PhotoScape online has many text ads.
  3. The interface can be redundant at first. Because there are too many files displayed.
  4. The batch processing in PhotoScape is slow.

Part 2: 3 Best PhotoScape Alternatives

Is there any other high-quality photo editing software for both novices and professionals? You can get 3 PhotoScape photo editing alternatives here. By the way, you can find your best PhotoScape app for Android or iPhone here.

WidsMob AI Retoucher

WidsMob Retoucher is an all-in-one photo editor with multiple AI algorithms. Different from the basic editing features of PhotoScape X, you can find neural network image processing tools to touch up portrait photos, remove photo noise, recover low light, minimize haze, convert photos to paintings/cartoons/pencil sketches, and more. It also provides multiple filters and effects as Photoscape X Pro, such as analog film effects, textures, lights, and more.

  • Adjust HSL parameters, color adjustments, and more to retouch photos.
  • Analog film and film grain to get the authenticity and natural look in clicks.
  • Remove selfie imperfections by skin smooth and skin whitening.
  • Apply artistic effects to make your photo special.
Cartoonize Selfie Retoucher Win Download Mac Download


GIMP is an open-source and free photo editing software alternative to PhotoScape. GIMP has been used by many Linux users for years. Actually, GIMP supports all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, GIMP is compatible with most Photoshop files.

Just like PhotoScape, the UI of GIMP is quite similar to Photoshop. If you have Photoshop or PhotoScape experience, you can edit photos via GIMP with ease.

  • Free and open source.
  • GIMP work on multiplatform with the Photoshop-like interface.
  • You can edit Photoshop files with GIMP directly.
Colorize Photo GIMP


Polarr is also a highly rated photo editor alternative to the PhotoScape app. You can import and export photos in batch, just like the PhotoScape batch processing support. When you use Polarr photo editor, you can get over 50 filters of a hard-crafted collection. The filter blending, highlights/shadows toning, circular/gradient, and custom filters are also good to use.

Polarr is not totally free to use. You need to subscribe to Polarr membership to get the Pro photo effects. Well, the photo editor is designed for both mouse and touch. Thus, you can run this PhotoScape portable alternative on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome, and even web browsers.

  • Polarr works on multiplatform that works online and offline.
  • Get infinite undo and redo options.
  • Add watermark, use keyboard shortcuts, and create custom filters based on history.
Polarr Win Download Mac Download


PhotoScape is a good photo editor packed with pixel-level editing tools. It provides basic photo editing effects for free and upgrades to PhotoScape X Pro for more advanced viewing and editing features. If you need to find advanced PhotoScape alternatives, especially when you need to find the AI algorithms, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the best choice you should try.

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