What You Can Get from RawDigger – RawDigger Review & Alternative

You can use the default image viewer to open JPEG, PNG and other image formats on Windows and Mac directly. In common cases, you can see the pure image display only. If you want to view the real RAW histogram, you can take a look at RawDigger.

RawDigger allows users to view, study and analyze pure RAW data recorded by both digital photos and video cameras. You can drill down into the detailed RAW data on Mac OS X and Windows with ease. Thus, if you want to figure out what happened behind RAW files, you can dig it all in the RAW with RawDigger.

This article mainly talks about the latest RawDigger review and alternative. If you have no idea whether to open RAW files with RawDigger, you can make the decision with the following analysis.


Part 1: RawDigger Review – Is RawDigger Good to Use

RawDigger can keep all RAW data safe without changing or converting. You can see all the RAW image and video data within RawDigger. The RAW histogram can be displayed in different modes. For instance, you can view the RAW histogram of the entire image or the selected portion. What else you can get from RawDigger software? You can get the answer from this section.

RawDigger Pros & Cons

RawDigger is an RAW image analyzer that can display and research the real RAW histogram. You can export the RAW histogram as CSV or PNG format for further study. Here is the complete RawDigger review you can refer to.

RawDigger Pros:

1. Determine the RAW level, exposure and histogram.

2. Investigate camera settings and behavior, including ISO settings, dynamic range, accuracy, repeatability, uniformity, etc.

3. Get a true look of RAW data to compare with RawDigger.

4. Save unprocessed RAW files as TIFFs.

5. Create device data for color profiling.

6. Get the in-depth analysis of the camera or sensor.

7. Support a wide range of image formats, cameras and extensions.

8. Access RawDigger exposure, research or profile edition to study RAW data in different levels.

RawDigger Cons:

1. No precise RAW histogram with controls on the small display window. You need to open RawDiggger from FastRawViewer.

2. The RGB rendering in RawDiggger is for reference only.

3. Some RawDiggger menus and windows are inconvenient to use.

4. The overexposed pixels are not generally the same in both channels occasionally.

5. RawDiggger requires learning curve. So beginners may have difficulties while analyzing RAW data with RawDiggger.

RawDiggger Interface

Download RawDigger

RawDiggger offers 30-day free trial for every new RawDiggger user. You can download RawDiggger for Mac or Windows from its official site or other software downloading sites. RawDiggger offers 2 RawDiggger Windows download packages in 32 and 64 bits. You can also download the RawDiggger Mac DMG package on macOS 10.11-10.15 devices.

Download RawDigger

RawDigger Price

RawDiggger starts from $19.99 to $89.99. The basic RawDiggger Exposure Edition allows users to read the supported RAW formats, display RAW data in RGB/RAW composite/RAW per channel and other RAW analyzing features. If you want to get more customizable features, you need to get the RawDiggger license key with $39.99 or $89.99.

RawDigger Price

Is RawDigger Worth It

Photographers can explore RAW data with RawDiggger on PC and Mac. You can get the RawDiggger comparison from its website directly. For most users, RawDiggger Exposure is a budget RAW analyzer. You can upgrade to RawDiggger Research or RawDiggger Profile later.

Part 2: Best RawDigger Alternative to Open RAW Files

If you want to open RAW files on Mac with better visual experience, WidsMob Viewer Pro is a good choice. You can open all media files in one window without extra clicking or operating. The folder-based media viewer is fully compatible with 50+ RAW formats, as well as other image and video formats. You can view and manage the media files imported from your phone, camera or other external hard drives.

There are various viewing modes you can choose. Moreover, you can resize, convert, rename, share and apply other preset effects within the RawDigger alternative. It is incredibly fast to open hundreds of photos and videos. Your computer will not slow down or crash while opening large RAW files in bulk. If you want to open and manage RAW files after analyzing with RawDiggger, you can take a look at the program.

1. Open all RAW files in a 5x speed with the folder based viewing experience.

2. Preview photos with slideshow, thumbnail, full screen or favorite mode.

3. Extract EXIF information to show all RAW data.

4. Manage photo gallery and apply basic photo editing features.

5. Support 50+ RAW format cameras, video and image formats.

6. Clean, intuitive and well-designed interface.

Download for Mac Version

Step 1: Run WidsMob Viewer Pro on your Mac computer. Click “+” next to “Library” on the top left corner of the window. Browse and open a folder that contains the RAW files you want to open.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2: You can scroll down to look through all images and videos in thumbnail mode in the main interface by default. If you want to enlarge the certain file, you can double-click on it to get more details.

Full Screen View

Step 3: Unfold the “View” or “Edit” list to access most media editing and viewing features. You can adjust image effects of each file freely too.

Adjust Photo Parameters on Viewer

Step 4: Click the five-pointed star icon near the bottom to add files into the “Favorite” folder. Later, you can click the icon besides to access the folder quickly.

Selected Photos Viewer Pro

Step 5: Click “Share” to share the media file to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. You can also save the file after the customization.

Share Photo Viewer Pro

Download for Mac Version

RawDigger is an image analyzer that can bring you the precise real RAW histogram. You can decide whether to download the RawDigger app from the above paragraphs. As for viewing and managing RAW files and other media files stored on your computer, you can free download WidsMob Viewer Pro to have a try. No matter how many videos and photos you want to open, you can save a lot of time with the 5x faster speed and folder based browsing support. By using RawDigger and WidsMob Viewer Pro, you can quickly manage all RAW files.