Red Eye Correction

11 Best Red Eye Removers to Remove and Change Red Eyes as Profession

Red eye photo is normal condition for amateurs to shoot portraits in dark places. You will find that the portrait in the pictures own a pair of red eyes. That’s kind of funny, as well as scary. Moreover, have you ever watch videos about animals at night, such s cats or dogs. The eyes will shine the bright light against the camera lens. However, the red eye effect are not proper in most cases, thus, you should get the knowledge of red eye correcting. This article introduces different methods for you to get red eye editors, such as the online tools, iOS and Android apps, as well as the professional method. You can read on the article to learn more details.

Red Eye Correction

Part 1: What Causes Red Eyes in Photos

The red eye effect is the common situation in photography. When you use photographic flash to the camera lens very closely in the ambient low light, you can see the red points exist in the eyes of human and animals. It is because the flash lights occurs too fast for pupil to close, the light reflects off the fundus at the back of the eyeball and out through the pupil. The red eyes on the photos are very strange, which will add magic feelings, just like vampires. The similar case is white balance.

As a result, people have looked for methods to do red eye correction, you can download red eye editor application on smart phones, or you can also use red eye online correctors. There are several methods to prevent red eye effects appearance during shooting. You should take photos without flash to reduce red eye, or you can use the off-camera flash to take pictures. Do not choose smartphones cameras or point-and-shoot cameras in the dark places.

Red Eye Portrait

Part 2: Best Red Eye Correction Software to Remove Red Eyes

Even if you use some red eye fixers to remove the red eyes, you might still find the portrait unnatural, which is just a grey or blue spot. What is the best method to correct red eyes on portrait images? WidsMob Portrait Pro is an excellent choice to remove the red eye by tweaking the colored contacts and eye color with ease.

1. Choose the multiple colored contacts and tweak the intensity for eyes.

2. Select the different eye color mode and choose the eye color with ease.

3. Remove the red eyes with multiple parameters and enhance the eyes.

4. Change the color of eyes and match the eyes for portrait seamlessly.

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How to Remove Red Eyes Naturally

Step 1: Import the red eye portrait

Download and install WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can launch the red eye remover on your computer. After that, you can click the Select Photos button to import the photos, or click the Select Folder button to load the whole folder to the program.

Import Red Eye Portrait

Step 2: Edit the portrait image

Click the “Edit” button to edit the portrait image. You can remove the red eye of the portrait with the “Colored Contacts” option and the “Eye Color” option from the “Makeup” menu. You can turn on the “Before/After” mode.

Before After Mode

Step 3: Tweak the color contacts

In order to remove red eyes naturally, you can go to the Edit tab and choose the Makeup option. Instead of adding a black eyeball to replace the red eye as the other red eye removers, you can use the colored contacts and eye colors to replace the red eyes.

Scroll down to enable the Colored Contacts option. You can locate dozens of colored contacts to replace the red eye. Just choose the one similar to the original eyeball. After that, you can tweak the intensity to remove the red eyes accordingly.

Color Contacts Portrait Pro

Step 4: Adjust the eye color of portrait

You can also choose the Eye Color option to select a desired preset according to your eye, tweak the color with RGB information and adjust the intensity to get a satisfied result. It has the detailed parameters to present the original status for the portrait image.

Red Eye Remove Portrait Pro

Step 5: Export red eye removed portrait image

If you are satisfied with a result, you can click the Export button to enter the desired file name, select the desired output size, photo quality, or even the photo format. After that, you can click the Start button to remove the red eyes accordingly.

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Part 3: Top 8 Red Eye Applications for Android and iPhone

Why the eyes turn red when you take a shoot? Red eye is the result of using flash while taking photos in dark or during the night. Thanks to technology development, you can remove red eye and correct the eye color with a red eye removal app within one click. If you have taken some photos with your smartphone, here are the best programs you should know.

Top 1: Photos - Remove Red Eyes on iPhone

You do not need to download any other red eye editor app on iPhone or iPad, Photos app can solve the red eye problem without too much effort. The whole redeye remove process is very short, you can use filters in Photos app apply photo touch up features as below.

Step 1: Open Photos app on iOS devices to get the image you want to fix red eye correction.

Step 2: Click the “Edit” icon on the bottom to choose the red eye control tool.

Step 3: Tap the red eyes on the images on iPhone or iPad.

Step 4: Choose “Done” option to finish with the red eye editor app.

You only need to update to iOS 9 or later, or else, you can also use red eye editor on iPhone. Moreover, you can try Perfect Photo app as redeye remover as well. Here is other more photo edit features for iPhone and iPad users to beautifier images except for redeye fix.

Remove Red Eye from Photos

Top 2: Red Eye Removal - Correct Red Eyes on Android

As for Android users, the best choice to fix red eye is Red Eye Studio APK. The free red eye fixer cannot only remove red eye, but also green eye, yellow eye or any other flash effect from photographs. Red Eye Removal retains all EXIF data from the original images.

Step 1: Upload red eye photos, and then click the “Edit” icon to start redeye removal.

Step 2: Enlarge the photo with fingers, after that click the red eye. You can adjust with three sliders of hue, opacity and brightness.

Step 3: Tap “Save” option to finish correcting red eye on Android.

Step 4: You can hold the high image quality on Red Eye Removal at the same resolution.

Additionally, the Android redeye fix apk has the user-friendly interface. Thus, you can fix reed eye directly after installing. In additional, the red eye editor apk allows users to undo steps without limitation. Thus, you can operate freely no matter how much wrong process you had made.

Eye Color Studio App

Top 3: Visage Lab - Red Eye Remover App

Visage Lab is a red eye remover that offers all features to retouch your selfies. It not only enables you to remove the red eye, but also makeup eyes, or even enhances the colors within taps.

1. Integrate dedicated red eye removal functionality to remove red eyes.

2. Retouch eyes in your selfies including eye makeup with advanced filters.

3. Automatic retouch portrait in your photos based on the metadata.

4. Extensive tools of face makeup to remove imperfects, smooth skin, etc.

5. Easily detect all faces in one photo and retouch them in batch.

Visage Lab

Top 4: Facetune 2 - Red Eye Editor App

Facetune 2 is a red eye remover app that helps you retouch your selfies and acts as your own personal makeover studio. You can always get a natural beauty look in seconds to share with your friends.

1. Remove red and white eyes from your portrait photos within one click.

2. Change eye color and emphasize your eyes via makeup with ease.

3. Smooth your skin and let you get rid of blemishes and more others.

4. Makeover your selfies through retouching eyes, lip, teeth, face, etc.

5. Allow you to get what you want with your fingers, even for old devices.


Top 5: Adobe Photoshop Express - Professional Eye Removing App

Adobe Photoshop Express is a red eye remover app that developed and released by Adobe. It is powerful on retouching portrait photos, including removing the red eyes from your photos.

1. Retouch portrait photos and remove imperfect points including red eyes.

2. Correct contrast, exposure, shadows, temperature and even vibrancies.

3. Offer basic photo editing tools, such as crop, rotate, flip and more.

4. Let you process photos on iPhone and Android like a professional.

5. Customize the photo quality and size base on your requirements.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Top 6: Cymera Camera - All-in-one Red Eye Remover App

If you are looking for an all-in-one red eye remover app, Cymera Camera the desired one with amazing filters, snap sticker, collage maker, pro photo editor studio, crop, instafit, layout, blur, mirror and backup.

1. Take a photo and utilize the real-time red eye removal filters instantly.

2. Offer a variety of camera lenses and modes to apply photo effects.

3. Integrate the automatic face recognition for retouching your portrait.

4. Make perfect selfies by face makeup and photo makeover for eyes.

5. Create collage photos, snappy style stickers, posters, backgrounds, etc.

Cymera Camera

Top 7: PixIr Express - Free Red Eye Remover

Pixlr Express is more than a free red eye remover, but also enables you to capture any moment and edit with over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays and filters with taps on your smartphone.

1. Equip with the auto fix functionality for balance color within one tap.

2. Remove red eye/blemishes, whiten your teeth and enhance portrait.

3. Add text, sticker, emoji and more elements to decorate your photos.

4. Create photo collage with your selfies and built-in frames.

5. Share decorated photos through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Pixlr for iOS

Top 8: BeautyPlus - Advanced Red Eye Remover

BeautyPlus has the advanced augmented reality technology to remove red eyes, apply artistic effects, edit the selfie photos and so much more to take your photos to the next level within taps.

1. Integrate over 30 selfies editing tools, including red eye removal.

2. Get perfect photos with auto beautify tools or retouch them manually.

3. Apply animated stickers and filters on your portraits with one tap.

4. Built in extensive filters, makeup styles and even artistic effects.

5. Erase eye bags and dark circle, brighten eyes and edit eye color.


Part 4: The Red Eye Editor to Correct Red Eyes Online

LunaPic is a red eye editor online to correct red eye. You can do more photo beautifier steps after red eye fix. You are able to cut images, add texts, print and many other features to apply on the corrected red eye photos. It enables you to save edited red eye images to computer or social media sites.

Step 1: Click “Upload” icon on the top left corner. You can click “File” next to it to have higher standards, such as opening from URL.

Step 2: Use your mouse to select a redeye area to fix, click “Fix Redeye” icon to remove the red eye of your portrait.

Step 3: If you want to undo the certain step, you can go to the bottom under “Your Undo History” to choose which process you need to go back.

Step 4: Click “File” drop-down list and then choose “Save Image” to select which image format you need or where you want to upload.

You can also try Online Red Eye Removal, which can only remove red eye. It only drags the black area to the red eye place with the adjustable zoom level and tolerance. However, that’s enough for most red eye correction users.

LunaPic Redeye

Part 5: How to Remove Red Eyes with Photoshop

Photoshop has the particular red eye tool to solve the red eye correction problem. You can edit red eye images in details with Adobe Photoshop. After you select the red eye icon on the slide bar, the fifth choice is red eye removing. You can tap on your red eyes carefully to correct.

Step 1: Duplicate the background to the new layer.

Step 2: Choose the “Red Eye Tool” on the side bar.

Step 3: Leave pupil size and darken amount set to 50% default value.

Step 4: Drag and drop around the red eyes with the fix tool.

Step 5: Repeat the fourth step for few times to get better red eye correction effect.

You can also click the red eye tool and then use auto-select with the red eye editor Photoshop to shorten the processes. Photoshop can also help you to fix red eye in quite good status.

Red Eye Remover Photoshop


This article shares 11 best red eye remover programs on smartphones to retouch some imperfect photos on your handsets. Moreover, you can also get a professional method to change eye color with colored contacts and eye colors via WidsMob Portrait Pro.

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