What is Tonality Pro and Whether It is Worth You to Use

Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Peter Wood

Where can you download Tonality Pro? As a professional black-and-white photo editor, you can explore the different monochrome photos with more than 100 professional tools and preset to create striking photos. But you cannot find it on the official website of Tonality now. Would you upgrade Tonality Pro to Luminar 4? Just learn more about the Tonality Pro review as well as the best alternative from the article.

Tonality Pro Review and Alternative

Part 1: A Simple Review of Tonality Pro

As its name indicated, Tonality Pro is a complete version of Tonality for professional photographers. It is an application released by MacPhun. Besides, it can be a plugin for other photo editors, like Photoshop, Lightroom, and more. That means Tonality Pro is not a simple photo editor to convert your color photos to black and white images.

Main Features

  1. Integrate a user-friendly interface. The interface is easy to figure out. You can find all the viewing options on the top of the window. There are four tools on the upper right side, Move, Brush, Eraser, and Gradient.
  2. Edit photos with layers and masks. Within a project, you can add multiple layers to get different blending modes and control the layers with masks.
  3. Include abundance presets. Tonality Pro comes with 150 different styles covering ten categories, such as Dramatic, Vintage, and more.
  4. Provide many color filters. You can map the colors to different grayscale tones while converting color photos to black and white.
  5. Support all modern camera RAW file formats, such as NEF, CR2, DNG, TIFF, ORF, etc.
  6. It supports 16-bit RAW files with no loss of fidelity.
  7. Work as a stand-alone application as well as plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom.
  8. Available to iMac/MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air/Mac Pro/Mac Mini late 2009 or later running Mac OS 10.8 and above.
Tonality Pro

Briefly Review of Tonality Pro


  1. Tonality Pro is a powerful monochrome photo editor with a well-designed interface.
  2. It provides a lot of presets for beginners. And all of them are adjustable.
  3. Beginners can master this program quickly due to the concise interface.
  4. It allows you to try different effects on various layers and blend them.


  1. It can only process one photo at one time.
  2. It needs more film emulation presets.
  3. The Brush mode structure is awkward.
  4. It costs $69.99 and is a bit pricy.
  5. There is no support for PCs.
Tonality Pro Interface

Bottom Line

If you have several photos to convert to the black and white effect, you have enough budget. Tonality Pro is a good choice. Moreover, you can use it as a plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom. However, it is not an option to process many photos since it does not support multi-thread. Moreover, it is only working on Mac OS X, so it is not suitable for PC users.

Part 2: The Best Tonality Pro Alternative

If you do not want to upgrade to Luminar Neo or just need to find another AI photo editor for touching up the colored photos as well as the black and white photos, WidsMob AI Retoucher is a versatile method. It enables you to apply multiple black-and-white films as Tonality Pro. Of course, you can also choose the different lights, color tones, HSL parameters, noise reduction, sharpness, vignette, and more.

  1. Apply different black and white films, pencil sketches, and other filters.
  2. Tweak film grain effects, image noises, textures, light lenses, and more.
  3. Adjust contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, tint, temperature, etc.
  4. Import and export JPEG, PNG, AVIF, and RAW with the best photo quality.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Convert Color Photos to Black and White Images

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob AI Retoucher, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Import button to upload the desired photos you want to edit. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop multiple photos for a batch process.

Import Photos Retoucher

Step 2: Double-click the image to enter the editing window. But before converting the photo into a black-and-white one, you can tweak the light lenses, choose the HDR filters, add glass texture, and polish the portrait image before converting.

Add Glass Texture Retoucher

Step 3: When you get the desired image, you can choose the Filters menu to choose the desired black and white films from the drop-down list. There are multiple analog films for Ilford, Fuji, Kodak, and others that you can render. You can also choose the Pencil Sketch option.

Render BW Films Retoucher

Step 4: To explore more possibilities as Tonality Pro, go to the Adjust menu to further edit the photos, such as the color tones, saturation, exposure, tint, highlights, shadows, temperature, and more. When you get everything done, you can click the Save As button.

Tone Color WidsMob Retoucher Win Download Mac Download


Based on the sharing above, you should understand what Tonality Pro is, its benefits, and disadvantages. If you prefer black and white photo effects, it can help you achieve it with your ordinary colored photos on your macOS previously. On the other hand, there are alternatives to help you achieve the same effect with an affordable payment, such as WidsMob AI Retoucher. It is easy to use and provides extensive features in addition to black-and-white films.