How to Make Tumblr Cover Photos on Windows/Mac/Online

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

Tumblr is a social network and a microblogging platform. Bloggers could share multimedia and distribute other content on Tumblr. Now, Tumblr has hundreds of millions of users around the world. Bloggers could follow other users on Tumblr. Tumblr cover photo is the first sight when others visit your Tumblr page and is especially important to create a personalized Tumblr cover picture. When creating a Tumblr cover picture, you need a proper tool and some skills to visualize your creativity. Therefore, we will share some easy methods to help you create an impressive Tumblr cover picture in this post.

How to Make Tumblr Cover Photos

Part 1. The Best Way to Make Tumblr Cover Photos

If you want to make a unique Tumblr cover photo quickly, you should try WidsMob Photo Converter. It is a versatile Tumblr cover photo editor with extensive features.

1. Photo Converter supports more than a hundred picture input formats, including RAW files and other photo formats.

2. You can convert any photo to JPEG format without quality loss. A compressed picture format able to accelerate the loading time.

3. In addition to photo transformation, Photo Converter also provides some picture editing tools, like text, resize, rename, rotate, and more.

4. You can upload the output to social networks directly.

Before making a cover photo for Tumblr, you should understand Tumblr cover photo template is 3000 x 1055 pixels. If your picture is not in such dimensions, Tumblr will stretch it automatically. That may cause distortions.

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How to make a Tumblr cover photo on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS

Step 1. Import a picture

Open WidsMob Photo Converter on your computer, press the Import button, or drag and drop the picture you want to make as a Tumblr cover photo into this photo editor. In the pop-up window, choose JPEG in the drop-down list of Format, and then press the Open button to complete picture import.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2. Customize the size of your picture

When your picture is loaded, go to the General tab and check the box of Resize. Then select to resize the photo By Width or By Height and drop the suitable value in the field.

Resize by Height ImageConvert

Step 3. Add text

Go to the Watermark tab to add text on your Tumblr cover photo. Pick some words in the field of Text and set the parameters, such as Font, Style, Color, and more.

Text Watermark ImageConvert

Step 4. Upload Tumblr cover photo

Go to the Preview window and check the result by clicking on the Preview button. Then press the Export button and upload the cover photo to your Tumblr page.

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Part 2. Create Tumblr Cover Picture with Template

For some people, creating a Tumblr cover picture is a big challenge, for they are not good at creativity. Online photo editors and templates could be of great help. All you need to do is to replace the template with a personal picture. FotoJet is such an online photo editor that provides several Tumblr cover image templates.

Step 1. Go to FotoJet and click on the Create a Design button on the home page to go to the design page.

Step 2. Scroll down and find out Tumbler Banner in the Social Media Header.

Step 3. Browse and choose your favorite template on the left bar. Once you select a template, it will appear in the editing area.

Step 4. Click on the Add Photo button on the right side and upload personal pictures from your computer. Then drag your photo from the preview area to the template. Your image will replace the original one.

Step 5. Click on the text area and input your words and reset Font and other parameters.

Step 6. Finally, click on the Share button on the top ribbon and choose Tumblr to upload your Tumblr cover picture.


Part 3. Design Tumblr Cover Image Online

Some people prefer to design unique Tumblr cover images and express their creativity. Some online photo editors allow users to design headers for social networks, like Snazzy Space. It provides more stylish elements to create a Tumblr cover image by yourself. Moreover, you do not need to register for any services.

Step 1. Access Snazzy Space in any browser. When the home page opened, locate to the left side and choose banner maker under the TUMBLR.

Step 2. Input some words and characters in the field of Banner Text as you wish. Then select a Font Style from the list. On the Palette, set a color as the text color. Or you can type the RGB code in the field.

Step 3. Scroll down to the Text Background area and choose a background image. Snazzy Space provides some animated background as well.

Step 4. You can customize the color of the Text Border and the Border Thickness.

Step 5. Once you click on the Create My Banner button, this banner designer will create a Tumblr cover image with the selected parameters.

If you want to download the cover image to your PC, you can right-click on the result and Save the picture as an option. Or you can copy the URL Snazzy Space created to share the output to Tumblr.

Snazzy Space


Based on this tutorial, you might grasp multiple ways to make Tumblr cover photos. For beginners, FotoJet is a great place to create personal Tumblr cover pictures. You can enjoy the extensive templates and replace the elements with yours. When it comes to advance Internet users, templates are not cool. They need more stylish designs. And Snazzy Space could help advanced users to create cover designs easily. If you are looking for the best way to make Tumblr cover photos, we recommend WidsMob Photo Converter. Nothing is more appealing than quality photos, nor are Tumblr cover photos. Photo Converter can resize and optimize any picture format to impressive Tumblr cover photos.

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