Choose a Video Viewer for Windows and Mac? – Here are the Choices You Should Know

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What should be the default video viewer for your computer? If you need to choose a video player for your Windows or Mac, what is the best choice? How to browse the media files with ease? To view the video files with high quality and control over the video, here are the top 10 best video viewers you should choose.

Video Viewer for Windows and Mac

Part 1: Best Video Viewer for Videos and Photos

WidsMob Viewer Pro is an All-in-one video viewer to view all photo and video formats within the program. It provides the filters and editing features to touch up the files. Moreover, you can group and manage the media files between different folders with ease.

1. Support most of the photo and video format without another media player.

2. Group and manage the media files via the thumbnails with different folders.

3. Full control over the video playback and audio volume with an easy process.

4. Create a desired slideshow file based on the favorite photos you choose.

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Step 1: Download and install video viewer

Once you have installed the video viewer, you can launch it on your computer. You can double-click any media file to open the program and load all the media files within the same folder.

Launch Media Viewer

Step 2: Play the videos and view the images

Click the triangle in the middle of the video viewer to playback the video files and view the photos in desired modes. Moreover, you can also apply filters, add to favorites, or further edit the files.

Play Videos Viewer Pro

Step 3: Manage and group the medias

After that, you can enter the thumbnail to view the media files within different folders. Just drag the video files or photos to the desired folder or remove them from the original one with ease.

Part 2: Top 9 Video Viewers on Windows and Mac

Besides WidsMob Viewer Pro, here are 9 more video viewers for Windows and Mac you can consider. Just learn more about the features to choose the desired one accordingly.

Top 1: Plex Media Library

Plex Media Library is much more than just a video viewer. It is a media service that manages, organizes, and plays video files, music and photos. In addition to local video files, it also supports online streaming.


1. Build up the desired media library with videos and movies with ease.

2. Compatible with iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, Win, Mac, etc.

3. Support MKV, AVI, MP4, and more other photo files and video formats.


1. It is large and takes a lot of resources and a long period to start.

2. It does not work with Apple TV, or hard to sync the files between devices.

Plex Media Server

Top 2: QuickTime Player

As the native video viewer for Mac, QuickTime comes free and packed to every Mac machine. It offers video editing functionalities and a screen recorder to record Mac screen and iOS devices.


1. More advanced sharing features to sync the videos to social media sites.

2. Provide some basic video editing features, such as split and merge.

3. Support Retina HD videos and audio playback with high quality on Mac.


1. Support only limited video formats, such as MP4, M4V, MOV, and others.

2. Cannot play SRT subtitles and limited in video editing features.

QuickTime Player

Top 3: MPV

MPV is a simple, open-source, and cross-platform video viewer. It enables you to find the playback control on the minimalist UI. Moreover, it supports various media file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types.


1. The video viewer integrates a variety of video and audio codecs.

2. Color management, frame timing, interpolation, HDR, and more.

3. Leverage most hardware decoding APIs on all platforms with ease.


1. It does not offer many custom options and advanced effects.

2. Lack of a media library. You cannot manage your videos.


Top 4: UM Player

UM Player is an open-source video viewer for both Mac and Windows, rich in custom options and full playback controls. It has an attractive design user interface. And various tools perform comparably.


1. Built-in Shoutcast application worked when activated.

2. Play most of the media files, including videos and audio files.

3. It will search and download subtitles online automatically.


1. UM Player may crash when playing HD videos or large videos.

2. The interface looks outdated without updates.

UM Player

Top 5: Media Player Classic

MPC is one of the most popular and lightweight video viewers, which provides efficient performance with low storage space usage. Moreover, the program also integrates a diversity of tools and customization elements.


1. It supports a wide selection of video files, audio formats, and media codecs.

2. Have full control over the output range, color, GPU, and more others.

3. Download the subtitles for a specific video and add them to the video directly.


1. It is not compatible with Mac or Linux, which works for Windows only.

2. Cannot control the video quality and more other parameters.

Media Player Classic

Top 6: KM Player

KM Player is a customizable video viewer to process, decode and output video and audio files. It relies on hardware acceleration technology to offer smooth media playback.


1. It can decode and play damaged AVI, locked video, or missing files.

2. Support file video and audio without the need to install additional codecs.

3. Offers a menu of advanced settings that allows you to adjust any parameter.


1. Support limited video formats, such as MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, and OGM.

2. It will download an extra program, such as OpenCandy installing.


Top 7: PotPlayer

PotPlay is another feature-rich video viewer and player to play favorite audio and video files in almost any file format. It is a specialized media player tool that gives an ultimate media playing experience.


1. Compatible with almost all media formats and built-in codecs.

2. The GPU acceleration support improves the audio-visual performance.

3. Provide goodies that can access via the main menu or the context menu.


1. Difficult to manage and master and limited help file in the video viewer.

2. The default video renderer does not perform very well for playback.


Top 8: VLC Media Player

As one of the most popular video viewers, VLC Media Player lets you view virtually any video files or audio tracks on your computer. Moreover, it can play online streams and convert video files with ease.


1. Support the video formats, optical disc, and online streaming.

2. Control the video playback with onscreen buttons or keyboard commands.

3. The built-in audio equalizer allows you to boost the sound without distorting it.


1. Lack of a media library for managing and editing music and audio files.

2. Some features are too complicated to perform for beginners.

VLC Media Player

Top 9: SM Player

SM Player is a highly efficient video viewer for both PC and Mac. You can easily view media files of any format, including DVD and Blu-ray. Moreover, the Chromecast support is on the table too.


1. Provide a smooth and high-quality video and audio playback.

2. It will remember the playback position and start from the point next time.

3. It can search subtitles online and add them to your video automatically.


1. The installer is bundled with some extra files, such as the OpenCandy.

2. Compatible for the latest version only, do not work with old computers.

SM Player


This article shares the top 10 video viewers for Mac and Windows. If you are looking for a program to enjoy and manage your media files, you should read our reviews carefully and discover your favorite one. For more queries about the desired video viewer, you can share more details in the comments.

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