Should You Convert PEF to JPEG to View Pentax RAW Images, Here is the Answer

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Peter Wood

When you take shots with a Pentax camera, you will get some PEF files within the SD card. Because of the metadata within the RAW image, it is hard to view PEF files directly on your computer. Do you need to convert PEF to JPEG to browse the image? What should be the best Pentax RAW viewer to view the photos? Just learn more details about the answer from the article now.

How to View Pentax RAW Images

Part 1: Should You Convert PEF file to JPEG?

PEF is a RAW image format of a Pentax camera. Compared to the JPEG files, the PEF photos are better for adjustment or editing. When you need to save the files for further editing or back up all the details, PEF is a suitable RAW file you have to choose.

If you need to view the photos on your Android phone directly or even share online streaming sites, JPEG is a compressed image format compatible with most devices. It can produce a smaller file size. If you want to share your image files to social media or view PEF files on mobile devices, you can convert PEF files to JPG.

Part 2: What Is a PEF File Format?

PEF, standing for Pentax Electronic Format, is a raw image file containing minimally processed data from the image sensor of a Pentax digital camera. It stores all data and information captured by your camera sensor so that you can adjust the color, contrast, brightness, and more simply. To view a PEF file, you need an associated program.

To fine-tune the tone and colors for the PEF files, you have to choose professional software, such as Digital Camera Utility 5 from Pentax or even Lightroom. Just like analog negatives, raw images cannot view unless they develop first.

PEF File

Part 3: How to Convert and View a PEF File

Is there a method to view the PEF files without conversion? What is the best way to view or even convert the PEF files of your Pentax camera? WidsMob Viewer Pro is a versatile RAW image viewer to browse the PEF files within different modes, batch resize and convert the files, or even create a slideshow for the RAW files with ease. Just in simple, it is a desired Pentax camera companion you can take into consideration.

1. View PEF files, JPEG, RAW formats, HEIC, and videos without extra codec.

2. Provide multiple modes to view PEF, such as full screen, thumbnail, etc.

3. Advanced editing features to crop, rotate or flip your PEF files with ease.

4. Batch convert, resize and rename multiple PEF photos at the same time.

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How to Open and View PEF Images

Download and install the PEF viewer, launch the program on your computer. Connect your Pentax camera to the same computer. Click the File menu and choose the Open to import the PEF files. Of course, you can also double-click any image to load the whole folder into the program.

How to Browse and Manage PEF Photos

Click the Thumbnail button to view all PEF files in a different folder. You can also click the Plus button to add the SD card or others as a new album. Moreover, you can also transfer the PEF to the desktop or another folder within the PEF image viewer.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

PEF files keep all metadata from your camera sensor. The PEF viewer will show you the EXIF information. Open the image file, click the View menu and choose the Show Info option to check the camera model, F-number, and other parameters.


If you want to view the detail in your PEF files, go to the View menu and choose the Enter Full Screen to go to the full-screen mode. Press the forward and backward icons to switch between photos. You can also zoom in and zoom out to shrink or enlarge your image.

Note: To adjust a PEF file color, open it and click the Edit icon at the bottom of the PEF viewer to open the pop-up dialog. Here you can modify Exposure, Contrast, Sharpness, and more in Adjust tab. Go to the Effects tab and apply image filters to PEF files.

Full Screen View

You can also create a slideshow for the PEF files. It can play your image files automatically. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite PEF files from the full-screen mode and create a desired slideshow or detail sheet to view the PEF files accordingly.

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How to Convert PEF Files into JPEG

Go to the PEF album, click the Edit menu and choose the Batch option. You can select the Batch Convert option. On the popup dialog, click the Format drop-down list, and pick your favorite image format. To share PEF files on social media, select JPEG or TIFF, which are good options for image editing.

Then adjust the Quality slide bar to a proper value. The better the quality, the larger the image file. Finally, click the Convert button to start converting PEF files. After conversion, you can view and manage the output images within the best photo viewer too.

To upload an image to social media, select it, click the Share icon and select the desired channel. If you want to send the photo to your friends, choose the target photo, click the Share button and choose the Email or Message on the top menu bar.

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It is an ultimate guide about what a PEF file is and how to view your PEF files on a computer. If you have a Pentax digital camera, you can capture photos in RAW PEF formats. It is because you can get a lot of metadata for editing and adjusting later. However, it is not friendly to commonly used photo browsers. WidsMob Viewer Pro is a powerful raw image viewer and manager. It is easy to use and provides extensive features. If you have other questions, please leave a message below.