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Capture screen or webcam, record audio or music, create screencasts, video instructions, website and software video reviews and record games in window or full-screen modes.

WidsMob Screen Recorder User Guide

WidsMob Screen Recorder is an easy and professional method to record videos, capture audio and take snapshots for of onscreen activities on Mac. It is a versatile game recorder, webcam capturer, YouTube video recording app, audio extractor, audio extractor, etc. Moreover, it also enables you to screen selecting, mouse recording, panel drawing, video/photo editing, and other excellent features.

No matter you want to record games or create online courses, you need a screen recorder with powerful features and easy-to-use filters. Fortunately, WidsMob Screen Recorder is exactly your smart choice. This one-stop screen recorder has simplified all useful features into a simple user interface. Thus, both beginners and professionals can record videos and audios with ease. Now, let’s read together to figure out how to use this screen recorder software completely.

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Get Started

How to Activate WidsMob Screen Recorder

You can download WidsMob Screen Recorder free trial version to record a video up to 3 minutes. If you want to record a video without saving limits, you need to upgrade to a registered version. Moreover, once you activate the WidsMob Screen Recorder user account, you can get lifelong free technical support and free upgrade.

Step 1: Download the screen recorder

Free download WidsMob Screen Recorder on your computer. When you open the screen recorder, you will be prompted with a Register window.

Step 2: Register with your email address

If you want to access the free version, you can click Order Later to skip this step. Well, if you want to unlock all features, you need to enter the email address and registration code. Then click Register to activate the account. If you haven’t buy the product, you can click Purchase to add the screen recorder to cart first.

Register Capture

After you purchased WidsMob Screen Recorder, you can go back to the Register page and complete the registration.

How to Record a Screen Video with Audio

Once you launch the main interface of WidsMob Screen Recorder, you can see two main options including Record Screen and Capture Screen. If you want to record streaming gameplays, tutorials or other on-screen activities as MP4 videos, you can request to record a video here.

The whole screen recording process is quite easy. Once you launch the screen recorder software, you can follow the on-screen instruction to start recording easily. Thus, this section mainly shows you details of each step. In another word, you can use different combinations to record a webcam video, record an audio or other files with ease.

How to Set the Screen Area

Step 1: Run WidsMob Screen Recorder.

Step 2: Choose the Record Screen option on the main interface.

Capture Screenshot

Step 3: Find the Screen Area in the first place from left to right side.

Customize Capture

Step 4: Click the three-lines More option near the lower right corner of its icon.

Step 5: You can choose from Full Screen, Fixed Region and Custom Region.

Fixed Region Capture
  • Full Screen: Just as its name shows, you can record the entire desktop. Actually, there are Full size (1440 x 900), 720p (1280 x 720) and VGA (640 x 480) options. Consequently, you can record a full screen video in different resolutions.
  • Fixed Region: WidsMob Screen Recorder offers two templates, which are 720p (1280 x 720) and 480p (854 x 480). You can get the fixed region to record the desktop.
  • Custom Region: Once you choose Custom Region from the More drop-down menu, you can draw on the screen freely. In addition, you can hover your mouse over the window you want to record. Then click it to choose the certain window easily.
  • Custom Region Capture

    Note: If you click the small option before Fixed Proportion, you can set the new screen size in proportion. To be more specific, you can enter the specific width and length manually, then press the Enter key on your keyboard to complete the process.

    How to Record Streaming Audios

    Step 1: Launch WidsMob Screen recorder.

    Step 2: Choose Record Screen.

    Step 3: Click the Screen Area icon. You can see the icon turns to x.

    Step 4: Enable Microphone and adjust its volume.

    Customize Capture

    Step 5: Click the REC icon to start recording an audio only.

    There is an option named Built-in Microphone under the Microphone audio. Actually, you can record both system sound and your own voice at the same time. What’s more, there is an adjustable volume slider you can use. Thus, you can volume up or down the input audio source manually. Your audio recording file will be saved as M4A format by default.

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