The Ultimate Guide to Download Movies from Flixtor and the Mirror Websites

Last Updated on June 6, 2023 by Jane Joe

Flixtor is a popular online streaming site that enables you to watch movies and episodes from Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and other online streaming sites. Because of the DCMA protection, some movies will be removed from its website, especially the latest and most popular ones. Is there an easy method to download Flixtor videos offline? Yes. You can simply subscribe to a VIP service to get the movies. Is there a workaround Flixtor downloader if you only need to have some videos only? Just learn more details from the article.

Download Movies from Flixtor

Flixtor has a large selection of movies and TV shows with high-quality video streaming. Moreover, you can always access the content on piracy websites for free, without paying any subscription fees. It is the reason that Flixtor become one of the most popular streaming sites.

Because Flixtor is a website that offers pirated movies and TV shows, which are considered illegal in most countries. Using unauthorized streaming websites like Flixtor could result in legal consequences, so it is important to be aware of the risks involved.

But if you cannot refuse the attractive service of Flixtor, especially the latest movies, you’d better download Flixtor movies when it is available. Whenever there is a DCMA complaint, the movies will be offline for a short time. You need to subscribe to a VIP service beforehand.

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Part 2: How to Download Flixtor Movies with a VIP Service

Before downloading Flixtor movies, you have to subscribe to a VIP service. It not only enables you to download movies with up to 1080P but also access all movies and episodes. Here is the price structure you should know to get the movies offline with a VIP service.

USD 14.95 for 30 days

USD 29.95 for 90 days

USD 49.95 for 180 days

USD 89.95 for 2 years

Step 1: Once you have subscribed to a VIP service, you need to log in to the account and head to the desired Flixtor movie you want to download. Of course, you can also use the search engine and enter the title before clicking the Search button in the upper right corner.

Watch Flixtor Movie Online

Step 2: When you play the movie, there is a download icon in the bottom right corner to download the Flixtor movie for offline watching. Of course, scroll down to the bottom of the video, you should find the Download icon in front of each episode accordingly.

Download Flixtor Movies VIP

Step 3: Click the Download icon to download Flixtor movies. After that, you have to select the desired video resolution, frame rate, and other parameters beforehand. It will save the videos to the Downloads folder automatically after the whole process.

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Part 3: The Best Work-around Flixtor Downloader for Win/Mac

Is there an easy alternative to download Flixtor movies without a subscription? CleverGet Flixtor Downloader is a versatile choice to get high-quality videos from Flixtor and its mirror websites. It not only provides excellent features to get movies in a batch process with M3U8 but also removes the Ads from the videos automatically. Moreover, it works on Flixtor, Netflix, HBO Max, and 1000 other online streaming sites.

1. Download movies with up to 4K in video quality with 320KBPS audio files.

2. Provide a batch process to download movies via M3U8 DRM protection.

3. Use the built-in web browser to play, detect, and download Flixtor movies.

4. Extract movies from Flixtor, Flixtor mirrors, and the original source websites.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Flixtor Downloader, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the 3-dot icon to set up the desired parameters, such as the maximum video download task, the appearance, and more.

CleverGet Select Canal Plus

Step 2: Enter the URL of the Flixtor movie you want to download. It will detect the movies automatically with the built-in web browser. You can also use the search engine from Flixtor to locate the movies. During the playback process, it will detect the content with a Download icon at the bottom.

CleverGet Flixtor Playback

Step 3: Click the Download icon and select the desired frame rate, resolution, and other parameters before downloading Flixtor movies. Moreover, you can also direct the movies to the original source, such as Netflix or YouTube to download the original files.

CleverGet Download YouTube

Step 4: When you click the Download button, the program will add the Flixtor movie to the download list. After that, you can find the detailed process from the left Library menu. Once the whole process is done, you can find the videos within the Video tab.

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When you want to download Flixtor movies, here are the workable methods you should know. Since Flixtor is only a piracy website, you’d better to have another movie copy as backup. If you do not want to subscribe to a VIP service, CleverGet Flixtor Downloader is always a nice choice you should not miss. Just download the trial version to get the movies now.