WidsMob Portrait Pro FAQ

1Can I upgrade to WidsMob Portrait Pro from standard version?
Yes, you can contact WidsMob support (support@widsmob.com) directly for an upgrade.
2What portrait images can the program detect?
WidsMob Portrait Pro is able to detect different portraits, such as side face, aged people, children. What is more, the program can handle multiple portraits within the same picture in batch process.
3Can I customize the portraits for the next time?
Of course, you can save the presets for yourself with a name, and then you can apply the same effects for the portrait with the same name. Click the "Plus" button under the snapshot of portrait, input the preset name and save the preset.
4What can I revise for portrait?
You can adjust skin texture, skin color, shine, teeth, eye, blemish, pouch, cheek, nose and more other points of portrait. The program also add hot key to beautify portraits within one click.

WidsMob Support