A Simple Review of 123APPs Online Watermark Remover, Including Features, Pros, and Cons

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123APPs Online Watermark Remover is a web-based solution designed to meet the common needs of removing watermarks from images. As a user-friendly tool, it provides a seamless experience for individuals looking for an efficient and easy way to edit images. In this short review, we’ll dive into the key features and considerations when using 123APPs Online Watermark Remover, while also providing you with the best alternative in case you need it.

123APPs Online Watermark Remover

Part 1: A Simple Review of 123APPs Online Watermark Remover

123APPs is a professional online service that provides multiple tools at the same time, including video tools, audio tools, and PDF file tools. These features make up powerful software. Online Watermark Remover is one of the functions that allows you to upload a series of video files and remove the watermarks from them. On the site, you can upload dozens of different video formats simultaneously, so you can remove watermarks from most platforms.


1. User-friendly interface: The tool has a user-friendly interface and can be used by users with different levels of technical expertise.

2. Efficient Watermark Removal: 123APPs Online Watermark Remover demonstrates efficient processing capabilities, allowing users to quickly remove watermarks from images without affecting quality.

3. Extensive file format support: The tool supports multiple image file formats, enhancing its versatility and usability for different types of images.


1. Easy to use, able to upload and download video files easily.

2. The processing speed is fast and watermark-free videos can be obtained easily.

3. Maintain high-quality file output and retain higher resolution and clarity.


1. There is a file size limit and larger files cannot be uploaded.

2. Only one file can be processed at a time, which is inefficient.

3. There is no solution for mobile watermarks.

How to Remove Watermarks from Videos or Photos

Step 1: Open your browser and directly enter https://online-video-cutter.com/remove-logo to enter the remove watermark function page of 123APPs. Click the Open File button on the page. Here, you can choose to select files from the cloud disk or computer and upload them to the website. Or you can paste the URL of the video directly into the website.

123APPs Open File

Step 2: After the file is successfully uploaded, you will directly enter the video watermark removal page. At this time, the video can be previewed, and the watermark area can be selected directly on the preview page using the selection tool. After the selection is successful, if you want to preview the file, you can directly click the Preview button, which will allow you to preview the 5-second video after the watermark is removed.

123APPs Selection Tool

Step 3: After confirming that it is correct, select the export format of the video file in Settings, click the Save button, and start downloading the video with successful watermark removal. At this point, the watermark can be removed from the video file.

123APPs Save Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: What is the Best Alternative to 123APPs Online Watermark Remover

As reviewed in the first part of the article, 123APPs Online Watermark Remover has many shortcomings that will affect your ability to remove watermarks. To make up for the shortcomings of 123APPs Online Watermark Remover, here will provide you with the best alternative. WidsMob Watermark Cleaner is a desktop application designed to help users remove watermarks from photos. It must be remembered that the desktop application may have different features and use cases compared to 123APPs Online Watermark Remover. Although online convenience is lost, the stability of the software operation is increased. WidsMob Watermark Cleaner not only removes watermarks from images and videos, it also provides tools and algorithms for intelligently erasing watermarks while maintaining image quality.

1. Supports a variety of different video format import software.

2. Process multiple images or video files at the same time, which is efficient and practical.

3. Provides instant preview function and can change the results at any time.

4. Smart erasure tool can remove unnecessary elements from the video.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download WidsMob Watermark Cleaner on your computer. After the download is complete, launch the software. Click the Video Watermark Removal button on the home page of the software to enter the video watermark removal page. Click the Add Files button, select the video file in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the software.

WidsMob Watermark Homepage

Step 2: After the import is successful, you will be able to view the video file in the software. During the video playback, you can intuitively see the location of the video watermark. Click the Add Selection button in the right tool area. A selection box will appear on the video. Move the selection box to select the watermark area.

WidsMob Watermark Add Selection

Step 3: If there are multiple video files, you can remove the watermark by adding multiple selection boxes. Moreover, you can choose the time to remove the video watermark. You only need to confirm it through the selection box below the video when you select the selection box. After confirming that everything is correct, click the Preview button to preview the file after the watermark has been removed.

WidsMob Watermark Preview

Step 4: After confirmation, you can download the video without a watermark to your computer. Select the storage address of the watermark-free video in Output Location. You can select either the previous address or the new address. Finally, you only need to click the Export button to successfully remove the watermark and save the video.

WidsMob Watermark Export Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQ about 123APPs Online Watermark Remover

1Why do you need to remove watermarks from videos?
Sometimes, it is very normal for the creator of the video to add a watermark, which is a way of respecting copyright. But most of the time, in addition to the creator's watermark, the downloading platform will automatically have the platform's watermark, and the watermark is large and very difficult to remove.
2Can I remove watermarks from multiple images at once in 123APPs Online Watermark Remover?
123APPs Online Watermark Remover does not have the function of batch deletion of watermarks. You can only process graphics individually, so the efficiency is low. But the processing speed of the website is very fast and does not make a big difference.
3What should I do if there is a problem with 123APPs Online Watermark Remover?
If there is a problem using 123APPs Online Watermark Remover, you should first check the network problem or re-enter the website. If neither of the above 2 methods can get you to the watermark removal page, then you can try to contact the official service of 123APPs Online Watermark Remover.


For those who need a quick and user-friendly tool to remove watermarks from videos and images, 123APPs Online Watermark Remover is a promising solution. Its efficient processing capabilities and support for various file formats make it a convenient choice for many users. However, the limitations of 123APPs Online Watermark Remover are also obvious, especially in terms of file size and the need to fully consider their privacy preferences when using online editing tools. Overall, 123APPs Online Watermark Remover is a viable option for simple watermark removal needs. If you need richer features, then.

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