How to Remove Text from an Image in Photoshop - Here are the Detailed Steps and Best Alternative

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Images are present in everyday life, almost all the time. Adding text to an image is mostly done to indicate the time, and date or to explain the content of the image and many other things. There are many ways to add text to an image and almost all types of text and annotations are supported. But when you want to remove text from an image, it is not so easy. Removing text from images can be done by using Photoshop, a professional image editing software, and the article also provides you with online methods and the best alternatives to Photoshop without downloading the software, so read on.

Remove Text from an Image

Part 1: How to Remove Text from an Image in Photoshop

Photoshop is a professional image editor, removing a text watermark in an image is also very easy. The power of Photoshop is also destined to complicate the operation of Photoshop. If the text and image are not on a layer at this time, then congratulations, you can directly remove the text on the layer. If the text and images are on the same layer, you go through the following steps to operate.

Step 1: Open Photoshop on the computer, in the upper toolbar, select the File tab, in the menu that appears click the Open button, this time will call out a dialogue box. Select the image with the text watermark in the dialogue box and import it into Photoshop.

Photoshop Open GIF

Step 2: On the left side of the image preview box, there are a series of tools, in which click the Magic Wand Tool icon to text watermark selection tool. Enter the appropriate value in Tolerance in the top panel of the image, 15 is a very good reference value.

Magic Wand Tool Photoshop

Step 3: Hold down the Shift key and use your mouse to keep clicking inside the watermark until all the text watermarks have been successfully selected. If the selection is wrong, you can deselect it by holding down Alt/Command and then clicking on the watermark area. Switch to the Select tab in the toolbar above and select Modify, then click the Expand button in the shortcut menu that appears to expand the text watermark to 2 or 3 pixels.

Photoshop Select Expand

Step 4: Next, fill the watermark area with surrounding content by using content awareness. Click the Fill button in the Edit tab and the corresponding dialogue box will open. Select Content-Aware in Content, click the OK button, and then the text watermark will be filled with the surrounding content.

Photoshop Edit Fill

Step 5: After all the editing is done, you will be able to get an image without a text watermark. In Photoshop, you can do a lot of things with it, such as cropping and beautifying. Finally, just click the Save As button in the File tab to save the image with the text watermark removed on your computer.

Save HDR Photoshop Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: 2 Ways to Erase Text from Photo Online

Method 1: Fotor

Fotor is not just a tool for removing watermarks, it's a photo editor that allows you to perform a series of editing and designing operations on your photos. Watermark removal is one of the modules, whether you want to remove text watermarks or unwanted icons from your images, you can do it easily with it.

Step 1: Open your browser and type to enter Fotor's Watermark Remover page. Click the Try AI Watermark Remover button on the page and select the text watermark image in the pop-up dialogue box to import it to the website.

Fotor Watermark

Step 2: After importing successfully, click the Magic Eraser button at the top of the image preview page, and then 2 tools will appear for you to choose the watermark. If you are using Brush, you can adjust the slider of Brush Size to adjust the precision of the brush.

Fotor Brush Watermark

Step 3: After the watermark is selected, click the Remove button, then the watermark will be removed by Fotor. Wait for a moment and you will be presented with an image without a text watermark. If you are satisfied with the image, click the Download button to download and save the image without a text watermark.

Fotor Download Watermark Win Download Mac Download

Method 2: Vidmore

Vidmore is a web-based tool, and the free watermark remover is one of its features, which allows you to remove text, images, logos, and other elements you don't want to keep from your images and do it without leaving any trace. On the website, you can upload JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIFF and many other popular image formats to remove the text watermark from most images.

Step 1: Visit to enter Vidmore’s Free Watermark Remover Online function page in your browser. Click the Upload Image button, in the pop-up dialogue box Click the Upload Image button, in the dialogue box that pops up, select the image with text watermark, and import it to the website.


Step 2: A dialogue box will appear on the website for you to remove the text watermark. There are a lot of tools on the top of the image, select Lasso and draw the watermark position on the image directly.

Vidmore Lasso

Step 3: Once you have selected the watermark location, click the Remove button to remove the selected text watermark. Just wait for a moment and you will be able to get an image without the text watermark. After confirming that there is no error, click the Save button.

Vidmore Save Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: AI Remove Text from Image on a Computer

When using Photoshop, there is a certain amount of complexity involved. Although Vidmore and Fotor support removing watermarks from images for free, when you look at the exported images, you will find that they will carry the logo of the platform, and although the position and size of the logo will not affect the viewing of the image, there is no doubt that there is still a certain impact. WidsMob Watermark Cleaner is an image/video watermark remover with AI technology, which can remove all unwanted elements, including text, images, logos, etc. WidsMob Watermark Cleaner supports importing JPGs, images, and logos.

1. Supports importing JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and many other formats.

2. Brush and Rectangle and the other two tools to freely choose the location and size of the watermark.

3. Select multiple watermarks in the image at once.

4. Custom set the export address of the image.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: You need to download and install WidsMob Watermark Cleaner on your computer. After the installation is finished, launch the software and select Photo Watermark Removal on the homepage of the software, which will bring you to the page for removing image watermarks. Click the Add Files button on the page and select the image with a watermark to import it into the software.

WidsMob Watermark Homepage

Step 2: When selecting images, you can import multiple images at once for batch watermark removal. After the images are imported successfully, they will appear in the list on the left side of the page. In the list, you can view the image size, format, and other related information. Select the image you want to remove the text watermark from and it will appear in the preview box in the center of the page.

WidsMob Watermark Add Files

Step 3: In the Selection on the right side of the preview box, there will be 2 tools to help you choose the size and position of the watermark. click the Brush button, by moving the slider to be able to control the brush size. draw the position of the text watermark on the image directly, during the drawing process, you can adjust the details by using Erase.

WidsMob Watermark Brush

Step 4: If there is a big error in the drawing, then you can withdraw and reset it by using the Undo & Redo function. After the watermark is selected successfully, select the storage address of the video in the Output Location below the preview box. After successful selection, click the Export button to remove the text watermark from the image and save the brand-new image.

widsmob-export.jpg WidsMob Watermark Export Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQ of Removing Text from Image

1How many tools are available in Photoshop to remove text watermarks?
Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool, and there are many ways to remove text watermarks. The easiest is to remove the text on a separate layer, but only if the text is not on the same layer as the image. There is also the Magic Wand Tool to select the watermark and fill it with similar content.
2Can I remove more than one watermark from an image?
Sometimes there is more than one watermark in an image and you may need to make multiple watermark selections. This is possible with both Photoshop and WidsMob Watermark Cleaner, you just need to select the location of the watermark.
3Can I remove text watermarks from multiple images?
Yes, it is possible to batch-remove text watermarks directly from multiple images. However, not every tool can do this. You cannot use online tools or Photoshop to perform this operation. The best way is to use WidsMob Watermark Cleaner, which can remove text watermarks from a batch of images, you just need to import the images in bulk.


Removing text from an image can bring the image back to its original pristine state. The content in the article will be very useful for you when you have lost the original image and only have a copy with a watermark. You can choose to open Photoshop for detailed editing, which may not be so friendly for newbies, and then WidsMob Watermark Cleaner with AI technology will be a good choice. If you don't want to download any software, then online watermark remover will be the best way.

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