The Ultimate Guide to Retrieve Audio Files from a Memory Card with Ease

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What should you do if you cannot find the recorded audio from a keychain voice recorder or an Android phone? Is there a memory card audio recorder to retrieve the lost or deleted files? When you cannot find the audio files in your memory card, fret not! Just learn more about the reasons. If the problems are not related to hardware damage, there are still chances to recover deleted audio files from the SD card. Here are some workable methods you should not miss from the article.

Retrieve Audio from Memory Card

Part 1: Why the Audio Files Getting Lost in Memory Cards

SD Cards are widely used for mobile phones, digital cameras, and even audio recorders. The devices are small in size and store large file sizes. However, it is very much prone to damage and corruption. When you need to recover the MP3 files from the device, you have to get the reasons beforehand.

1. Accidental deletion (Recoverable)

It is a common reason to retrieve audio files, especially when you need to release more space for the memory card. Just remains the original status of the device after the accidental deletion.

2. Transfer Bulk Files (Recoverable)

Transferring bulk files is another reason that causes the files to be overwritten, get lost, or file corruption. The file corruption will make the MP3 audio files to become unrecognizable and unusable.

3. Interruptions in Processing (Recoverable)

If the process is interrupted during the transferring or formatting process then it is most likely for you to lose your files. Search for the lost audio file before recovering audio files from the SD card.

4. Malware Infection (Recoverable)

Due to malware and other virus infections, your data in the SD card becomes unreadable and could even get deleted. You have to deal with the malware or virus to get back the original audio files.

5. Physical damage (Unrecoverable)

Since SD cards are very fragile and even just the slightest issue might cause tremendous damage. It could be damaged due to fire damage or liquid contamination.

6. Wrong ejection (Recoverable)

The abrupt removal of SD cards on an Android, while the card is in its written state can lead to corruption or damage. This kind of user error could damage the SD card in no time.

Part 2: How to Restore Audio Files from a Memory Card

Just as mentioned above, for most scenarios, you can restore audio files from a memory card. But when you need to restore audio files from a memory card at a high success rate, Data Recovery is a versatile memory card audio recovery to get back the audio files. It enables you to retrieve multiple audio file formats, including M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and more. Moreover, you can also compact flash cards, secure digital cards, memory sticks, and other types of memory cards.

1. Retrieve the audio files from memory cards, Android phones, and more.

2. Restore the audio and music files in MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, etc.

3. Recover audio files for accidental deletion, virus attack, and partition crash.

4. Provide a high success rate to retrieve files compared to other programs.

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Step 1: Download and install Data Recovery, you can launch the program on your computer. Make sure you have already connected the memory card or even the device to the program and that it is recognizable.

Step 2: Click the memory card under the Remove Drives menu. Simply tick the Check all file types option or select the Audio option only to retrieve the audio files from the memory card before clicking the Scan button.

Retrieve Lost Partition

Step 3: It will provide the whole list of the retrieved files in the user interface. You can select the Audio menu and choose the desired audio file format, such as MP3. Choose the ZIP files if you have zipped the audio files.

Scan Audio Files to Retrieve

Step 4: If you cannot locate the desired MP3 file, you can use the Filter option to search for it with the name or path. Moreover, it has the Deep Scan mode to get back the deleted audio files from your memory card.

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Part 3: Best Tips for Audio Recovery in Memory Cards

If you wish to recover deleted audio files from the memory cards on Android, here are some useful tips you should know. Just bear in mind that you do not want to lose any important files.

Tip 1: To avoid overwriting audio files, stop using your memory card again and safely take it out of your mobile phone. It not only prevents overwriting files with new ones but also secures the other files.

Tip 2: Solve the problem at your earliest convenience and choose the best memory card audio data recovery. Another failure might erase the files and you cannot get back the deleted audio forever.

Tip 3: Before restoring the audio files from a memory card, remember to run virus cleaner programs to make sure that your memory card, SD card, USB, etc. devices are clean to secure your data.

Tip 4: Back up the audio files or others from the memory card frequently. It is only used to store some files temporarily, you will lose the files without a backup, even if you do not delete the files.


Here is the detailed process regarding how to recover deleted audio files from memory cards as well as the best tips. For most scenarios, you can retrieve the files back with Data Recovery. But it is better to have a habit of backup files from your memory card.

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