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3 Efficient Methods to Make a Private Album on Your iPhone to Lock Photos with Ease

If you have some private or sensitive photos, how do you make a private album on your iPhone to hide all the photos? Is there a method to lock or hide them safely without data leakage? Apple has the default methods to hide albums on iPhone. You can learn more about the detailed processes from the article.

The storage space is a major restriction to hide or lock the photos on your iPhone. When you have taken a large number of photos, you can also learn more about the best alternative method to set up password to protect photos on your iPhone with ease.

Lock Photo Album on iPhone

Part 1: How to Make a Private Photo Album on iPhone with Photos

If you have already updated to iOS 11 or above, when you use the Hide feature of Photos app, you can hide photos from Years, Collections and Moments, as well as All Photos. Just learn more about how to make a private album on iPhone with Photos app.

How to Hide Albums on iPhone

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on your iPhone, select the desired private and sensitive photos and make a private album on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the Share icon at the bottom to open the toolbox and choose the Hide option. When prompted, tap Hide Photo to confirm the change.

Step 3: When you want to view the hidden album on iPhone, go to your Photos app, and select Hidden under Other Albums section on the Albums screen.

Hide Photos on iPhone

How to unhide albums on iPhone

Step 1: When you want to unhide the photos in the hidden photos, you can go to the Hidden album in your Photos app.

Step 2: Tap Select and touch all photos that you want to unhide.

Step 3: Press the Share icon and choose Unhide to remove them from the Hidden album and make them visible.

Note: Making a private photo album on iPhone is not equal to add password to your photos. Someone can still open your hidden album without any block or password.

Unhide Photos on iPhone

Part 2: How to Hide a Photo Album on iPhone with Notes App

Of course, the Hide feature in the Photos app can make your private photos disappear from All Photos. Is there a method to go a step beyond, such as password protect your photos on iPhone? Just learn more about how to hide a photo album on iPhone with Notes App.

Step 1: Go to the Photos app and find the photos you want to lock or hide. After that, you can select them and tap the Share icon.

Step 2: Select the Add to Notes option to send the photos to your Notes app. Bear in mind, the live photos will turn into still images in Notes app. Tap the Save option to finish.

Save to Notes

Step 3: Once it is done, remove the sensitive photos in the Photos app. Open the Notes app and find the last note that stores the private photos. Swipe left on the note to display more options.

Step 4: Then tap the Lock icon. For the first time using the lock feature, create a password or use Touch ID/Face ID to lock photo album on iPhone. If prompted, tap the Lock Now option to confirm.

Lock Notes

Note: It is a method available to most photos and pictures on your iPhone. Unfortunately, the live photos will lose the live ability. Remember that you cannot add photos from Photos app to a locked note on iPhone.

Part 3: How to Password Protected iPhone Photos on Win/Mac

Even if you hide the photos on your iPhone, it still takes up a large space of your iPhone. As the iPhone only provides limited storage space, is there an alternative method to set up password to protect iPhone photos on your Windows or Mac? WidsMob PhotoVault a versatile method to manage, view, edit and protect your iPhone photos.

1. Hide and lock iPhone albums in a password protected folder.

2. Support photos in different formats, such as JPG, HEIC, RAW, etc.

3. Utilize advanced AES-256 encryption technology to lock photos.

4. Browse hidden iPhone albums in the slideshow mode and more.

5. Provide bonus tools, such as zoom, rotate and edit your photos.

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How to lock iPhone albums on computer

Step 1: Download photo vault on your computer

Download and install the photo vault, you can launch the program on your computer. Then transfer the sensitive photos you want to protect from iPhone to your computer, including the HEIC photos.

Photo Protected with Password PhotoVault

Step 2: Set up the security level for iPhone photos

You can input the password to access the program. It allows you to set the security level in the Security tab on the Preferences dialog. You can choose the different mode to password to protect iPhone photos.

Security Level PhotoVault

Step 3: Import iPhone photos to photo vault

To import iPhone photos, go to the default Photos folder or create a new folder, and then click the Import button. On the open-file dialog, select all iPhone photos and hit Open to hide iPhone albums on your computer.

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

Step 4: Browse locked iPhone photos

When you want to view the locked iPhone photos, find the folder that you store them. Click View at the top of the window and select Play Slideshow. Now, your hidden iPhone photos will appear one by one.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


This article has discussed how to make a private photo album on iPhone. The built-in features, such as Hide feature in Photos app and Lock functionality in Notes app, are able to hide or lock several photos on iPhone without extra software or hardware. Of course, you can also use the advanced features of WidsMob PhotoVault to password protect any photo with ease.

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