WidsMob PDFEdit FAQ

1What are the differences between Standard and Pro?
Both the Standard version and Pro version are lifetime license, which you can create, edit, insert, fulfill form, and even protect and sign the PDF files. When you upgrade to the Pro version, you can convert the PDF to Word, Excel and other formats with OCR algorithm.
2How to download PDF format from WidsMob?
If you want to fulfill the PDF format, you can directly go to the website to download the PDF documents. Moreover, you can also import the PDF into the program for further edit.
3How to add page number to PDF file?
You can insert page number in any PDF document with WidsMob PDFEdit. You can also edit the format of the page number, such as: Page 1, Page 1/1000, Page 1 of 1000. According to your needs, you can set a specific format, and then add page into PDF document just by one click through the set format. Step 1: Launch the program and click “Open” to select the document you want to edit, then click the “top of the page” button, which in the right side of the toolbar, select the “Header & Footer” button, click Add Header and Footer. Step 2: Set the location where you want to add the pages, and page format, and need to add pages ahead or after which pages in the pop-up window. You can also click “insert page number” button, that you can add page by type in whatever you want.
4How to insert images to PDF with Ease?
Step 1: Start the program and click Open button to open the document you want to edit, then click the edit button at the top, and select the “Add Picture” in the right side of the toolbar. Step 2: Select the image you need to insert to the PDF document, and then you can see a thumbnail follow the mouse. Click the left mouse button in where you need to insert the image. Step 3: You can also drag the 8 corners to adjust the size and proportion of the picture to insert this image into the PDF document.
5How to split PDF files as desired?
In order to divide PDF documents into different parts, you can split one PDF document to several documents. Here are many methods to split the file. Step 1: Navigate to the PDF page Double click the file after download. Keep click "next" till install complete. It will just take less 1 min to complete the installation. Open the program and click "Open" to select the file you want to edit, and then click “page" button on the top, select "Split Document" at right side toolbar Step 2: Split the PDF page 1. Customize the number of pages per document by dividing the number of pages. 2. Divide the document by size, each divided document will not exceed the specific size. 3. Divide the document by chapter, you can use first level bookmark directory separation. 4. If you have several files that need to make division in batch, you can click "Apply to Multiple" button.

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