WidsMob MediaVault

Hide your personal photos and videos from others with password protection. Each and every photo or video you hide with MediaVault is automatically AES-256 encrypted upon hiding.

WidsMob MediaVault User Guide

If you want to protect some important private photos or videos, you can encrypt them with a password. WidsMob MediaVault is a versatile method to hide your private photos and videos from prying eyes. No one can access them without your permission. Once you have imported the media files to the program and removed them from your computer, others cannot find or track the photos and videos anymore.

Moreover, it not only locks JPEG/PNG/TIFF photos but also supports RAW/GIF/MP4. It means you can save most of the media files from different devices without worrying about the incompatibility issue. It is the ideal choice for you to import your secret photos. Then, how can you hide photos and manage built-in filters? Here is a hands-on guide for you. Keep reading to get your desired results from the following paragraphs.

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How to Hide Photos and Videos on Windows/Mac

Set up Password for Photos and Videos Encryption

Once you have installed WidsMob MediaVault, you can launch the program on your computer. If it is the first time to hide photos and videos with the program, you need to set up your password. Enter your password and confirm it. Because the photos and videos are only accessible with the setup password, therefore, you should remember or write them down in your notebook. Remember that your password should be no less than 6 characters. Choose the Done button to go ahead.

Set Up Password MediaVault

Set up the Security Level to Hide Photos and Videos

Click the File menu and choose the Settings option from its drop-down menu. It will pop up a small window for security settings. Click the Security section where you can find two different security levels. The default security level is Standard. You can switch to the High level, which requires you to input the password again when you want to export, share pictures, or enter Preferences.

Set up the Security Level

Import the Private Photos and Videos to a Safe Place

Whether you need to import some photos/videos or add the whole folder, you can simply click the Import Files button or the Import Folder button to upload the desired media files into the program. Once you have imported the media files, you can find them in the Library menu. It enables you to locate the desired files from Photos and Video easily.

Click the plus icon next to the Albums to add a new folder. You will be asked to name the new folder. Next, click the Import Files icon on the top left corner of the program. You can also click the Import Files button from the File drop-down menu to import the media files. Now you can browse your files from your local folder and choose the photos and videos you want to import. Just click the Open option to confirm.

If you want to import a whole folder, you can click the Import Folders beside the Import Files icon. Also, you can click the Import Folders button from the File drop-down menu.

Import Files MediaVault

How to Change a New Password for the Program

Step 1: Choose the Settings option from the File menu drop-down list on the top left corner of the window.

Step 2: When the window appears, you can see two sections. In the Account section, click the Change Password option. Then, you need to enter your old password, new password and confirm the new password.

Step 3: Choose the OK button to confirm your change. You have to enter the new password to access the photos and videos later.

Change Password MediaVault

How to View Photos and Video Directly

Step 1: Select a photo or video you want to view and double-click it. Then you will see the media files in full screen within the program.

Step 2: Click the View menu from the top left corner of the window. You can see some functions.

You can click the Actual Size option to view the media files in their original size. You can click the Fit In option so that the media file will be adapted to the program’s size. You can click the Zoom In option to enlarge the media file so you can check the details. Click the Zoom Out option to shrink the photo/video accordingly.

View Pictures MediaVault

How to Hide All Photos Quickly

Step 1: Choose the Settings option from the File drop-down menu at the top left corner of the window.

Step 2: Go to the Security section in the pop-up window and check the Automatically locks when the application is minimized option. Click the Close button to save your change.

Note: If you check this option, you can lock the photos when you click the Minimize icon at the top right corner of the program. Click the Lock icon from the View drop-down list on the top right corner to hide your current viewing picture. Moreover, you can choose the Lock button from the View drop-down menu in the top left corner of the program.

Hide Pictures MediaVault

How to Export Your Selected Photos or Videos

Step 1: Click the photo or video you want to export and set the destination folder. Click the New Folder to set a new output folder if it is necessary.

Step 2: Choose the Export button to finish exporting.

Note: If you want to export photos, you need to register for the program. The trial version will add the watermark to your exported photos. So if you want no watermark, technique support, and a free upgrade, you can register with your email.

Export Pictures MediaVault

That’s all the guide for WidsMob MediaVault on your computer. You have already learned how to hide, manage, share and export pictures and videos. If you have any questions, you can contact us for further consult. Thanks for your reading.

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