The Most Detailed Guide to Remove Bandicam Watermark by Using Best Software

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In the world of screen recording, Bandicam stands out as a popular choice for capturing gameplay, tutorials, and more. However, the presence of a watermark can sometimes detract from the professional look of your content. Don’t worry because, in this comprehensive guide, we have introduced the most effective methods and software to remove the Bandicam watermark with precision and ease. Say goodbye to unwanted watermarks and hello to beautiful, watermark-free videos that truly shine.

Remove Bandicam Watermark

Part 1: Remove the Bandicam Watermark in Bandicam Software

When Bandicam provides the function of recording the screen, a video watermark will not appear. Only when you export the video and save it, you will find that there will be a Bandicam watermark above the video. This option can be controlled by subscribing to the premium version of Bandicam.

Step 1: Go to the official website of in the browser, click the Buy Now button directly in the upper toolbar, and enter Bandicam’s subscription page. On the page, you will be presented with multiple options, including personal and commercial versions.

Bandicam Buy Now

Step 2: Select the corresponding version according to your needs, click the Buy Now button, and enter the purchase details page. Select Payment Method, enter the correct E-mail Address, click the Continue button, and if the payment is successful, you will receive a registration code in your mailbox.

Bandicam Continue

Step 3: Open the Bandicam software, enter the registration code and email address you received, click the Register Now button, and you will successfully unlock the watermark-free version of Bandicam. After successfully unlocking, click the REC button and you can start recording videos without Bandicam watermarks.

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Part 2: How to Remove the Bandicam Watermark with Best Watermark Remover

If you don’t want to subscribe to the premium version of Bandicam, there are other ways to remove it. You can remove the Bandicam watermark by downloading professional watermark removal software. Although this requires you to re-download the software, it can almost guarantee the original quality export watermark and will not affect the quality of your video. As a watermark remover, WidsMob Watermark Cleaner can support importing multiple videos at the same time for batch editing. When you import Bandicam video into the software, you can also preview it in real-time and make more edits.

1. Handles various types of watermarks, including text, logos, and graphics.

2. Supports batch processing, allowing you to remove watermarks from multiple videos at the same time.

3. Custom settings allow adjusting the size of the watermark removal area.

4. Preview the edited video before applying watermark removal changes.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download WidsMob Watermark Cleaner on your computer. After the download is complete, install the software. Start the software, and you can see the 4 functions of the software on the homepage, including adding watermarks to videos or deleting watermarks, adding watermarks to images, or removing watermarks. To remove the Bandicam watermark, you can click the Video Watermark Removal button to enter the details page.

WidsMob Watermark Homepage

Step 2: In the video watermark removal function page, click the Add Files button, select the Bandicam video in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the software. When selecting video files, you can select multiple video files at the same time for batch import. After the import is successful, the video will appear in the list on the left side of the page.

WidsMob Add Files Watermark

Step 3: In the video list on the left, select one of the videos so that it appears in the preview box in the center of the page, and the video will automatically start playing. On the right side of the preview box, click the Add Selection button, and a selection box will appear above the video. By moving and controlling the size of the selection box, the selection box fits the watermark perfectly.

Video Add Selection Watermark

Step 4: If there are multiple videos in the video, you can remove multiple watermarks by repeatedly adding selection boxes. To control the Bandicam watermark removal time, with the watermark selection box selected, move the selection boxes at both ends of the timeline below to select the Bandicam watermark removal period.

Video Add Files Watermark

Step 5: In the lower right corner of the preview box, click the Preview button and let the video start playing. You will be able to preview the video with the Bandicam watermark removed. After confirming that it is correct, select the storage location of the video in the Output Location, click the Export button, and the Bandicam video without a watermark can be exported to the software.

Video Preview Watermark Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: Online Watermark Remover to Delete Bandicam Video Watermark

123APPS is an online platform that provides various tools for editing image, audio, and video files. It offers a range of useful features such as resizing, cropping, and applying filters to images and videos. When it comes to removing watermarks, it has a dedicated tool for removing logos or watermarks to remove Bandicam watermarks.

Step 1: Open the browser and directly enter to enter the remove logo function page of 123APPS. Click the Open Files button directly on the page, select the video recorded by Bandicam in the pop-up dialog box, and upload it to the website.

123APPS Open Files

Step 2: After the video is successfully uploaded, you can preview the video playback and view a series of video editing tools such as the timeline. Through the timeline tool, you can control the length of the video and cut out some unnecessary video content. If you need to remove the Bandicam watermark in the video, you can draw the area where the watermark is located on the video. If there are multiple watermarks, you can also perform multiple drawings.

123APPS Timeline

Step 3: After successfully selecting the watermark position, click the Preview button and you will be able to briefly view the 5s video without the watermark. When you are satisfied with the result, click the Save button to save the Bandicam watermark-removal video to your computer.

123APPS Save Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQ of Removing the Bandicam Watermark

1What is the Bandicam watermark?
Bandicam watermark is a small logo or text that appears on videos recorded using Bandicam screen recording software. It usually appears in a corner of the video as a form of software branding.
2Why does the Bandicam watermark appear on my recordings?
The Bandicam watermark appears on recordings made with the free version of Bandicam software. It is a way for developers to promote their software and encourage users to upgrade to paid versions that do not include a watermark.
3How to remove the Bandicam watermark?
To remove Bandicam watermarks, you can use watermark removal software or online tools designed specifically for this task. These tools usually involve selecting the area containing the watermark and starting the removal process. Alternatively, upgrading to the paid version of Bandicam will also remove the watermark from future recordings.


With the help of WidsMob Watermark Cleaner and the detailed steps outlined in this guide, you now have the power to say goodbye to Bandicam watermarks once and for all. Freely display your screen recordings without any interruptions and unleash the full potential of your content. Whether you're creating tutorials, gameplay videos, or presentations, let your creativity take center stage without being hindered by unwanted watermarks. This is your journey to create professional-quality videos that impress.

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