The Detail Guide to Watermark Photos in 2024

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Peter Wood

It is common to post your artwork online, to get good advice and praises from others. Well, you must have seen the negative point that others have used your hard work to announce that they were the original owners. It is annoying and effortless to do. So watermarking photos is a great way to make others know that you are the rightful owner. And when people search online to seek image sources, they can track to your Instagram or Facebook page to be your followers. So what is a watermark? And how to watermark photos? You can read and seek an answer from the following paragraphs.

How to Watermark Photos

Part 1. Watermark Options to Choose

At present, there are three main options for you, to use text watermark, image watermark, or create a copyright symbol by yourself. The first text watermark means you can place your name, nickname, business name, or the image description as watermarks anywhere you like. And the image watermarks indicate that you can choose the company logo or other images to prove your copyright on your pictures. At last, the copyright uses the insert menu and the symbol command to set the limitation that only you have the right to copy and paste the copyright images. They differ from the difficulties of creating watermarks as well. Whether to watermark photos depends on your own needs.

Part 2. Use Watermarking Software to Create Watermarks Online and Offline

The following contains online and offline methods for you to create watermarks on pictures. Most of them are friendly to amateurs.

Method 1. Watermark Photos on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS with WidsMob ImageConvert

WidsMob ImageConvert is one of the image converters to process different image files in batch process. Besides the converting features, you can also use resize, rename, frame, watermark in photo/text, and other features. It should be a versatile photo converter that you can get the desired photo files.

1. Support more than 50 RAW formats, such as Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Sony, and other DSLR cameras.

2. Multiple editing features, resize, rename, rotate, add a border, text watermark, image watermark, and more.

3. Convert RAW to photos with JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF, and Microsoft BMP in different quality.

4. Instant preview to check all the photo effects, watermark in text, and image and more other effects.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1. Download and Install Photo Converter. After that, you can launch the program as a screenshot.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2. Check the Watermark menu to add watermark in both text and image.

Start Convert ImageConvert

Step 3. Select Text from the list, and add texts as an image watermark.

Text Watermark ImageConvert Win Download Mac Download

Method 2. Add Watermark to Photos with Adobe Photoshop

If you need to create text watermarks, it is easy to watermark photos with Adobe Photoshop. Just use the Type tool and place the watermark text over your pictures. Moreover, you can add some Photoshop effects to your watermarks to be more artistic.

Blend Photos with Photoshop

Method 3. Create Watermark to Photos Online with

It is the website mainly for Windows users, to transparent watermark on your pictures. Moreover, you can add a DEMO caption or the URL of your website to insert your site’s logo as well. offers you a customizable choice to deal with watermark photos and create thumbnails for further usage. Even though you need to create watermarks for black and white images, it is also acceptable to achieve.

Method 4. Watermark Photos Online with is your personal images’ protection and secure defender. You can watermark photos with a small digital watermark to protect your intellectual property successfully. It is easy to use. So you can watermark images easily even though you do not have the photo watermark guide.

Part 3. Install Watermark Application to Watermark Photos on iPhone and Android

Lightweight smartphones have been parts of people’s daily life. Once somebody lode his or her smartphone, then he or she will be disturbed all day long, with the anxiety of losing important information to illegal usage. Installing photo watermark applications on your iPhone or Android is the convenient choice. There is no need to sync photos in the Gallery to the desktop again. Just watermark your new taken images in hand.

Method 5. Add Watermark Free on Android

With built-in 72 fonts and 20 custom fonts, you can customize text watermarks without worrying about not creative enough. Moreover, the sticker collection enables users to add some cute elements as part of the watermark. As for image watermarks, you can use transparent .png pictures to work as the protector of other photos and various photo effects to apply. Add Watermark Free APK enables users to batch watermark photos on Android to save time and add watermarks in one click.

That’s not enough for your image watermark creation. The 360 panoramas and timestamp can add some differences to your watermark as well. In addition, the rename, resize, and other photo edit filters from Add Watermark Free app from Android.

Add Watermark Free

Method 6. Add Watermark on iPhone with iWatermark

iWatermark is the iOS watermark photo editor, which has gained over 1,3000 highly-praised comments on iTunes. Whether you need watermark photos on batch or one by one, iWatermark will offer you the best photo editing tools to modify fonts, adjust opacity, resize watermark size, and many other watermark settings. Even though you do not need to create a photo watermark or something else complex, iWatermak iOS app can help you with over 160 fonts provided already. It is not free to watermark photos on iPhone and Android, cause some built-in filter purchases.



With the above photo watermarks creation and modification, I’m sure you have already know the skills to watermark photos. Whether you want to add text watermarks, image watermarks, or copyright, the above photo editors can satisfy all your needs with fast speed and high-quality output. At length, the function of a watermark is the wall of your intellectual properties. Though some people can still get the way to break the lock and steal your work, it is more than a sign to announce, to tell others that, hey, guys, you have stolen my work.

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