How to Upload GIF to Instagram as Video without Watermark

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 by Peter Wood

Just as Twitter has been, Instagram does not support users to upload animated GIF to Instagram directly. Though Facebook enables people to share a live photo in a few seconds, only friends who run iOS 9 and installed the Facebook app on iPhone can view the animated GIF. Moreover, if you do not click the Live Photo icon manually, you still cannot see GIF animation on Facebook. There are several ways to solve this embarrassing situation. You can upload GIFs as videos to Instagram, or you can also install an app to import GIFs to Instagram. In addition, some websites also provide free GIF conversion to MP4 or other video formats. Thus, though Instagram users cannot import animated GIFs with support from official, you can solve the GIF uploading problem.

Upload GIF to Instagram

Part 1: Share GIF to Instagram on iPhone/ Android

Boomerang – App to Upload GIF to Instagram

If you get good GIF files on your mobile phones, it is not convenient to transfer animated GIFs as MP4 videos. Thus, you need to install a GIF uploading app to import GIFs to Instagram. The most popular GIF animation app is Boomerang, you can use it to upload GIFs to Instagram on Android and iPhone. Boomerang can use the front and back-facing camera to take mini videos. Or you can also use 10 photos to stitch into a looping GIF.

Step 1: Click the Camera icon in Boomerang to shoot something moving. You can view the shooting process in the circle in the icon.

  • Step 2: Tap the Save icon to choose the social platform to share. You can click to upload a GIF to the Instagram story or Facebook directly from Android and iOS.
  • Boomerang

    You can choose to share GIF animation later to Instagram from the Camera Roll. Uploading GIFs to Instagram with Boomerang is also a nice choice to save GIFs.

    GifShare – Post GIFs to Instagram as Videos

    GifShare enables people to share animated GIFs to the most social platform. You can search for awesome GIFs from GifShare as well. With the user-friendly interface, you can upload GIFs to Instagram from iPhone in many choices.

    Step 1: Search GIFs and download from the GifShare iOS app or find GIF files from your Camera Roll.

    Step 2: Edit GIFs of speed, background, and other filters.

    Step 3: Convert GIFs to videos with crop and effects.

    Step 4: Click the Share icon to upload GIF as a video to Instagram.


    You can save GIFs into Camera Roll as a video version too. And GifShare is more stable than before with the new upgrading version installed.

    Gifaroo – Share and Customize GIF to Instagram

    Gifaroo is the tool to upload GIFs to Instagram from Android. You can use Google search to find GIF resources. With the customized filters, you can change the background from over 100 wallpapers. And you can add as many captions in different fonts and colors.

    Step 1: Browse websites inside the Android GIF animation app.

    Step 2: Tap the idea GIF to edit.

    Step 3: Share GIF as a video version to upload a GIF on Android.


    Though Gifaroo may not seem as well-known as Boomerang has been. You can still figure out GIF uploading to Instagram with ease. The creative web browse enables people to get GIF animation wherever to customize directly.

    Part 2: Import GIF to Instagram without Watermark

    Though there are many free GIF converters, which can help people to import an animated GIF to Instagram. You will find out that most of these GIF converter apps add watermarks to your GIFs. You need to purchase to remove watermarks to upload an animated GIF to Instagram. In addition, removing watermarks from GIF conversion does not mean that watermarks are meaningless. To protect intellectual properties, it is important to watermark photos. Though there are methods to remove watermarks from photos.LP is the free GIF convert app without ads, watermarks, and in-app purchases. As a result, you can upload GIFs to Instagram with no watermark with the LP converter.

    Step 1:Go to Camera Roll and choose your downloaded GIFs. Click it to open with LP. You can also batch convert GIFs.

    Step 2: Choose the Settings icon to adjust the file size limit, playback speed, and frame rate/ resolution.

    Step 3: Click the Export GIF icon to upload animated GIFs to Instagram without a watermark.


    You can export a single frame from the live photo, and lower GIF’s framerate to increase resolution with the same file size. Moreover, LP can convert GIFs to videos too, so you can upload GIFs as video to Instagram without watermarking within one app. LP does not occupy your iOS device desktop, because LP supports running in the background.

    Part 3: How to Convert GIF to JPEG or PNG for Instagram

    If you cannot upload GIF files to Instagram, you can convert GIF into a series of JPEG files for Instagram, or need to combine as a photo collage, WidsMob ImageConvert is the desired GIF to JPEG converter for Instagram. Whether you need to resize the GIF files for Instagram, or add watermark, you can get the desired photos within few clicks. Moreover, you can check and select each frame of the GIF file before conversion.

    1. Convert each frame of animated GIF into JPEG or PNG for Instagram.
    2. Resize converted JPEGs, rename the files, or edit the photos in batch.
    3. Add text or image watermark with multiple settings and parameters.
    4. Choose the desired photo format, photo quality, and others in clicks.
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    Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob ImageConvert, you can click the Add button to import the animated GIF. When you choose the GIF file, you can preview the file, check the histogram, and the detailed properties, including the file name, file size, ISO, Flash and more other information.

    Import GIF to ImageConvert

    Step 2: Click the animated GIF to view each frame of the GIF, which you can choose the desired frame of the GIF to convert it to JPEG for Instagram. It also enables you to resize the frame, rotate and flip, add watermark in both text and image, or apply color border to the output image.

    Select GIF Frame

    Step 3: When you are ready, you can click the Export button to choose the output folder, select the JPEG as the output format, and adjust the photo quality. After that, you can click the Convert button to convert GIF to a series of JPEG for Instagram with the original quality.

    Convert GIF to JPEG Win Download Mac Download


    Expect for converting GIFs to videos to upload to Instagram, you can also upload GIFs to Instagram from Mac or PC with Tumblr or GIPHY. There are two ways in GIPHY to share GIFs. If you want to upload GIFs to Instagram from PC, you can search GIFs from GIPHY, and then click the Instagram icon below, GIPHY will send GIFs to you by email. You will get an MP4 version of GIF, Download the GIF to MP4 video version, and then you can share GIF to Instagram easily. Or you can also create a GIF on GIPHY by yourself with the online filters with URLs from Youtube, Vine, or video.

    Uploading a GIF to Instagram is very easy to operate, and there are also many online GIF to video converters for you to transfer GIF into MP4. Thus, you can create awesome GIFs for Instagram to share with others. Or you can send your advice to Instagram developers because posting GIFs to Instagram is quite a good idea to enlarge Instagram user groups. Maybe they will take your advice to upgrade, and you can upload animated GIFs to Instagram directly soon.

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