Peacock Downloader – How to Download Peacock Movies at High Success Rate

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Peacock provides next-day access to the latest hits from NBC and Bravo, which you can watch popular movies instantly. But is there a method to download Peacock movies for offline viewings, such as YellowStone directly? Yes. But you have to subscribe to the Peacock Premium Plus plan to watch them without Ads or download select shows and movies to watch offline. If you need to download Peacock movies without limitations, here is a simple review for the Peacock downloader review you should read.

Peacock Downloader

Part 1: 3 Peacock Movie Downloaders to Get Videos Offline

Method 1: CleverGet Peacock Downloader

CleverGet Peacock Downloader is a versatile live-streaming downloader to extract movies from over 1000+ streaming websites via the built-in browser. It can fetch video sources automatically and provides multiple download options. Moreover, it enables you to download videos from Peacock with the Premium videos at half price.

1. Download Peacock videos up to 4K quality and 320KBPS audio quality.

2. Removes Ads from videos automatically with the best viewing experience.

3. Provide batch processing of video downloads, up to 5 videos at a time.

4. Download online videos to common formats, such as MP4/MKV/WEBM.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Peacock Downloader for Windows or Mac. Launch the program and log into the account, where you can download the videos from the selected live-streaming channel. After that, you can enter your account to watch the movies.

CleverGet Select Canal Plus

Step 2: Once you have logged in to the Peacock account, you can find the video with the built-in browser. Alternatively, you can go directly to the details page by pasting the URL of the video. It will fetch the videos from the URL and provides different download options.

CleverGet Watch Movies

Step 3: Click the Download icon in the bottom right of the interface and select the desired video quality, format, and frame rate of the Peacock video in the pop-up box. Moreover, you can also check the Remix into file option before downloading Peacock videos.

CleverGet Download Deleted YouTube

Step 4: When clicking the Download button, you can add it to the download list. It will download the video automatically. After that, you can check the Peacock videos from the Library menu. Choose the Video button to play, share, and manage the videos.

Win Download Mac Download

Method 2: BBFly Peacock Downloader

BBFly Peacock Downloader is a streaming video downloader specifically for the US OTT platform and with powerful features, which is relatively easy to download Peacock movies. It allows you to download videos from over 100+ websites and save them in MP4 format with 1080P. Moreover, you can also download the videos with a batch process.

Step 1: Once you have installed BBFly Peacock Downloader, you can launch the program and log in to the account. Click the Streaming Services button to choose the Peacock icon from the main interface. After that, you can find and play the movies.

BBFly Choose Download Channel

Step 2: Find the video you want to download from Peacock with the built-in web browser. Of course, you can simply enter the URL of the video to locate the content directly. It will fetch a series of videos from the URL, which you can download in a batch.

BBFly Choose Parameter

Step 3: Selected the desired audio and subtitle of the Peacock videos. You can also check the options in front of the movie series you want to download. After that, you can click the Download Now button to get the Peacock videos for offline viewing.

Download Peacock Videos Win Download Mac Download

Method 3: PlayOn Cloud Peacock Downloader

PlayOn Cloud is a very easy-to-use streaming DVR program, which can be used to download full HD-quality videos from Peacock on your smartphone. It also provides the Windows/Mac versions that schedule nightly downloads of your cloud recordings to your computer. It enables you to save the downloads without any time limits or even manage them via Plex.

Step 1: Install PlayOn Cloud on your Android phone or iPhone. After that, tap the PlayOn Cloud app and choose the Peacock channel from the drop-down list. Of course, you can also log in to your Peacock account to download the desired movies.

Step 2: Once you have found the desired show or movie, just click on the title to see the details screen. After that, tap the Record button to download the Peacock movies for offline watching. Just repeat the process to record the entire season.

Step 3: Follow the instruction to set up the auto-down with multiple settings and parameters. Enter any credentials you have for the Peacock streaming channels. After that, the app will download the Peacock movies automatically according to the schedule.

PlayOn Download Streaming Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: How to Watch Peacock Movies with a TV Sticker

Is it possible to watch Peacock movies on a smart TV? Yes. You can simply watch Peacock TV on FireStick, you should sign up for a subscription. If you need to watch and download movies without Peacock TV services, you have to install a VPN service beforehand. Here is a simple guide about how to download Peacock TV with a TV stick.

Step 1: Connect the FireStick to your Smart TV via the HDMI port. When making the connection, you need to ensure that your network is working steadily. After that, you can switch on the remote feature of the FireStick beforehand.

Choose Peacock TV on Firestick

Step 2: Search for the Peacock app from the FireStick home screen. Press the Find button and search for Peacock TV in the search box. Select the app under APPS and GAMES and click the Download button to install it on your FireStick.

Install Peacock TV on Firestick

Step 3: Once the app has been installed, click the Open button and you can start enjoying your favorite movies from Peacock TV. Click the Sign In button in the top-right corner to log in to the app. Click the Browse category to explore different movie categories.

Peacock TV on Firestick Playback Win Download Mac Download


It should be difficult for watching Peacock movies via a FireStick, for which you have to use VPN services, install Peacock TV on FireStick from Amazon Store, and more. Just learn more about the best Peacock downloaders to get the optimal videos offline. CleverGet is an easy video downloader to get high-quality files without limitations.