How to Download SoundCloud Music Files to High-Quality 320KBPS MP3

Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by Jane Joe

SoundCloud is a premium music-playing and uploading platform with quality music files. Is there an easy way to download SoundCloud music for listening offline? Yes. But you can only download music from SoundCloud users allow their tracks to be downloaded for free. If you need to save music files without any limitation, here are the 10 SoundCloud audio downloaders to download quality music files,

Download SoundCloud Music

Part 1: The All-in-One SoundCloud Music Downloader

If you need to download SoundCloud audio files without limitation, CleverGet SoundCloud Downloader is a versatile way to extract music files from more than 1000 online streaming sites. It enables you to download audio files in MP3 and other file formats in 320KBPS. Moreover, you can also find a batch downloading feature to extract the series of SoundCloud audio files via an M3U8 playlist.

1. Comes with a built-in browser to play and download SoundCloud audio.

2. Detect M3U8 files from SoundCloud and provide the playlist downloads.

3. Save audio files with up to 320KBPS in audio quality for listening offline.

4. Preserve the audio metadata while downloading for easy management.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install CleverGet SoundCloud Downloader on your computer. Launch the program and click the 3-dot button in the upper right toolbar and choose the Setting button. You can choose the location of the audio storage and the maximum number of downloads.

CleverGet Setting Chrome

Step 2: Enter the URL of the SoundCloud audio file you want to download on the built-in web browser. Log in to your account and play the music directly. It will fetch the download options for the SoundCloud audio file via the URL. After that, you can find the download icon at the bottom.

CleverGet SoundCloud Playback

Step 3: Click the Download icon hovering in the bottom right corner. After that, you can choose the desired video format, video size, and others. It also enables you to select a series of music files you want to download before clicking the Download button.

CleverGet SoundCloud Download

Step 4: You can check the status of the SoundCloud audio files in the Library menu on the right side. Click the Audio button to view all music files that have been downloaded. After that, you can double-click the downloaded audio files to enjoy them offline.

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Part 2: 4 Online SoundCloud Audio Downloaders

Scloud Downloader

Scloud Downloader is an online free SoundCloud audio downloader and converter. Besides, it enables you to convert songs, music, and tracks from Soundcloud to another file format. Moreover, you can also download all MP3 tracks from the playlist or choose the MP3 tracks you want to download from the SoundCloud playlist.

Scloud Downloader


When you need to download SoundCloud music files for free, KlickAud is a free online tool to download high-quality MP3, like 128KPBS and 320KBPS. It has an advanced API to preserve the best quality of SoundCloud audio. The CDN service can process for heavy programs and codes, which creates the download files of each MP3.


SoundCloud To MP3

SoundCloud To MP3 is another excellent SoundCloud audio downloader to extract high-quality audio files. It allows you to download SoundCloud tracks for offline listening without any limitations. Moreover, you can also save high-quality audio tracks in both 128KBPS and 320KBPS. You can use the toolkit on computers and phones.

SoundCloud To MP3 Converter is an online SoundCloud audio downloader that works on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It also works on all Chrome-based browsers. The video downloader not only saves the music files to high-quality audio files but also has no limit to the number of downloads. You can always get the highest MP3 audio files with the best bitrate. Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: 5 SoundCloud Audio Downloaders for iOS/Android


VidJuice is a SoundCloud music downloader app for Android that allows you to sync data between Android and computer. It enables you to save the music files to MP3 file format. Moreover, you can download the audio files via SoundCloud playlists in a batch process. It provides a special technology that allows you to download your files with 10x speed.

VidJuice SoundCloud Downloader


If you are looking for a SoundCloud music downloader for Android, SnapTube is the desired choice. It provides different search options, including a catalog with 11 subcategories, a section for popular videos, an area for videos with the most views, as well as daily recommendations. Moreover, you can always download the desired audio files within a few taps.

SnapDownloader YouTube Downloader


Shortcut is an excellent feature of iOS that facilitates daily use by installing a variety of low-memory plugins, including downloading music from SoundCloud and more. When you access the music files on SoundCloud, you can capture the audio resources and download the music offline with the desired quality for offline listening on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS Shortcuts

Soundloader For SoundCloud

When you need to download music files from SoundCloud on your iPhone or iPad, Soundloader For SoundCloud is the all-in-one choice with a built-in music player, which allows you to listen to downloaded tracks without leaving the app. Moreover, you can save a collection of songs from a particular artist or genre with a batch process.

Soundloader For SoundCloud


Soundflake is a new SoundCloud client for iPhone that wants to provide a better experience. Besides the basic features, such as browsing your Stream and Likes, searching, managing your playlists, and more, you can download SoundCloud audio files. You can either long-tap on an item in a list or tap the artwork to flip the cover and reveal options for description.

Soundflake Win Download Mac Download


When you need to download music files from SoundCloud to enjoy anytime and anywhere, here are the 10 best SoundCloud audio downloaders you should download on different platforms. If you need to save the files with the original quality with a batch process, CleverGet SoundCloud downloader is always the optimal choice you should download.