4 Smart Sendvid Downloaders to Download Movies with a Sendvid URL

Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by Jane Joe

As a video hosting service, Sendvid allows you to upload unlimited videos and save them permanently and reliably on the server. Is it possible to download the shared videos from Sendvid, especially the high-quality videos? What are the best Sendvid downloaders to extract videos? Just learn more about the 4 tools to get the desired content from the article.

Smart Sendvid Downloaders

Part 1: How to Find the Desired Sendvid Video URLs

Before downloading the Sendvid videos, you have to get the URLs of videos beforehand. Of course, if you do have the shared Sendvid video links, you only need to paste the URL to any video downloader. But what should you do if you need to search for some videos from others? Just learn more about the detailed process to find the Sendvid video URLs.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Sendvid in a web browser. After that, you can log in to your account to check the videos from the media library you have already uploaded to the account.

Step 2: Search for the desired video or even enter the name in the search bar. Once you have located the desired video, you can copy the URL of the video to download the Sendvid files.

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Part 2: The All-in-One Sendvid Downloader for High-Quality Videos

Once you have found the URLs of the Sendvid videos from your account or the ones from others, CleverGet Sendvid Downloader is a versatile choice to extract videos and audio files from Sendvid and other online streaming sites. Moreover, it has a batch process to download a series of videos from Sendvid via the M3U8 playlist.

1. Provide a built-in web browser to fetch, play, and download videos offline.

2. Detect videos and audio files from Sendvid and provide download options.

3. Save videos with up to 4K in video quality and 320KBPS in audio quality.

4. Preserve the original metadata of the Sendvid video for further manage.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Sendvid Downloader on a computer. Click the 3-dot button at the upper right corner and choose the Setting button. In the dialog box, you can set the video save address, maximum download quantity, language, and others.

CleverGet Settings

Step 2: Paste the URL of the Sendvid video in the URL box and browse the file through the built-in browser. When you play the Sendvid file, it will detect the media within the URL directly. After that, you can find a download icon available at the bottom of the user interface.

CleverGet Play Sendvid

Step 3: Click the Download icon to get the multiple download options with different video formats and file sizes. If you need to save a series of videos, you can select the options before clicking the Download button to save the Sendvid videos for offline watching.

CleverGet Download VLive

Step 4: It will add the videos to the download list in the Library menu within the program. Once the downloading process is complete, you can find the downloaded Sendvid videos within the Video menu in the Library menu on the sidebar within the program.

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Part 3: 3 Online Sendvid Downloaders to Watch Movies Offline


Yt2save is an online streaming video downloader that can help you download videos and music from thousands of online streaming sites and save them in common formats of video files, such as MP4, M4V, WEBM, etc. It is workable on both computers and smartphone. Just enter the URLs of the videos and audio files to download Sendvid files.



As an online Sendvid downloader, VideoSniffer enables you to download videos from more than 1000 online streaming sites. Once you have entered the URL of the Sendvid video, you can download the video to your computer. Moreover, you can extract the videos form multiple channels with 1080P or even 4K in video quality.



Gettvid is an online service dedicated to downloading videos from multiple social media websites. It allows you to save high-quality Sendvid videos on your computer in a fast way. There is not limitation for downloading video from Sendvid. After the download is complete, the information will be deleted to ensure your privacy.

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When you want to choose a Sendvid downloader to extract the high-quality files for offline watching, you can learn more about the best methods from the article. If you need to download Sendvid with a batch process, CleverGet Sendvid Downloader is a nice choice you should not miss.