Shutterfly Photo Book

Shutterfly Photo Book Review in 2020

Shutterfly is an integrative platform for people to handcraft something about photos. You can DIY many kinds of daily products with your memorable pictures, such as cards, stationery, calendars, personalized gifts, and home décor, as well as Shutterfly photo books. If you do not create photo books before, you can get operation steps by watching “Design Studio” to learn how to create Shutterfly photo books online.

Shutterfly Photo Book

1. Shutterfly Photo Book Features

Shutterfly offers more than 200 templates and backgrounds for people to apply. You can also import photos from Facebook, Instagram, SmugMug and your own computer disks. In addition, Shutterfly also provides many other unique features that can fill demands and customize Shutterfly photo books.

1. You can customize Shutterfly photo book layout by resize, move and add texts wherever you want.

2. Shutterfly provides three methods for customers to design Shutterfly photo books. “Make My Book”, “Custom Path” and “Simple Path” aims to different demands.

3. Make My Book service allows you to upload photo book album to designers. Within 3 days, you can get a review of their work. If you are not satisfied about their job, you can ask to change another designer. The extra service fee is $9.99.

4. You are able to add 1 to 30 images per page; the total amount of this Shutterfly photo book is up to 1000.

5. If you want to create an online Shutterfly photo book more memorable, you can add a 30-second video message on it.

6. Shutterfly offers volumes of photo book cover, theme, paper, layout and so on.

7. You can add, save and share online Shutterfly photo book anytime you like because of the online storage.


The default Shutterfly photo book minimum pages are 20; you can add more pages to it with the certain fees. You do not need to download other photo book app to your device, just create Shutterfly photo book online.

2. Shutterfly Photo Book Cost

Because of the different demands towards Shutterfly photo book, you will be charged with higher prices than others. However, you will find that other people cost less than you even though both of you had made the same Shutterfly photo books. Thus, you had better figure out Shutterfly photo book pricing before ordering.

Shutterfly Photo Book Coupon

It is delightful if there are Shutterfly photo book coupons, with which you can save costs and enjoy the same or better services. Here are the skills to get Shutterfly photo book coupon codes and special discounts.

1. Open Shutterfly on your browser, go to find the Shutterfly photo book promo code under “Searching” option. You will get daily special discount by typing Shutterfly photo books coupon whiling ordering.

2. To know more about Shutterfly photo book coupon, you can click “Special Offers” on the top right corner besides Search engine.

3. You can get many save up to 50% products on Shutterfly coupons. If it is approaching Christmas or other festivals, the special offers will be more attractive and affordable.

4. If your order is over $49, you are able to get free Shutterfly photo book shipping and free upgrade to expedite shipping on orders.

Shutterfly Photo Book Coupon

Shutterfly Photo Book Pricing

After knowing how to get the preferential coupons, let’s learn about the concrete Shutterfly photo books pricing based on three different methods to create Shutterfly photo books.

Shutterfly Photo Book SizeShutterfly Photo Book Original Price
7 x 9$15.99
8 x 8$19.99
8 x 11$24.99
10 x 10$29.99
12 x 12$64.99
11 x 14$74.99

Size/Cover ($)7 x 98 x 88 x 1110 x 1012 x 1211 x 14
Soft Photo Cover15.9919.9924.9929.99//
Hard Photo Cover/29.9939.9949.9964.9974.99
Hard Photo Cover with Matte Finish/34.9944.9959.9974.9989.99
Padded photo Cover/34.9944.9959.9974.9989.99
Cloth Cover with Die-cut Window/44.9949.9954.9989.9999.99
Linen Cover with Die-cut Window/44.9954.9964.9989.9999.99
Leather Cover with Die-cut Window/44.9954.9964.9989.9999.99
Hard Photo Cover with Layflat Pages/69.9989.9999.99124.99144.99
Hard Photo Cover with Matte Finish and Layflat Pages/74.9994.99109.99134.99159.99
Padded Photo Cover with Layflat Pages/74.9994.99109.99134.99159.99
Genuine Leather Cover with Layflat Pages/114.99144.99159.99199.99229.99
Crushed Silk Cover with Layflat Pages/114.99144.99159.99199.99229.99
Each Additional Pages (20 pages included)0.651.291.491.992.192.29

You will be charged extra $9.99 for “Make My Book” service to get the help for Shutterfly photo book from designers. The above tabulation state the original price of Shutterfly photo books, don’t worry about the price after you get the Shutterfly photo books coupon.

3. Shutterfly Photo Book Shipping and Support

The economic or standard delivery time is 6 to 10 days, you can choose rush service if you are hurry. As for those customers who are not satisfied with their Shutterfly photo books, Shutterfly promise 100% money-back guarantee. If you have any other questions about your Shutterfly photo book order, just contact them with telephone, email or live chat. In addition, the telephone connection has time limitations, or you can read their FAQ to get solutions.

Shutterfly Photo Book Shipping


Shutterfly print Photo books in US with qualified materials. You can edit Shutterfly photo books online or on the iPad 2 or later. Shutterfly ensures to protect every photo book with dust jacket and gift boxes. The high quality of photo book paper in Shutterfly also impressed lots of customers to take an order as gifts to friends or family members. If you chase high-quality images, you can go to 42nd street photo to purchase cameras. Thus, you can personalize Shutterfly photo book freely with the powerful features the photo book editor, and then just wait to receive the wonderful Shutterfly photo books.