How to View Images on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

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When you back home from a journey with some friends, you need to view pictures taken by different cameras, which is beyond the capability of the JPEG viewers of your computer. Besides viewing images features, you might batch rename and convert images to a folder or create a photo album. The article shares the solutions you might have when you view photos on Windows and Mac. Read on it to get more information now.

How to View Images

Part 1: Why Can’t I View Images on Windows and Mac

If you cannot view photo files on Windows or Mac, the problem may relate to the computer privilege, the photo format, or the damage of the photo. Just learn more detail about the solutions if you cannot view images on Windows and Mac.

A: Make sure the images are not damaged before you view photos. You can download the images again to fix the problem. But if the files are damaged, you can use some recovery software to get photos back.

B: If the default photo viewer does not support the photos format or RAW files, you can download some patch files for the photo viewer, such as the Microsoft Camera codec pack, which supports a large number of photo formats. And you can also use some professional RAW image viewer to view photos instead.

C: When you do not have permission to view photos on Windows or Mac. You should backup all the files first.

Solve Can't View Image on Mac

Hold down the option key and select Go to open the Library option from the Finder menu bar. From the Library folder, delete the following items, if they exist:

  • Caches/
  • Containers/
  • Preferences/
  • Preferences/
  • Saved Application State/

Solve Can't View Image on Windows

If you cannot view photos, you can take the following steps to Take Ownership of the image or photo folder:

  • Right-click the file or folder to choose Properties. Then click the Security tab.
  • Click Advanced to open the Advanced Security Settings for Object dialog box.
  • Click the Owner tab before you hit the Edit button. And then type the password or click Continue.
  • In the new Advanced Security Settings for Object box, in the Change owner to: field, select your User name, and check the Replace owner on sub-containers and objects. Click OK and repeat for the remaining boxes.
Error Code

Part 2: How to View Photos on Windows and Mac with Ease

And you can view images on Windows and Mac now. What can you do to enjoy an easy and efficient experience to view photos? Just find the difficulties when you view images or RAW files.

A: Click one photo at a time in the same folder to view a bunch of pictures. It should be a frustrating experience to view hundreds or thousands of images in a folder.

B: Enable you to view photos in thumbnail to browse all the photo files in an overview. And also zoom features to view every detail of the images.

C: Access the EXIF information, including the resolution, taken data, camera model, lens information, and the ISO and other information when you view images for RAW files.

D: Pick up the favorite photos or move the pictures to the recycle bin at the time for viewing images. And also enable you to print your favorite photos whenever you want.

E: Retina-aware or 3D features to provide the detail of the photos in incredibly high resolution for viewing images on Windows and Mac.

F: Automatically rotate the portrait photographs when you view pictures. You do not have to adjust the photos by yourself.

G: Share the photos on social media websites easily. The program should enable you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other accounts.

H: If the slideshow mode or gallery mode is available, it will bring back the golden memory when viewing photos.

When you need to view photos easily with the features mentioned, you need to use Photo viewers. You can check the best photo viewer to browse the thousands of photos.

Part 3: Best Photo Viewer for Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

1. WidsMob Viewer

WidsMob Viewer is a versatile photo viewer with multiple excellent features. The multiple viewing photo modes, full-screen mode, thumbnail mode, simple mode, slideshow mode, EXIF mode, and zoom mode provide a photo viewing experience. The photo viewer for Mac supports 35 photo files and RAW formats, including the Nikon, Canon, and other most popular photo formats. The program is available in 16 languages.

Win Download Mac Download

Key functions:

1. Superb fast speed to view photos, only add one image to view all images files.

2. Browse photos in incredibly high quality with a Retina-aware Mac photo viewer and zero-interface full mode.

3. The batch process and fundamental touching-up features should be the plus for the perfect photo viewer.

4. Different photo viewing modes, manage the photos between different folders with ease.

5. Crop the photos lossless, adjust the effects or sort the photos by name or data.

Preview Mode Viewer
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2. XnView

XnView should be another option for view images in different formats on PC. It is also available for both Windows and Mac. The Screen Capture module and Windows TWAIN & WIA interface can help the program capture images. With the multiple exporting formats, you can use the output files of the photo viewer for Slideshow, Web Pages, and so on.

1. Different view modes to browse, organize and view images in thumbnail, fullscreen, filmstrip, or slideshow.

2. It can read about 500 formats, including multipage and animated still formats APNG, TIFF, GIF, ICO, etc.

3. Fundamental editing tools to resize, rotate, crop, auto level, auto contrast, and lossless crop images.

4. Batch functions are also available to rename and other processing the photos.

5. Apply filters and effects when view photos, such as blur, average, emboss.

6. EXIF auto rotation support.

XnView Win Download Mac Download