TikTok Audio Downloader – Here is the Ultimate Review to Convert TikTok to MP3

Last Updated on April 17, 2023 by Jane Joe

Besides the background music files of TikTok, there are many talented musicians with excellent songs. How to download music or audio files on TikTok? Of course, you can download TikTok videos in MP4 and convert them to MP3 or other audio formats. When you need to download audio from TikTok directly, here is a review of the 10 best TikTok audio downloaders.

TikTok Audio Downloader

Part 1: How to Download TikTok Audio Files to MP3 320KBPS

When you need to download audio or music files from TikTok video in MP3 format, CleverGet TikTok Downloader is the all-in-one video downloader to save in MP3, MP4, MKV, WebM, and other file formats. It has a built-in web browser to locate the desired music files you want to download. Moreover, it has a batch process to download multiple music files with an M3U8 playlist within one click.

1. Download audio and music files in MP3 up to 320KBPS directly.

2. Save audio metadata of TikTok videos for further management.

3. Extract all videos on a TikTok playlist or channel to MP3 format.

4. Get high-quality videos and audio files from more than 1000 sites.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet TikTok Downloader on your computer. Log in to your account and register for the program. After that, you can click the 3-dot icon in the toolbar and click the Setting button in the pop-up menu to set up the batch downloading settings.

CleverGet Settings

Step 2: Click the Tiktok button to access the TikTok official website. Search for the desired video from the built-in web browser. Moreover, you can simply enter the URL of the TikTok video, which will direct you to the video within the built-in web browser.

CleverGet Tiktok Play

Step 3: It will detect TikTok video and audio files from the URL automatically and provides different download options. Just choose the detected audio file, such as MP3, and check the download option. Click the Download button to download TikTok files as audio files.

CleverGet Tiktok Download

Step 4: Once the download process is done, you can check the Library in the hidden sidebar to find the downloaded files. Click the Audio button, you can locate the downloaded TikTok audio files. After that, you can share them with others or transfer them to another device.

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Part 2: 5 Methods to Download TikTok Sound Online

Besides the all-in-one video downloaders, there are some online downloaders and converters that enable you to download TikTok videos to MP3 or other audio formats directly.



SnapTik is an online TikTok sound downloader that enables you to download high-quality MP3 files. It provides a fast downloading speed completely free of charge. Moreover, it is an online toolkit that works on both computers and phones, you can use any web browser to extract the audio files from TikTok.

SnapTik Download TikTok



Qload.info is not only a free online TikTok audio downloader that enables you to save TikTok videos but also convert them to MP3 format. Different from the other TikTok downloaders, you can download the app from the Documents by readdle to your iOS devices to get audio files in MP3 format.




TTDownloader enables you to download and convert TikTok videos to MP3 or M4A format. It is an online TikTok audio downloader that downloads the original TikTok videos with or without a watermark. Moreover, it has a fast speed to download audio files within a few seconds.

TTDownloader Win Download Mac Download

Musically Down


Besides downloading HD MP4 files, Musically Down is also a TikTok audio downloader that allows you to save the TikTok clips as MP3 files, especially for music files and lectures. It works on all devices, whether you are using Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.

Musically Down



Ssstik is one of the most popular TikTok music downloaders that offers the fastest way to save TikTok content as MP3. You can use the same process to download the audio files from TikTok. But it cannot access the content of private accounts and cannot save videos from there.

Ssstik Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: 4 Methods to Download TikTok Audio via Smartphones

If it is inconvenient to download TikTok audio files online, or you need to get multiple audio files, is there a TikTok sound downloader app for Android or iOS directly? Here are the recommendations.



SongTik is a song downloader especially for saving TikTok sound and music files. Besides downloading the music files from TikTok, you can also use it as an audio player and audio editor. When you deleted the app, the audio and music files will also be removed from the account.




When you need to download music from TikTok and save them as ringtones, TikMusic is a workable choice to save audio files to your Downloads. There is a built-in simple music player in which you can listen to downloaded music, lectures, and songs from TikTok.

TikMusic Win Download Mac Download



Snaptube is a TikTok downloader app that provides unlimited downloads. It allows you to get TikTok videos and audio files for free and select the desired file format. Moreover, you can also use it as the best workaround if the other TikTok audio downloaders do not work.


vidIQ Viral


Instead of the desired TikTok videos, vidIQ Viral for TikTok is the desired TikTok music downloader that enables you to track trending music and sounds popular on TikTok. Moreover, there is an AI algorithm to find, discover and predict the sounds and songs that are going viral.

vidIQ Viral Win Download Mac Download


When you need to download sound or music files from TikTok, here are the 10 workable methods you should know. Whether you are using online choices or audio downloader apps, you can simply follow similar methods. But if you want to download TikTok audio files with up to 320KBPS, CleverGet TikTok downloader is always the best choice.