Widevine Downloader – 3 Easy Methods to Download Videos with Widevine DRM Protection

Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Jane Joe

Widevine started as a digital rights management technology provider, which was acquired by Google in later years. The technology is widely used in the most popular video platforms, including Netflix, HBO, and Disney+. Is there a workaround to download Widevine DRM-protected videos? Just learn more about the 3 workable Widevine downloaders to extract the movies for offline watching from the article.

Widevine Downloader

Part 1: What is a Widevine DRM Protection

Widevine is a DRM feature purchased by Google, which is used to protect videos and applications. It uses designated servers of Google to access the videos protected by Widevine DRM. If you have Widevine, you can quickly watch all the content from OTT platforms. The Widevine DRM is used by more and more streaming platforms to have better protection for the content. Here are 3 different Widevine DRM levels, which you can learn more about the differences below.

Widevine L1: It is the highest security level, which plays or decrypts videos at the highest possible resolution in the Trusted Execution Environment only. It means your device needs to be certified to meet the full L1 specification if you want to stream HD content from services like Netflix.

Widevine L2: It is a medium security level of Widevine DRM protection, which enables the device to process videos with up to 720P. It enables the device to decrypt videos in TEE while processing outside TEE, which is not used for Android or iOS devices for playing videos.

Widevine L3: As the basic security level, a state where you are not trusted. It means no Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for DRM encryption. There is no content processing and no encryption on your device, so you can only play 480P video quality.

Part 2: An Easy Widevine Downloader for Disney+ and More

Just as mentioned above, whether you are on a computer or a cell phone, you have to meet the Widevine DRM specification to playback the videos. It is the reason that you cannot download movies from Netflix, Disney+, and other websites. What should be the best Widevine video Downloader to extract movies offline?

CleverGet Video Downloader is a powerful toolkit to process Widevind DRM protection. It enables you to download videos from more than 1000 streaming sites with up to 4K/8K in video quality. It not only provides different channels but also has a built-in web browser to locate the videos easily. Moreover, you can also remix the audio tracks, subtitles, and others before downloading the Widevine RDM-protected videos.

1. Automatic detection of Widevine DRM videos from multiple channels.

2. Save files up to 1080P/4K/8K in video quality and 320KBPS in audio quality.

3. Store the metadata of the downloaded video for further management.

4. Extract subtitles in SRT/SUP format, audio tracks, video clips, and more.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Video Downloader, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner and choose the General tab. After that, you can set the output address and the maximum number of downloads.

CleverGet Select Canal Plus

Step 2: Click the Disney+ icon or the Netflix icon and log in to your account. If you have the URL of the video, you can simply paste it into the address bar, which will direct you to the playback page. After that, it will detect the content from the URL with a Download icon.

CleverGet Disney Login

Step 3: It will provide different download options after fetching. Just select the desired video resolution, frame rate, and others. Click the Download button to add the selected video to the download list. It will automatically save Widevine videos to your computer accordingly.

CleverGet Download Disney

Step 4: Once the whole process is done, click the Downloading button to view the downloading process. Besides the basic features of playback videos with Widevine DRM offline directly, you can burn the downloaded video into a DVD.

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Part 3: The Online Widevine Downloader to Get Netflix Videos

Is there an online method to bypass Widevine's DRM protection to get Netflix videos without downloading any software? Widevine-L3-Decryptor is a Google Chrome extension that can help you to get the appropriate video content on Windows. However, it has a high level of expertise and requires javascript to work on web browsers.

Step 1: Play the video protected by Widevine DRM from Netflix on your Google Chrome browser. Widevine-L3-Decryptor will automatically get the plaintext secret key and save it to the javascript console to playback the protected videos.

Step 2: When decrypting the Widevine DRM videos, you need to use a tool that can decrypt MPEG-CENC streams to help you, FFmpeg should be a good choice. Of course, you can get a plaintext DRM, which saves the video to your computer.

The above method does not require you to download the software. Instead, it should be more difficult, which requires javascript and FFmpeg. If you are not familiar with the process, it is not a good choice.

DRM Chrome Plugin

Part 4: How to Download Widevine DRM-Protected Videos on Android

Widevine DRM protection technology, mostly used on Android, was originally acquired to compete with Apple's technology to protect video copyrights to the greatest extent possible. Playon is a Widevine video downloader that works specifically on Android device. Just learn more details about the process with the following steps.

Step 1: Download and install Playon on your Android devices. After launching it, you will need to register an account and rest assured. Once the registration is complete, you can try it out.

Step 2: Choose the Channels tab and click the HBO icon. When the page is redirected, find the content you want to download. Whether it is a movie or a TV clip, you can play and download it.

Step 3: On the video information window, click the Record button to add it to your download list. Moreover, you can playback the video while recording. Just view the file afterward.

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With the strict protection of Widevine DRM, it is more difficult to playback the videos or download them. If there is any error message for Widevine DRM protection, here are 3 workable ways you should consider. CleverGet Video Downloader is the optimal choice to decrypt the DRM protection and enables you to save videos in 1080P/4K/8K.