Can You Download Movies on Android with Videoder? Here is a Simple Guide

Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Jane Joe

Should you choose Videoder to download movies from streaming platforms on Android? If you want to have a review of Videoder before downloading it to your smartphone, it should be the article you should read. Moreover, you can also find the best Videoder alternative to download online streaming videos on Windows and Mac.

Download Movies with Videoder

Part 1: A Simple Review of Videoder You Should Know

Videoder is a very popular video downloader and converter on Android. It used to be an efficient method to download videos from online streaming sites. But because of the recent updates, you should find some crashes or No internet connection errors. Is Videoder still a trustworthy app? Yes. Because most streaming services update the algorithms frequently, it should be difficult to ensure as before. Videoder is still one of the most efficient video downloaders to extract movies.

Excellent Features of Videoder

1. Download music files and videos in Ultra HD, 3GP, MP4, and others.

2. Provide a built-in web browser to play and locate videos and music files.

3. Search, play, and download your favorite ultra HD videos with the app.

4. Enable you to download video content from any network automatically.

5. Easy to control the downloading and manage the downloaded videos.

Videoder Webpage Win Download Mac Download

A Simple Review of Videoder


1. Download and convert videos from multiple online streaming sites.

2. There is no delay to download or Ads within the video downloader.

3. Provide a background downloader while playing the movies online.

4. Find links from your web browser and download them at a fast speed.

5. Save high-quality movies up to 720P/1080P/4K in video quality.


1. Fail to connect to the Internet smoothly that cannot download videos.

2. Cannot always download videos from YouTube and other streaming.

3. It is not stable to run Videoder or download videos or music offline.

4. Work very slowly to download files and do not work with larger files.

Videoder Features

How to Use Videoder to Download Movies

When you need to use Videoder to download movies offline, instead of getting the latest version from Google Play, you can also download it from Uptodown to have a better experience. Here is the detailed process to download movies with Videoder below.

Step 1: To install Videoder on your Android, you can go to the Settings app and choose the Security option. After that, you can turn on the install apps from unknown sources option. It enables you to install APK from Uptodown without many limitations.

Step 2: Launch Videoder app on your phone, tap on the search bar, and type the relevant keywords to find the desired video you want to download. You can simply tap the Download icon to save the video in different formats and resolutions according to your requirement.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded movies with Videoder, you can go to the native video app or your Videoder library to watch the video offline. Moreover, it allows you to download unlimited videos in different formats from multiple online streaming sites.

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Part 2: The Best Videoder Alternative to Download Movies

Is there an easy Videoder alternative to download the desired movies for offline watching? Whether you cannot download movies with Videoder or the application is not stable, CleverGet Video Downloader is the desired one to get movies from more than 1000 websites. It enables you to download movies with up to 1080P/4K in video quality and 320KBPS in audio quality. Moreover, there is a built-in web browser to play and locate the videos within a few clicks.

1. Download videos in batches from streaming sites with an M3U8 playlist.

2. Remix subtitles, audio tracks, and other settings for downloading videos.

3. Detect Ads within the downloaded videos and remove them automatically.

4. Save the metadata of all downloaded videos for better management.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Video Downloader on your computer. Launch the program and click the Settings button. Choose the General tab to set up the maximum download tasks, destination folder, and other settings before clicking the Save button.

CleverGet Settings

Step 2: Choose the desired online streaming channel from the user interface. If you need to download videos from other websites, you can simply enter the URL of the official website or even the URL of the desired video you want to fetch the videos accordingly.

CleverGet YouTube

Step 3: Click the Download icon hovering in the bottom right corner of the program, it will extract the video resources from the website and provide multiple download options. Just select the desired video quality, frame rate, and other settings before downloading.

CleverGet Download YouTube

Step 4: Once you have added to the download list, it will download videos automatically as Videoder. Go to the Library menu and choose the Video tab, where you can find the downloaded videos from online streaming sites. After that, you can manage them within the program.

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Should you trust Videoder for downloading movies from online streaming sites? If you are frustrated about the instability of Videoder, or cannot save movies to your Android devices smoothly, just read the review about Videoder or use a version from Uptodown to find whether out it works. If you still cannot use it to get the movies for offline watching. CleverGet Video Downloader is one of the best choices to download videos on Windows and Mac.