War Movie Download – Here are 10 Best Movies You Should Watch on the Go

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How to download war movies to watch offline during a journey? When you need to have some fast-paced film that drives your emotions, you should find most streaming services only provides online services. Is there a walk round to download them with high quality? What are the best war movies you should download? Just learn more about the details from the article.

War Movie Download

Part 1: 10 Best War Movies You Should Download

Top 1: Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is the story of saving a comrade from the battlefield. To show the authenticity of the movie, the lead actor had serious study and experience in the army. The war movie shows the cruelty of war very well and makes people think about what the meaning of war is.

Saving Private Ryan

Top 2: Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory is a rare comedy among war movies you should download. It has dark humor at its core throughout. It's a series of stories about a group of soldiers sent on a meaningless mission, but it exemplifies the pointlessness of wartime bureaucracy.

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Top 3: The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter allows you to feel the effect of war on a person's will. When on the battlefield, all consciousness is affected, and in the end, it is all about the pursuit of life in the context of war. The war movie profoundly shows how ordinary people in war, struggle while suffering.

The Deer Hunter

Top 4: Inglourious Basterds

When you need to download some unconventional war movies, Inglourious Basterds is one of the best choices. Set in the Second World War, the film is relatively normal at the beginning, but later it will make you laugh out loud. But it is in the absurdity that the film's true dark humor is revealed.

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Top 5: Schindler's List

Schindler's List, a must-see war movie, is a film that the director created with a sense of mission. It is such a classic war film with black and white filming, which enhances the authenticity, and the plain narrative makes people empathize with the characters.

Schindler's List

Top 6: The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker is a very documentary film, the shaking of the screen during the demolition of the bomb, can make you the most quickly driven by the film. The war movie will make you understand that the victims of war are always only ordinary and innocent people.

The Hurt Locker Win Download Mac Download

Top 7: Platoon

Platoon is a film about the Vietnam War, and the director was involved in the script, from production to filming. It is a shrewd examination of the brutality of war and the duality of man in conflict. The film is a high-quality presentation of a war film that rises to the level of psychological expression.


Top 8: Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth is a Spanish war movie, which was created by a girl who wants to escape from the darkness of the exhibition war and led to fantasy. It is very rare for a director to express the cruelty of war through magic. In the story, magic and reality are blended very well through a black tone.

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Top 9: Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is more than a war movie, but is also a record of historical figures. The main character in the film is already a very famous figure in the history of Arabia. The main character is unforgettable through his talents and gifts and his unique personality, making it a very special film.

Lawrence of Arabia

Top 10: Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket is a film depicting the pre-war period, with a story focusing on a training camp for young soldiers. Before the war comes, young soldiers have to be called into the training camp and face certain atrocities. It is helpful to understand the war before it happens, but also vulnerable.

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Part 2: How to Download War Movies from All Websites

How do you download all the above war movies from different websites, such as Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and more websites? Is there an all-in-one war movie downloader to extract videos from all sites? CleverGet Video Downloader is the desired one that supports more than 1000 streaming sites. It enables you to download and add the desired audio track and subtitles for foreign war movies.

1. Download up to 4K/1080P war movies with audio files in 320KBPS quality.

2. Provide a built-in web browser to preview and find the videos to download.

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4. Edit metadata, choose the subtitles/audio tracks, and manage them easily.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet video downloader, you can log in and register your account to download the full war movies. Launch the program on your computer and click the Settings button to download war movies with the desired quality.

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Step 2: Select the HBO Max icon, the YouTube icon, or others if you have an account. Just log in to the account before downloading the movies. Of course, you can also enter the URL of the war movies. Preview the movies within the built-in web browser.

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Step 3: Click the Download icon and the built-in browser will analyze the video sources within the URL and provide download options. Select the quality and save format of the video and click the Download button to add the video to the download list.

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Step 4: Once the war movies are downloaded completely, you can view them in the Library button in the sidebar. Click the Video button to check all the downloaded videos. After that, you can transfer them to another device you take on the go.

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Here is a simple guide about the war movies you should download. The 10 classic movies should be time killers during the journey. When you need to get them to watch offline. CleverGet must be your first choice, both for the coverage of the site and the success rate of the download. All are well worth your time!