Easy Mosaic Review and 5 Best Alternatives to Make the Desired Mosaic Photos

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Where can I find Easy Mosaic or EZ Mosaic to get a mosaic photo or the desired service? Easy Mosaic not only provides the mosaic design software, but also some design and development services. When you need to make some mosaic photos, it should be the right choice. Just learn more about the review and the best alternatives from the article.

Easy Mosaic Review

Part 1: A Simple Review of Ez Mosaic

Easy Mosaic provides stunning mosaic photos, including photo mosaic, bottle cap mosaic, tile mosaic, text/message mosaic, photo QR mosaic, and other easy mosaic designs and art. It enables you to generate a randomized maze, render specified photos to the maze wall. When you view the files at low magnifications, the individual walls appear as the Main Image. Just have a quick 5-minute assembly and you are ready to create.

But there are some restrictions, the series of Easy Mosaic costs more than US$200.00 for each commercial edition or professional edition. Even if you purchased the PRO Edition for US$595.99, you can only have 8 different shapes, including ellipse, hexagon, grid pattern, circle pattern, and spiral pattern. When do you need to design some mosaic photos, what should be the best alternatives of Easy Mosaic?

Photo Maze Maker

Part 2: 5 Best Easy Mosaic Alternatives to Make Mosaic Photos

Top 1: WidsMob Montage

WidsMob Montage should be the best easy mosaic alternative for Windows and Mac. Whether you use the photos from a computer directly or acquire them from devices, even download from websites; the top mosaic photo app can use the advanced mosaic algorithm to design an easy mosaic just according to your requirement.

Have you ever imaged making a gorgeous photo mosaic in PNG? That is, you can create photomontage in shape without the background. You do not have to be frustrated to make a special QR mosaic, text/message mosaic, or other similar effects of an easy mosaic program with less cost. If you combine some resources from WidsMob, you can create excellent mosaic photos accordingly.

To get the desired result for easy mosaic art or montage photos, the final result might be above 300MB. And then it can be used as wallpaper, murals, banners, or other shows. When you use some mosaic apps on tablets or online easy mosaic alternative, you might either get some blurred cell images or take hours to generate a stunning result. It is the major reason for using the Photo Montage on Windows or Mac.

Make Mosaic with WidsMob Montage Win Download Mac Download

Top 2: Mosaikr

Mosaikris an easy mosaic alternative on iPhone or other iOS devices. All you need to do is choose a master image or image region, and then select the tiles or micro-images to be used to create the mosaic photo. After that Mosaikr automatically calculates mosaic photos depending on the device, selected quality, and the number of photos used to make easy mosaic photos.

And then you can browse your mosaic gallery with saved mosaic photos or just pinch to zoom to explore the detail of the easy mosaic photos. If you are satisfied with the mosaic photos, you can export the easy mosaic photo to Photo Library or iTunes accordingly. But it should be time-consuming when you use the application to generate mosaic photos on iPhone.

But unfortunately, the easy mosaic alternative is available for the old version of iOS. If you are still using iPhone 5 or lower versions, you can still use the easy program to combine mosaic photos with an easy process.


Top 3: Mosaicture

Mosaicture is an Android easy mosaic application that generates real mosaics based on all images of your device. Just select an image or take a photo as the major mosaic photo, the program will use the available photos in the device to design easy mosaic art in a few minutes. If you want to create some perfect mosaic photos, you can add photos with different colors to the easy mosaic alternative program instead.

After that, you can crop the photo mosaic to the right size or adjust the quality of the file. The program also empowers customize the albums and pictures to export a satisfying easy mosaic design. Just share the photo via email, social media, or message within the program now.

If you are using phones or tablets to make mosaic photos, you can directly import the photos from your device with an easy mosaic photos effect, but you cannot enjoy the photos of the combined micro-images, especially when you have to use it for wallpaper or ceremonies. Just check the easy mosaic alternatives for iOS and Android.


Top 4: Picture Mosaics

If you just need to have an online easy mosaic alternative or contact a designer to make a similar mosaic effect, you can use the Picture Mosaics service, which provides multiple Do-It-Yourself features to customize the mosaic design.

The procedure for mosaic maker online is similar to the other easy mosaic alternatives. But the Do it yourself features and advanced mosaic styles are not for everyone, you might have to contact the developer and designers to achieve the mosaic ideas you dream of. Just check the mosaic gallery of Picture Mosaics, which might provide you an excellent photo collage ideas that you can manage all by yourself.

The online mosaic maker is only available for relatively small-scale mosaic photos, murals, or banners. You should contact the designers to get an easy mosaic art accordingly. Picture Mosaics has lots of masterpieces designed for different occasions, the designers and developers will work with you to ensure you get the best possible photo mosaic on time.

Picture Mosaics

Top 5: Pixelize

What should be the best Easy Mosaic alternative for Linux? Pixelize is one of the oldest mosaic applications for Linux with a GTK1 interface. The package includes GUI front-end pixelize and the command line. Run the command line at least once to run pixelize to populate the database of source images from which the app will tile your mosaic.

Pixelize is a free easy mosaic program that works by splitting up the image you want to render into a grid of small rectangular areas. After that, the program will replace each area with a large database of images. What is more, you can get more than 1000 images for the mosaic file.

When you need to install the program, you should check out more detailed information about the program first. Pixelize was developed under Linux but has also been tested under SunOS and Solaris. It should work with almost any UNIX, though.

Pixelize Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about Easy Mosaic

1How do you contact Easy Mosaic to order mosaic photos?

If you need to order the mosaic photos from Easy Mosaic, you can send an email to design#ezmosaic.com to create your mosaics, print/build the mosaic photo, and ship it to you. The service is for those who want the final mosaic product from EZ Mosaic only.

2How to make the special QRCODE Mosaic with EZ Mosaic?

When you need to make a special QRCODE mosaic, you can form up the QR photo, and upload the QR photos to EZ Mosaic or WidsMob Montage. After that, you can use it to combine the beautiful ancient art of mosaic with modern technologies.

3What is the type of discrete mosaic of EZ Mosaic?

Discrete Mosaic is an art form that looks more handy-made. Each unit is placed in a random position, and each unit may have various sizes and shapes. It is generated by CAD technology, but with a special Mosaic Algorithm with EZ Mosaic.


Whatever the operating system you are using now, you can find a suitable Easy Mosaic alternative to create a mosaic photograph. When you need to create stunning mosaic photos, WidsMob Montage should always be the first choice. If you have any queries about the topic, you can share more detailed information in the article.

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