How to Record Netflix Movies on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone You Should Know

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Netflix is one of the most popular video stream platforms. It includes original shows, classic movies, and more streaming videos to subscribers. How to record Netflix movies for watching offline? You not only need to have a stable Internet connection but also need to buy a special subscription account. To rip the movies from Netflix with the original quality, you can learn more about the 6 best methods from the article. Or, if you want to Download instead of Record, you can Read How to Download Netflix Video.

How to Record Netflix Movies

Part 1: 3 Workable Methods to Record Netflix Movies on PC/Mac

Method 1: How to Download Netflix Movies to Computer with Video Downloader

Download Netflix Video with official app will bring with a lot limit, even you have a premium account. And what is worse, you may haven't a premium netflix account at all. Then you have to turn to a Netflix Downloader that can help you to download Netflix movies and videos freely without limitations.

  1. Download Netflix Videos for Watching Offline
  2. Download 720p, 1080p, NetFlix HD Videos without Quality Loss
  3. Download NetFlix to MP4 or MKV Format
  4. Reserve Multi-Language Audio Tracks and Subtitles

How to Download Netflix Movie to Computer without Premium Account

Step 1: Download and install Netflix movie downloader.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 2: To download a movie on Netflix to the computer, move to Netflix module, as you can see its icon in the center column.

Best Netflix Downloader - CleverGet

Step 3: Login to your Netflix account, if you don't have one you can borrow from others or buy a shared one online.

Login to Your Netflix Account

Step 4: Go to the movie or TV show that you want to download and the downloadable video will be detected automatically, then you can choose to download a version that you want.

Note: All downloaded Netflix movies will save to your hard drive. They won’t be expired or have any restrictions.

Win Download Mac Download

Method 2: The Easy Method to Rip Movies from Netflix

Screen Recorder is one of the best Netflix recorders to capture movies from Netflix and other social media websites. It provides 7 different modes, such as the video recorder, game recorder, audio recorder, phone recorder, and more others. Moreover, you can also tweak the frame rate, adjust the recording area, and edit the videos.

  1. Record Netflix movies, streaming music files, and snapshots.
  2. Tweak the video codec, frame rate, audio codec, and others.
  3. Edit the recording Netflix movies and trim the desired parts.
  4. Provide schedule recording to capture broadcasting from Netflix.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Record Movies on Netflix on PC and Mac

Step 1: Run the screen recorder on your computer after installation. Choose the Video Recorder option to record Netflix movies. Enable the DISPLAY option and click the Custom option to set the recording area according to the Netflix movie.

Select Video Recorder

Step 2: Turn on the System Sound option and adjust the audio volume when you need to capture Netflix movies with audio files. Disable both the Webcam option and the Microphone option. Click the REC button before playing the movies on Netflix.

Set Recording Audio Source

Step 3: Once you have captured the desired Netflix movie, you can click the Stop button to save the movie. Check the movie recording and click the Save button to export the video to your computer. Moreover, you can manage the video within the program.

Manage Recordings Win Download Mac Download

Method 3: How to Record Netflix Movies with OBS Studio

OBS Studio is another versatile screen recorder to capture movies on Netflix and other websites. It provides high-performance real-time video and audio capturing and mixing. But it should be too complicated to capture the desired files on your computer.

Step 1: Download and install OBS on your computer and launch the program. Click the + icon in the Scenes section and create a new sense. Then click the + in the Sources section and select the Window Capture option to add the recording source from Netflix.

Step 2: Set the audio source in the Mixer area next to the Sources section. After that, you can click the Settings button and you can set the output format, video quality, and more in the dialog. Click the Start Recording button and play the Netflix video before recording.

Step 3: When the Netflix movie recording finishes, you can simply click the Stop Recording button to save the files. But due to the copyright protection problems, you might find that the recorded Netflix movies are blank screens with audio files.

OBS Discord Recording Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: 2 Efficient Methods to Record Netflix on iPhone/Android

Method 3: How to Record Netflix Videos on iPhone

The built-in screen-recording feature of the iPhone enables you to rip movies from Netflix if you have already updated to iOS 11 or later. The length of recording is determined by the free storage space left on your iPhone. Just learn more about the process as below.

Step 1: Open the Settings app from your iPhone, go to the Control Center option and enable the Access option. Tap the Customize Controls option and touch the + icon next to the Screen Recording option.

Step 2: Run the Netflix app and find the desired movies. Enter the Control Center option by tapping on the Start Recording option from the Screen Recording option to begin recording Netflix movies.

Step 3: After movie playback, tap the recording bar at the top of the screen, and tap the Stop button. You can go to the Photos app and view or edit the Netflix recording video.

iPhone Screen Recording

Method 4: How to Record Netflix Movies on Android

When it comes to recording Netflix Movies on Android, you will need a third-party screen recorder app beforehand. Google has already introduced the screen-recording feature into Android 11. Here is the detailed process to record files without extra applications.

Step 1: Swipe down from the top of your screen and you will see the quick setting bar. Tap the Screen recorder icon and select the Media sounds option when prompted to capture Netflix movies with audio.

Step 2: Tap the Start recording option before you open your Netflix app on your Android phone. Find and play the video that you want to watch offline. There is a toolbar on the screen while recording Netflix.

Step 3: When playback is over, tap the Stop button on the bar and save the video to your photo gallery. It cannot save the video recording to an SD card, so the length depends on your internal storage.

Android Netflix Recording Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: How to Record Netflix Movies for Free Online

As for the convenient way to record a movie from Netflix occasionally, a web-based recorder app is your choice. Screencast-O-Matic is the desired online video recorder that enables you to capture any video from the Netflix app for up to 15 minutes without installing any software.

Step 1: Open a web browser to visit Netflix. Find the target movie beforehand. Create a new tab and open Then you can enable the Screen option under the Record section.

Step 2: Set the recording region according to the Netflix movie and click the Size option and set the video resolution. Disable the Narration option when you turn on the Computer Audio option and adjust the volume.

Step 3: Click the Rec button to begin recording Netflix movies online. Hit the button again to stop recording and save the movie. If the video is very long, the web app will stop it in 15 minutes automatically.

Screencast O Matic Recording Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about Recording Netflix Streaming Movies

1Is It Legal to Record Netflix Movies?
2How to Download Netflix Movies Offline?

Netflix also offers you to pre-download series and movies for offline viewing. But different from recording Netflix movies, there are some restrictions to download Netflix, the video quality, and the storage length that are depending on the subscription plan of Netflix service.

3Is There a DVR That Can Record Netflix?

Yes, you can record Netflix with the PlayOn Cloud Mobile Streaming DVR App. However, there is no need to record Netflix onto a DVR. Because you can play Netflix movies on most devices, when you cannot play the movies offline, you can also download them to USB.


The article shares 5 different methods to record and download streaming videos, such as Netflix movies on different devices, such as Windows, Mac, online, iOS, and Android devices. When you want to tweak the frame rate, video quality, and more other parameters, Screen Recorder is one of the best choices to record Netflix movies. It is not only easy to use but also enables you to optimize the audio and video quality.

Win Download Mac Download

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