Ghost Photos – 2 Workable Methods to Remove Ghosting from Photos

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If you have some stunning shots with ghosting, what should you do? When the light is too strong or backlit, it will cause your photos to form ghosting and the photos will be white. Besides, the post-processing will also cause some ghosting photos, such as HDR combination. What are the best methods to fix ghosting in photography? Just learn more about the definition and the 2 best methods to fix the ghosting photos from the article

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Part 1: What is Ghosting in Photos and How to Avoid It

What is ghosting in photography? Since the camera just captures shots as your eyes, a light source or other factors will also produce artifacts in your image. Ghosting in photography not only degrades the image quality but also creates unwanted objects for the images. It is the reason that you have to remove the ghosting with different colors and shapes from the light source and span in the image.

What Cause Ghosting in Photography?

Ghosting is a type of lens flare, which is related to the camera lens. Because the camera lens is composed of multiple lenses. When strong light enters the lens, the light reflected from the surface of each lens will be reflected multiple times inside the camera, resulting in ghosts. The areas affected are detailed which rules out haze or flare.

Besides the camera lens, post-processing is another problem for ghosting in photography, especially for HDR merging. Since it is a combination of a series of images with different exposures, it is the reason most HDR software has suppression or de-ghost features.

How to Avoid Ghosting in Photography?

Install a lens hood or apply a light-proof coating on the lens, which can reduce the probability of ghosting. Whatever you shade for the camera lens, there will be image noises in the photos.

Clean up and maintain your lens regularly, because dust and dirt also cause ghosts. If the lens is blurred with some scars and spots, it will add ghosting to all the taken shots accordingly.

Choose the right camera. For example, Nikon has been designing lenses with recessed front elements, which can greatly reduce ghosting, especially taking photos in a lowlight environment.

But not all ghosts are bad. Because many photographers use ghosting to take creative photos. However, the use of ghosts to capture images is mostly used to capture still images.


Part 2: How to Fix Ghosting for Lens Coating

How do you fix ghosting for lens coating? Whether you need to fix the light source-related ghosting photos or recover the optimal quality from photos easily, WidsMob AI Retoucher is always the initial choice. It is an AI-based photo editor which enables you to fix ghost photos for lens coating. It can remove image haze, recover low light, and reduce image noises automatically. There are different HSL parameters to get the optimal photo effect, like exposure, contrast, tint, shadows, highlights, temperature, sharpness, and more.

1. Enhance and fix ghosting images by removing the haze and blurring easily.

2. Provide luminance, chrominance, sharpness, and more for ghost removal.

3. Polish portraits, hide faces in mosaic and convert images to cartoons in AIs.

4. Compatible with RAW, WebP, AVIF, HEIC, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more.

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob AI Retoucher, you can launch the program on your computer and click the Import button to upload the desired photos. It also enables you to handle the RAW files from your digital camera directly without conversion.

Step 2: Just double-click the desired photo to go to the editing window. you can simply go to the AI Retouch menu and click the Haze Removal button. It will remove the ghosting from images directly. You can also enhance it with noise reduction or low-light recovery.

Step 3: To further edit the photos, you can click the Adjust menu and adjust different parameters, such as exposure, contrast, tint, shadows, highlights, temperature, and more. All you need to do is drag the sliders at the bottom to get the optimal effect.

Step 4: Once you have fixed the ghosting photos, you can further edit the photo via multiple AI algorithms, such as AI Cartoonization, AI Style Transfer, and more. Click the Save As button in the upper left corner to save the photos to the computer.

Part 3: How to Fix Ghosting in HDR Images

WidsMob HDR is HDR stitching software with a ghost tool. It provides auto de-ghost features to fix the ghosting for HDR photos. Moreover, it has an advanced algorithm to custom the HDR parameters, such as the tone mapping parameters, brightness, saturation, and contrast. Besides stitching the series of images with different exposures, you can also apply stunning effects for single photos.

1. Provide auto ghost suppression, tone-mapping, and auto-align easily.

2. Apply HDR filters and effects for bracketed images and single photos.

3. Tweak color enhancement, color correction, and contrast enhancement.

4. Work with single photos and a series of bracketed images for HDR files.

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob HDR, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Add Photos button in the upper left corner to import the series of bracketed images. You can handle JPEG, JPG, TIFF, and most RAW file formats.

Step 2: Choose the Bracketing mode to stitch the series of photos. Instead of tweaking the ghosting parameters, it will apply the optimal effect to suppress the ghosting in HDR photos automatically. Moreover, you can use auto-align and auto-tone-mapping for stitching HDR photos.

Step 3: Select different HDR effects in the Effect menu for the HDR files, like Classic, Super Nature, Cooler, Magic, Fresh, Paintly, B/W, and more. It also enables you to choose different effects to improve the ghosting in the HDR images according to your requirements.

Step 4: Click the Advanced menu to further adjust the ghosting photo with color correction and contrast enhancement. When you need to get optimal effects, you can adjust the sliders for highlights, shadows, saturation, vibrance, color correction, and contrast in the HDR photo.

Resize PNG to AVIF Win
1Which web browser should I choose to view AVIF files?
Both Google Chrome and Firefox support AVIF photos. More other companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft have been supporting the AVIF format. Moreover, Apple is also thinking of joining. As time goes by, more and more web browsers will support the AVIF format.
2What are the disadvantages of the AVIF file format?
Every coin has two sides. Besides the mentioned above advantages of the AVIF file format, there are also some disadvantages of the AVIF file format, such as mobile compatibility and the AVIF decoding will consume a lot of CPU and battery.
3Is there a built-in AVIF viewer for Windows or Mac?
No. You can only browse the AVIF with Chrome or Firefox. Of course, you can also use an AVIF viewer or install the AVIF codec to browse the AVIF or AVIFs photos. But when you need to convert or manage the AVIF files, WidsMob AVIF is always the initial choice.


If you want to fix ghosting in photography, here are all the details you need to know. This guide explains why ghosting appears and how to avoid it. Moreover, the article also introduces 2 easy methods for repairing ghosting photos easily. Just download the trial version to find out whether it works.

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