Partition Recovery Review – 6 Best Methods to Recover Deleted Partitions on Windows 10

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If you have deleted a partition accidentally or found the partition lost after a power failure, what are the best RAW partition recoveries on Windows 10? Instead of deleting the partition directly from Windows 10, it should be marked as a new partition. When you download partition recovery software, it will take up the blank space and you cannot retrieve the files from the partition anymore. Here are the workable partition recoveries on Windows 10 you can download to get back the files easily.

Windows Partition Recovery

Part 1: 6 Best Partition Recoveries for Windows 10

Top 1: Aiseesoft Data Recovery

Aiseesoft Data Recovery is a powerful partition recovery on Windows 10 to retrieve different file formats, including photos, videos, emails, documents, and more. It provides both Quick Scan and Deep Scan to get back the deleted files. Moreover, there are features to categorize the different file formats and search for the retrieved files easily.

1. Retrieve multiple file formats from partitions, such as media files, email, etc.

2. Restore deleted partition because of hard drive problem or RAW hard drive.

3. Preview and search the detailed information of each data before recovery.

4. Provide deep scanning features to retrieve files at a highly successful rate.

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Step 1: Once you have installed Aiseesoft Data Recovery, you can launch the program on Windows 10. Tick the Check all file types option to retrieve all files from the deleted partition. Choose the deleted partition in orange color before clicking the Scan button.

Retrieve Lost Partition

Step 2: There are two different scanning modes, Quick Scan and Deep Scan, you can choose the Deep Scan mode to scan the files from the deleted or lost partition from your computer. After that, you can find the retrieved files from the deleted partition accordingly.

Choose Scanning Mode

Step 3: Preview the images, videos, or other files from the file category, such as the Image menu. Choose all the file formats and click the Recover button to retrieve the files. Just follow the same process to retrieve the other files from the deleted partition.

Retrieve Files from Partition

Note: If you need to retrieve the desired files from the lost partition, you can enter the name of the files or the path accordingly. After that, you can click the Filter option to find it accordingly.

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Top 2: Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software is another partition recovery for Windows 10, which enables you to recover up to 500 MB of data for free. You can also use the full version to restore deleted or lost files from an HDD, USB drive, or any kind of disk-based storage media file. Moreover, it enables you to easily restore all file formats, such as images, photos, audio, and more.


1. Provide RAW photo support to retrieve any lost or delete photos.

2. Scan and preview the deleted images with multiple view options.

3. Active disk monitoring to check and manage the retrieved files.


1. Limited RAID support to retrieve all the files from a partition directly.

2. Scanning speed can be a bit slow, especially for files with large sizes.

Disk Drill Data Recovery

Top 3: Hetman Partition Recovery

Hetman Partition Recovery enables you to undelete files, recover deleted partitions on windows 10, and even restore corrupted hard drives. It has a step-by-step wizard to assist you to get back the lost or deleted files with a complete set of tools to fix damaged volumes and partitions. By choosing the deleted partition to scan, it will search each file automatically.


1. Provide secure recovery of data after partition formatting or removal.

2. Restore the deleted files from the hard disk system and partition.

3. Recover deleted or lost files from inaccessible storage media files.


1. The process may be quite off-putting and slow for novice users.

2. Limited features for the trial version and need to restore with the full version.

Hetman Partition Recovery

Top 4: EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master is a disk management tool specifically designed for Windows to manage different partitions. It provides excellent features that can recover deleted partitions on windows 10. It enables you to resize and merge partitions. Moreover, partition recovery also provides SSD alignment, OS cloning, formatting disks, and even wiping partitions.


1. Custom your partitions by setting the partition style as GPT or MBR.

2. Provide a RAID-5 Volume Repair to retrieve files from lost partitions.

3. Convert FAT to NTFS and extend NTFS partitions without rebooting.


1. Limited features compared to others, like Windows repair functionality.

2. Software is a bit slow to scan and retrieve the lost partition files.

EaseUS Partition Master

Top 5: Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery is one of the best partition recoveries for Windows 10 to get back deleted partition files. It can easily restore files from a crashed device, fix damaged image files, and even has an advanced RAID recovery system. You can customize the scanning process for specific files such as audio, video, emails, and documents.


1. Provide 4 different partition recovery modes to get back the deleted files.

2. Disk test features and recover data from the BitLocker encrypted drive.

3. Preview and retrieve the recovered files in their Tree-structured format.


1. Provide limited scanning option and it is unstable for scanning times.

2. Support for limited file formats, such as RAW files from cameras.

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery

Top 6: TestDisk

When you need to retrieve partitions from Windows 10 for free, TestDisk is the desired data recovery, which has features specifically suitable for both first-time users and experts. It will recover deleted partitions and even create non-booting disks bootable. You can find an MFT mirror function to fix the MFT, and restore files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and ext2 file-system.


1. Recover and rebuild FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 boot sectors.

2. Provide a friendly user-interface and features to retrieve files.

3. Undelete different partition schemes for ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions.


1. Some features can be quite tricky and complicated for beginners.

2. Command line feature should be difficult to manage with DOS.

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Part 2: FAQs about Partition Recovery for Windows 10

1Can I retrieve partitions from a USB drive?
Yes. Just connect the USB drive to your computer and use the above partition recovery programs to scan and retrieve the deleted or lost files. When you need to have a high success rate, you have to retain the original status of the USB drive and use professional software instead.
2What are the causes of partition loss on Windows 10?
Besides the unexpected deletion or formatting, the partition on Windows 10 will be lost to virus and malware attacks, unexpected shutdown, and the file system of your hard drive is corrupted. Just back up the important files on your computer frequently.
3Is there a method to recover partitions on Windows 10 directly?
Yes. The command Prompt can facilitate you to manage your partitions. Just remember to use Disk Management to locate your lost partition. You can right-click on the Start menu and choose the Disk Management option. The lost partition will show as Unallocated.


Here are the 6 different partition recovery programs for Windows 10 to recover deleted partitions. Each of them has advanced features to offer that could easily recover deleted partitions. But if you wish for a more professional and surely the best partition recovery software today then it better be Aiseesoft Data Recovery.

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