Photo Recovery

Top 4 Photo Recovery Tools to Get Back Important Photos in 2020

It is increasingly popular to take and save photos from iPhone or other digital devices. But that also brings some problems. Many people will organize these photos and delete unimportant photos frequently. And it is possible to delete the important photos accidentally. At that time, please do not worry! It is not the end of the world and this article will teach you how to do photo recovery on your digital devices.

Photo Recovery

Part 1. Recover Photos from iPhones

We can recover part of the lost photos from iTunes or iCloud. But the premise is that you already back the photos to iTunes or iCloud. If you do not back them up, you will need some third party photo recovery apps to help you. Fortunately, programmers have developed some photo recovery tools for iPhones and EaseUS MobiSaver is one of them. It can scan your iPhone and restore the deleted photos without backing up.

1. Download and install EaseUS MobiSaver on a computer.

2. Connect your iPhone with the computer with USB cable and open EaseUS MobiSaver. It will recognize your iPhone automatically.

3. Then select Recover from iOS Device and click Start to scan the whole iPhone.

4. After scanning, all the files will be showed up on the left according to categories.

5. Navigate to Photos & Videos list; you can preview all the media data on your iPhone, both the lost and existing ones. The option of Only display the deleted items will show you the deleted photos only.

6. Pick up any photos that you want to recover and click Recover. Then the deleted photos will be restored.

EaseUS MobiSaver

Part 2. Recover lost photos on Android phones

When we delete the photos on Android phones, the photos are not deleted actually. Before new files write over it in phones’ memory, the photos are still here. So we can make photo recovery on Android phones.

1. To recover photos on Android, you have to install Dr.Fone on your computer and link the Android phone to the computer with USB cable.

2. Enable USB debugging on your smartphone.

3. Then launch Dr.Fone. The screen will show USB Debugging is being opened.

4. After connection, select photos category to start to scan for deleted photos. Accept the RSA key prompt and grant Superuser permission on your phone. Then Dr.Fone will start to analyze and reboot your phone.

5. After the analysis finished, the result will show all the lost files, including photos.

6. Then you can select the photos and click Recover button in the bottom right corner to save them.

Restore Deleted Photos from Android not Rooted

Part 3. Rescue the lost photos on PCs

It is common to delete photos carelessly on computers. But there are some powerful tools to recover the lost photos on Windows, like Pandora Recovery. It is a free photo recovery tool for Windows.

1. Install Pandora Recovery on your computer and open it. There will be a pop-up wizard. Uncheck box, the main interface will show up.

2. Tap on your memory device on the left menu bar to start the scan process.

3. Then the titles of the deleted photos will begin to appear on the top penal.

4. If you want to preview the photo on the bottom penal, click on the title of the photo. The preview feature supports almost all the photo formats, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. Select the photos’ titles that you want to recover according to the photos’ creation date or last accessed date and click Recover button that is a small orange trash icon.

5. Then the recover setting window will be activated. You should select a different destination to the deleted photos to save them.

6. After setting, click the Recover Now You can find the recovered photos on Windows a few second later

Pandora Recovery

Part 4. Recover photos on Mac

There are also many photo recovery tools for the computers run Mac. Set EaseUs Data Recovery as an example, you can recover deleted photos in several simple steps. But there is a limit size of photos recovery. Every user can only recover 1 GB files for free.

1. Download and install EaseUs Data Recovery on your Mac computer.

2. Open this photo recovery tool and check Graphics on interface. If you do not select the category, this photo recovery tool will recover all the deleted files.

3. Pick up the drive that you want to scan after selecting category.

4. Click on the Scan button and the photo recovery tool will begin to rescue the lost photos. The name, date and type of the deleted photos will pop up in the left panel continually.

5. After scan finishing, select a title, the photo will show on the right panel.

6. Check the box before the titles to select multiple photos. Then click the Recover button in the bottom right corner.

7. Finally, the photos will be recovered on Mac.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many photo recovery tools for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac. These tools may seem useless usually. But when you delete important photos mistakenly, they will become the only hope. I believe you can recover the lost photos easily, if you follow the guidance in this article.