5 Methods to Fix an SD Card Not Detected, Here is the Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Yulia Ilina

If you have taken some beautiful videos and photos on the SD card of your Android phone, but when you insert it into your computer, the SD card is not detected. When the SD card is infected with a virus, the SD card driver is outdated, or more, you have to choose the related troubleshooting to repair the Microsoft SD card not detected. Whether you need to fix the related problem or even retrieve the files from the SD card, here are the best choices you should know.

Fix an SD Card Not Detected

Part 1: Why SD Cards are Not Detected on a Computer

Unless the SD card is not severely damaged or the data within it has already been overwritten, you can fix the SD card not detected and retrieve the lost files from the SD card. But you have to know the reasons before taking suitable action.

1. Poor connection between the Android SD card and your computer is the most frequently reported problem for SD card not detected. Have another check for both SD cards and cables of your computer. You can also switch to another SD card or cable to find out whether it works.

2. Different file format is another problem that the SD card is not detected. If you used the SD card on a Windows with FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT, you cannot use it on a MacBook, which uses APFS. Just change another system file format to fix the SD card not showing up.

3. Outdated SD card drive will also make the SD card not recognized. When you have not used the SD card for a period of time, you can simply update the device drivers on your Windows before inserting the SD card into your computer to check whether it works.

4. SD card infected with a virus. The infected SD card will be invisible in File Explorer from your Windows. When you need to repair the undetected Micro SD card, you only need to fix the virus with Windows PowerShell or another anti-virus program instead.

5. Missing drive letter on SD card. If the drive letter of the SD card has been used for another device, the SD card will not be detected. Just assign a new drive letter to the SD card, it should be an easy method to get back the files from the SD card for the situation.

Part 2: 5 Ways to Fix SD Card Not Detected You Should Know

Method 1. Re-Insert Memory SD Card

To fix the poor connection, you only need to reinsert the SD card of your Android phone into another USB cable of your computer. Instead of inserting the SD card, you can also connect the Android phone with the SD card to the computer to check the result.

Switch to a USB drive to check whether the SD card reader is damaged or use another one to test the SD card. When other devices are workable, it might be physical damage. Of course, the SD card that is virus-infected cannot be detected either.

Insert SD Card to Computer

Method 2: Assign a New Drive Letter

Make sure the drive letter has not been used by another device. Usually, Windows will assign the new drive letter automatically. But if there are some accidents, you still have to change the drive letter of the SD card on your Android phone to fix the SD card not detected.

Step 1: Press Windows + R keys to open the Run app on your Windows 10. After that, you can input the diskmgmt.msc command line before pressing the Enter key to open the Disk Management app.

Step 2: Right-click the SD card of your Android and choose the Change Drive Letter and Paths option. You can pick a new drive letter and assign the drive letter to the SD card before exiting.

Disk Management Change Drive Letter

Method 3: Repair SD Card Corruption via CMD

When you need to repair SD card corruption, you can also use the command line to fix an SD card not detected in a PC. Just use the diskpart command line to manage your computer’s SD card free from any error. It is helpful to fix the corruption and recover the lost data easily.

Step 1: Connect the SD card to your Windows 10 and launch the Command Prompt app with Windows + R keys. Enter the cmd in the Run dialogue, you can get into the command line window.

Step 2: Type diskpart and press the Enter key to launch the Diskpart window. After that, you can type list disk before pressing the Enter key. Type select disk 1 or the number of disk name and press Enter.

Step 3: When you find the disk is selected, you can type recover or clean and press the Enter key. It will refresh the CD card status or recover the data from the device easily.

Dispart Windows

Method 4: Update the SD Card Drive in Disk Management

If you have just upgraded to Windows 10/11 recently, you should update the SD card drive to fix the SD card not detected. Make sure the Internet is available on your computer and search for the desired drive to present the SD card on your Windows.

Step 1: Follow the same process to open the Run dialogue. After that, you can type devmgmt.msc and press the Enter key to open the Device Manager window on your computer.

Step 2: Choose the Portable Devices option or the SD card drive and choose the Update Driver Software option. Just select the Search automatically for update drive software option before opening it with File Explorer.

Disk Manager Windows

Note: If the Update Driver Software option is not available, you can simply uninstall the driver of the SD card. After that, you can reconnect the SD card to find out whether it works.

Method 5: Troubleshooting Hardware and Devices

Windows has another Troubleshooting feature that enables you to fix the SD card not showing. Just go to the Hardware and Devices option to get rid of the errors and troubles. Here is the detailed process to view the SD card on your computer.

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel windows and choose the Troubleshooting option from the list. If it is not available, choose the Small icons option from View by menu to fix the problems.

Step 2: Click the View all option and then choose the Hardware and Devices option. It enables you to fix the SD card not showing with the instruction from the popup window.

Troubleshooting Hard Drive

Part 3: How to Retrieve Data from an Undetected a SD Card

When you find some important files are lost after fixing the SD card not detected, Data Recovery is a versatile method to retrieve files from different channels, including SD cards, memory cards, USB cables, hard drives, and more. It enables you to retrieve different file formats. Moreover, whether the SD card is corrupted, the data are lost, or deleted by accident, the SD card data recovery provides a high success rate to get back the files.

1. Retrieve multiple file formats from SD cards, memory cards, and more.

2. Provide Filter features to search for lost or deleted files within clicks.

3. Scan the lost or deleted data from SD cards with advanced deep mode.

4. Preview the retrieved data and select desired ones that need to restore.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install Data Recovery on your computer. Launch it and choose the reasons for the data loss or deletion. Make sure you have chosen the USB devices/SD Card option to retrieve the files from the undetected SD card from your computer.

Data Recovery Interface

Step 2: Tick the Check all file types option or select the desired file formats you want to retrieve, such as images, videos, Emails, documents, and others. After that, you can select the connected SD card from the Removable Device menu to get back the files.

Choose Image Type

Step 3: Select the desired scanning mode, Quick Scan or Deep Scan to scan the lost and deleted files from the USB drive. Clicking the Scan button to have a quick scan on the chosen SD card. After that, you can get back the desired files after scanning.

Image Types

Step 4: Enter the desired name of the lost files or the path of the deleted files to restore the files from the undetected SD card with the Filter button. Click the Recover button to get back the deleted or lost files from the SD card to your computer.

Win Download Mac Download


When the SD card is not detected in a PC, you can learn more about the 6 best methods to fix the related problem. If your SD card is not damaged, you can simply follow the above process to present the SD card on your Windows 10/11 within clicks. To retrieve the lost or deleted files from the SD card, Data Recovery is always the initial choice you can consider.