3 Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Data from a Camcorder You Should Know

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Yulia Ilina

Is there a method to recover deleted data from a camcorder? Because of accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection, or even camera damage, the high-quality videos you have captured might be lost. Don’t panic! It does not mean the videos are lost forever. You still have a chance to retrieve the videos on a camcorder. Just take the 3 easy methods to get back the videos from the SD cards within a few clicks.

Recover Deleted Data from Camcorder

Part 1: Can You Retrieve the Deleted Videos from Camcorder

Yes! After deleting the videos on the SD card of your camcorder, the videos are marked as deleted, which will be overwritten or replaced by another file later. During the period, you can use some professional camcorder data recovery to restore deleted data from the camcorder. Whether the files are deleted by accident or corrupted.

But the chance to get back the videos depends on various factors, such as the damaged SD card, the time for deletion, the video file size, and even the data recovery. Moreover, to avoid overwriting or replacing the deleted videos, you should get back the lost data at your first convenience.

Part 2: The Simple Method to Recover Deleted Files from Camcorders

If you have no idea about the best camcorder data recovery, Data Recovery is the professional way to get back the files on a camcorder. Whether you need to restore the videos from an SD card, flash drive, memory card, or even the digital camera directly, it is the initial choice to recover deleted data from a camcorder at a high success rate.

1. Retrieve photos, videos, and others from camcorders without losing quality.

2. Provide both Quick Scan and Deep Scan to retrieve the deleted videos.

3. Support Canon, GoPro, JVC, Sony, Panasonic, and other camcorders.

4. Restore various videos from camcorders, like MP4, AVI, MPG, ASF, etc.

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Step 1: Download and install Data Recovery, you can run the program on your computer. Connect the camcorder to the computer with the USB cable. If you use the SD card to store the videos, you can connect the SD card with an SD card reader to the computer beforehand.

Data Recovery Interface

Step 2: Select the connected camcorder or SD card to detect the deleted files. You can also choose the video file type to retrieve, or check all the file types to get back the files. After that, you can click the Scan button and select the Deep Scan button to recover deleted data from the camcorder.

Choose Data to Retrieve

Step 3: After scanning, all the deleted or lost files on the camcorder will be listed in the interface. You can use the Filter feature to quickly locate the deleted or lost videos. Just click the Recover button to save the deleted files to the destination folder on your computer.

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Part 3: 2 Default Methods to Recover Deleted Files from a Camcorder

If you have already backup the camcorder videos on your computer, you can also restore the deleted data from a camcorder with the built-in data recovery tools on Windows and Mac.

How to Recover Deleted Camcorder Videos from System Image

A system image is a copy of all data on a drive volume, which allows you to reproduce all files on your hard drive in case of total failure. Make sure you have already created a system image with the videos from the camcorder. After that, you can mount the virtual drive and recover videos and others from the camcorder accordingly.

Step 1: If the system image is saved to an external disk or a network folder, you have to connect it to the computer. Open the Computer Management console and you can go to the Storage option in the left menu to click the Disk Management button.

Amount VHD Windows

Step 2: To mount a vhd virtual disk, you can select the Attach VHD option in the Action menu. After that, you can click the Browse button to specify the virtual hard disk location on the computer. Select the desired system image and upload the file accordingly.

Specific System Image

Step 3: Right-click the mounted virtual drive and assign a drive letter with the Change Drive Letters and Path button. After that, you can add a new drive letter and assign it to the system image. Then, you can right-click the file and select the Detach VHD option to unmount your backup file.

Change Drive Letter adn Detach

Step 4: You can find the new drive in the system and recover the deleted data from your camcorder. After that, you can open the detached system image with Windows Explorer or any file manager to find the videos. Just copy the files to the destination folder on your computer.

How to Restore Deleted Camcorder Videos with Time Machine

When you need to recover the deleted data from a camcorder on Mac, make sure you have already backed up the videos with Time Machine. If you have enabled Time Machine on your Mac and do backup regularly, you can simply get back the files directly, no matter the captured videos are permanently deleted or moved to Trash Bin.

Step 1: Open the desired folder where you store the deleted videos from your camcorder. You can also open the documents that you need to revert. After that, you can enter into Time Machine by clicking the app from the Launchpad on your MacBook.

Launch Time Machine

Step 2: Just use the time arrows to browser different versions of backups. It will restore the deleted videos from a camcorder by navigating through all of the previous backups. If you cannot confirm the detailed version, just check the windows one by one to get the files.

Step 3: Once you have found the deleted videos, you can click the file that you want to restore by clicking the Restore button to confirm and recover the deleted camcorder videos from the backup. The lost file will be automatically placed back into its original folder.

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If you have accidentally lost or deleted your camcorder data, such as videos or photos, you can choose the above methods to retrieve the deleted videos or others from a camcorder. When you have some backup files, you can find the videos from a system image on Windows or Time Machine on Mac. To retrieve the files directly from a camcorder, Data Recovery is the optimal choice to help you out.

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