2 Free Methods to Restore Deleted Data from SD Memory Card [Solved]

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If you accidentally deleted some videos on an SD card, can you retrieve deleted files from an SD card? Yes. But there are some necessary and basic preparations you should take beforehand. Usually, if the files are removed from an SD card, the files are not actually deleted immediately. The system just marks the files’ disk space as free and waits for new data to overwrite it. Therefore, as long as the lost data is not overwritten, there is still a chance to retrieve it. Here are 2 ways to restore lost data from an SD card.

Restore Deleted Data from SD Memory Card

Part 1: Preparation for Recover Deleted Data from an SD Card

Do not Make Any Changes to the SD Card

Whether you lost some data or delete files from an SD card by accident, you need to do is to stop using the SD card. Do not save new files to the SD card to prevent the lost data from being overwritten. To retrieve deleted files from a SD card, you have to use professional SD card recovery to get back the files at your first convenience.

Protect the SD Card from Physical Damage

As for the damaged or smudged SD card, you should protect the device from future damage. If your computer cannot detect the SD card, it should be more difficult to restore the lost data from a SD card. If the SD card has already been damaged, you should repair it beforehand, but the chance to get back the files is slim.

Check the Recently Deleted Folder

When you need to recover the deleted data from an SD card of an Android tablet or phone, you can check the Recently Deleted folder for some apps that keeps your deleted files for a while. If the files are still available, you can choose to move them back to your albums. When you are using a Mac, you can check the recently deleted folder in the Photos app.

Choose the Workable Methods Only

Should you choose all the recommended SD card data recovery tools to find whether it works? No. Just as mentioned above, the new files or some actions will overwrite the deleted files. You should choose the workable methods and SD data recoveries to retrieve the files within one time, or else, the deleted files will be removed permanently.

Part 2: How to Restore SD Card Data via CHKDSK Command

Since the SD cards have a limited life span, just as other removable devices if the SD card is used for a long time, it is likely to lead to data loss. When you need to recover deleted data from an SD card, the CHKDSK command line is the free method to fix the SD card file system corruption errors and remove the bad sectors. It is also the optimal way to repair the SD card.

Step 1: Plug the SD card into your computer with a card reader. Go to the Start menu and type cmd in a search bar, press the Enter button and you can find cmd.exe in a list of programs.

Step 2: Click the cmd.exe option and you can find the command window that will allow you to fix the corrupted SD card without formatting. Make sure you can retrieve the files as an administrator.

Step 3: Type in chkdsk /X /f [sd card letter]: or chkdsk [sd card letter]: /f to start checking and repairing the file system of the SD card. You can retrieve deleted data from the SD card afterward.

Step 4: When you get the Windows has made corrections to the file system in the command window. After that, you can repair the damaged SD card and get back the desired files accordingly.

Recover SD Card Data Command

Part 3: An Easy Method to Recover Deleted Data from an SD Card

What should you do if you cannot recover deleted data from an SD card with the command line? Data Recovery is the professional SD card data recovery to retrieve deleted files from computers and portable devices, including flash drives, memory cards, digital cameras, etc. Whether the files are deleted by accident or damaged by a corrupted SD card, it provides a high success rate to retrieve the deleted data from an SD card.

1. Retrieve the lost, deleted, or corrupted data from an SD card within clicks.

2. Get back the deleted photos, audio files, docs, and more from an SD card.

3. Provide search and filters to find the deleted or lost SD card files easily.

4. Scan deleted files from an SD card with both Quick scan and Deep scan.

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Step 1: Download and install Data Recovery on your computer. Launch the program on your computer and connect the SD card to the computer with an SD card reader. When the SD card is connected, you can refresh it to ensure the SD card can be detected.

Data Recovery Interface

Step 2: Check the USB devices/SD Card option and select all the file types you want to recover, including the images, audio files, videos, emails, docs, and other files. After that, you can click the Scan button and choose the Deep Scan button to retrieve the deleted data from the SD card.

Choose Data to Retrieve

Step 3: Once you have restored the deleted files, choose the Filter feature to quickly find the deleted files. After selecting all deleted or lost data you want to recover, you need to click on the Recover button. Then after a while, all the selected data will be retrieved and saved to your computer.

Retrieve Data from SD Card Win Download Mac Download


Is it possible to recover deleted data from an SD card? Yes, but there are some essential steps you should prepare. After that, you can use the command line to retrieve the deleted files or use professional data recovery to get back the files with the process provided.