Photo Quilt Review - How to Make Photo Collage for Quilt

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Making a photo quilt is a traditional way to record moments. Now we can transit this tradition on our smartphones. There are many photo collage makers on smartphones. The app strips out a lot of common options offered by others in the category, but it makes it so you can create a framed collage in less than 30 seconds and share it with friends. And today I will introduce and review one photo collage creator, Photo Quilt.

Author: Code Organa LLC

Latest Version: 1.5.1

Update Date: Apr. 28, 2016


Part 1: Key Features of Photo Quilt

Photo Quilt is a member of framed photo collage creators. The advantage of Photo Quilt is streamlining the process, so anyone could utilize it to create photo collages to share with friends or post on social media. Many developers like to add many gaudy features to the application. That just makes their apps complicated to use. But Photo Quilt just overthrows these useless functions, so users can create a photo collage in less than half a minute without any obstacles.

  • Photo Quilt supports iOS, so you can download it from App Store freely.
  • It has the simplest interface. There are only four options on the screen, so you will never lose in this app.
  • Although it just has a simple interface, you can create hundreds of photo collage frames.
  • The border feature allows users to decide to add a border to the photo collage or not. This feature also provides dozens of color selections.
  • The number on the bottom decides the horizontal layout or vertical layout solutions.
  • And the Shuffle feature allows users to change the arrangement of the photos in the collage.
  • You can enjoy the basic features freely by looking at some advertisements.
App Store Download

Part 2: How to Create a Photo Collage with Photo Quilt

  1. After installing Photo Quilt from App Store on your iPhone, you can click on the New button on the top of the screen to open Photo Library.
  2. Select as many photos as want.
  3. Once you click on the Back button and then the Done button on the top after selection, Photo Quilt will load the photos in comparably sized collages automatically.
  4. If you do not need a border in the photo collage, you can tap on the Border option on the bottom left corner and select None. If you prefer to add some colorful borders in the photo collage, you can try the color options.
  5. After border settings, you can decide the layout of your photo collage by selecting the numbers on the bottom menu. The number of layout solutions depends on the number of photos loaded. And the biggest number of layout solutions is five.
  6. The next step is to adjust the arrangement of these photos. Click on the Shuffle button on the bottom right corner repeatedly until you get the perfect arrangement.
  7. Click on the Save button on the top to open the editor screen.
  8. The photo editor offers several useful features, including enhancement, color adjustment, light adjustment, effects, direction adjustment, focusing, removing defects, text, and so on.
  9. After settings, click on the Done button on the top to save the photo collage on your iPhone or post it to social networks.

Part 3: Test & Review of Photo Quilt


  1. Photo Quilt is by far the simplest photo collage app.
  2. The simplest design of Photo Quilt allows users to create photo collages quickly.
  3. It allows users to select as many photos as they want to create a big collage. There is no number limited at all.
  4. Users could create dozens of collage frames through only two options: Layout and Shuffle.
  5. The simplest design of Photo Quilt allows users to create photo collages quickly.
  6. The process of making photo collages has been designed elaborately. Photo Quilt offers more features after saving; however, if you just need a simple photo collage, you can ignore these features and click Done to complete the process. Therefore, beginners could enjoy this collage app as well.


  1. Photo Quilt only supports iOS, so Android users can not utilize it to create photo collages.
  2. And Photo Quilt just has an iPhone version. If iPad users want to use it, they have to install the iPhone version. And that is not convenient for iPad users.
  3. Users could use Photo Quilt freely by looking at advertisements; however, if you want to save the photo collages in a larger size, you have to pay for and upgrade it.
  4. The paid-to-upgrade strategy of Photo Quilt is a failure. In my test, users could purchase the $1.99 upgrade to unlock the medium and large-size options. But the medium and large options are still locked after upgrading successfully.
  5. Although the developer of the program has updated the app and fixed some bugs, sometimes the app also has the problem of crashing.

Part 4: The Best Photo Quilt Alternative

If you want to make a photo collage, you can also turn to WidsMob Montage, an ideal helper that allows you to quickly make a photo collage. It not only helps you to turn everything into mosaic or montage but also provides you with excellent features to make your photographs. You can rely on the tool with trust.

  1. Set both JPEG and PNG into a mosaic.
  2. Support photo mosaic, tile mosaic, shape mosaic, and other photo mosaic types.
  3. Design photo montage in shape according to any template.
  4. Choose different frames to make the mosaic photograph special.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: After you have installed WidsMob Montage on your computer, you can launch to run the program. Then, you can click the Select Background button to add an image as background. Next, apply photo filters if you want to make a picture-in-picture image.

Import Montage Background

Step 2: If you are content with the effect, you can click the Next button. Click the Select Tiles button to add the tile images. But if any photo does not fit your preference, you can choose the photos and click the Remove Selected option to delete the photos.

Add Tiles Montage

Step 3: Add the frames you desire, choose the tile modes, select the column count/tile size, and check the matching color according to your demands. Then, you can click the Generate button to take a photo with a picture-picture effect as Photoshop.

Generate Mosaic Win Download Mac Download

Part 5: FAQs about Photo Quilt Download

1How do I make a photo collage as Photo Quilt on my laptop?

Go to On your computer and sign in to your Google Account. Click Utilities in the left menu. You can now click Animation or College under Create new. Choose the photos you want to include and click Create at the top.

2How many pictures should be in the collage of Photo Quilt?

You can choose 5 to 7 images to develop a collage theme. Find images that share colors, shapes, or patterns to make your collage a consistent whole. Though you can use more photos, adding too many will make the collage crowded. But too few will be empty.

3How do you make a seamless collage in Photoshop?

You can choose 5 to 7 images to develop a collage theme. Find images that share colors, shapes, or patterns to make your collage a consistent whole. Though you can use more photos, adding too many will make the collage crowded. But too few will be empty.


Based on the analysis above, you may find that the program is one of the best photo collage creators, although it still has some bugs and compatible problems. And if you are an iPhone user, you can enjoy the smooth experience of Photo Quilt to create your photo collages in less than a minute; if you have an iPad, you have to install the iPhone version of Photo Quilt. Although it is a little inconvenient to use the iPhone version of Photo Quilt on iPad, it does not influence the features of this application. But we also recommend you WidsMob Montage, the best alternative you can rely on.

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