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Download Photo Story and Create Movies on Android

Today, I will show you one good moviemaker on Android smart phone, to help you create a short movie in only three steps. The name of the simple moviemaker is Photo Story. You can already know something from its name already, I guess. Yes, Photo Story Android app enables people to use photos to design and personalize movies or slideshows, to record your best moments not only by silent images, but also with good background music and video effects, to link them together. There are many purposes. You can use the video creator with. You can make slideshows of your pet, selfies, sceneries during travel, or the photo collection of your idol.

It is the good tool to receive vivid movies about old photographs, in totally free way. No built-in purchase items. You can add subtitles to each photo, and create animations to decorate your video. Moreover, there are 7 different photo filters, to edit and enhance video qualities easily. After knowing so many basic features about Photo Story, now, let us get close to the moviemaker on Android, to see its review carefully.

Photo Story

Some Comments from Customers about Video Making on Android

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The moviemaker get 4 points from Google Play customers, the best point is 5. So it is quite a good point for most video makers. There are over 800 people say they are satisfied with what Photo Story offered. And still 189 people just send 1 point to the Android moviemaker.

Many people said it is fun and easy to use this video maker, to manage selfies and share to Facebook. Or some people use Photo Story app to make classic videos, to record daily moments. They wrote down similar contents about Photo Story reviews, but express the same topic, which is Photo Story is really good and excellent slideshow and moviemaker. But not everyone is satisfied with current moviemaker Android app.

Hum, Gareth Sherwood left his message that the video maker fail to export his videos. His artwork will always be stuck into 38% and it is annoying actually. Charmaine Stephenson announced that there are few options for him to create movies with current images. Only simple video editing filers are not enough. While McKinley W. said there is a bug when he put the ring text in. Moreover, Samuel comment that adding subtitles are not easy, his pictures will get cut. So Photo Story still needs to fix bugs and add more filters, if it wants to to catch more customers.

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How to Create Slideshows/ Movies by Photos on Android

As I just mentioned, you just need to operate three steps, to welcome your artwork on Android for free. To offer you better framework of what Photo Story work, I will show you step-by-step movie making guide, to have better understanding about free movie creating.

Step 1: Select photos from your gallery.

You can choose up to 20 images, and at least 2 pictures, to consist one movie. And whenever you need to delete or change images, it is very easy to operate.

Step 2: Create the movies on Android.

After you have chose pictures, it is time to select the video theme and background music for your movie. There are 7 kinds of movie themes for you to choose from. And the customizable BGM and playback speed filters also wider people’s operating space. There will be 5 built-in background music. Or you can upload certain audio track to specify starting point as well.

Step 3: Save or share your movie.

You can upload to Instagram directly, or to share to YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing platform, to enjoy the good moments with friends.

All Photo Story output movies will be in high resolutions, or you can save as 1080P, 720P, 480P and 360P, to meet different requirements. Well, do not forget to design subtitles, to write down words you want to share with people all over the World, under each image, to be specifically.

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The pros and cons about Photo Story application of move making have shown clearly from above descriptions. There is one thing you need to know first is that Photo Story contains ads, just like many other free software. But it is the financial support, so I cannot blame it. If you do not care about containing ads, then Photo Story Android moviemaker is your top choice, to create simple movie or slideshow, from your photo gallery.

It is also true that filter lacking is the biggest disadvantage of the Android video maker. You can apply subtitles, animations, customizable BGM and selectable basic video editing filters. No professional settings I have to admit. But it is still enough for you to customizable the quite good videos to enjoy for daily life.

Finally, hope you can have a good time with Photo Story app, and create the fantastic videos. If you have some hard to understand, or latest news to share, then feel free to send messages or leave your comments below. We are pleasure to waiting for your respectful advises.